International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA)


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International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA)

  1. 1. International PhoneticAlphabet(IPA) Ma. Martha Manette A. Madrid, Ed.D. Professor, Panpacific University North Philippines Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, Philippines
  2. 2. VOWEL
  3. 3. /i/ /I/The tongue is raised slightly The tongue relaxed nearly to the level of the hard slightly from its /i/ palate. The upper surface of position. The the tongue is slightly convex muscles of the from side to side as a result tongue, lips, and of muscular tension. The lips face are relaxed. move back slightly as the This is a short sound is made. The teeth sound. are slightly parted. This is a long sound.
  4. 4. /i/ /I/Heat HitBeat BitFeel FillCheap ChipSheep ShipSteal StillPeal PillMeal Mill
  5. 5. /i/ /I/Leap LipLeast ListReach RichHeal HillSeat SitDeep DipSeek Sick
  6. 6. Contrasted Sound (Phrases) 1. reach the rich 2. feel and fill the jar 3. sit in a seat 4. sheep in the ship 5. live but never leave 6. beat or bit 7. peel that thing
  7. 7. Contrasted Sound (Sentences)1. I will dip in the deep pool.2. He seeks the doctor for his sick child.3. I will leave you to live as you wish.4. He buries his pick on the peck.5. He saw sheep loaded on the ship.
  8. 8. /ɛ/ /e/The jaw is lower than The lips are relaxed as if for /I/ and the lips and starting to smile. The teeth are apart. The jaw is lower than its tongue at first about position when half high in the front of producing /e/. The the mouth. Then it tongue is mid-front. glides forward to high front as /I/ thus giving it a diphthong quality as in /ei/. This is a tense vowel.
  9. 9. /e/ /ɛ/mate metlate letbail bellgate getmain menfail felllaid ledtale tell
  10. 10. Contrasted Sound (Phrases) 1. sell during the sale 2. met a male 3. net for mates 4. a tale to tell 5. open the gate
  11. 11. /I/ /ɛ/rid redtill tellbill bellwill well
  12. 12. /i/ /I/ /ɛ/Feel Fill FellLead Lid LedHeal Hill HellWheat Whit WetBean Bin BenMeat Mitt Met
  13. 13. Contrasted Sound (Phrases) 1. ring the bell 2. cheerful red 3. silly gesture 4. well written 5. pleasant trip 6. energy and vigor 7. elder sister
  14. 14. Contrasted Sound (Sentences)1.Get rid of that red dress.2.Tell him to wait till I come.3.I think he will get well soon.
  15. 15. /æ/ /a/The tongue is relaxed. The vowel is a The lips are drawn compromise to the sides and the between the front jaw is completely vowel /æ/ and relaxed. Muscles are the low back tense. The tongue is vowel /ɑ/ as in in low front position balm. behind the lower tooth ridge.
  16. 16. /æ/ /a/Can Fancy AskLack Mask TaskSad Wrap DanAnn Hatch LastPack Man GrassFact Fancy BaskDemandsPancakes
  17. 17. Phrases 1. Scanned the can 2. Hand carried 3. Angry actor 4. Wrapped and bagged the cat 5. Packed the apple 6. Plant at the back 7. Added water and drank
  18. 18. /æ/ /ɛ/Bad BedBag BegJam GemMan MenSat SetBat BetHam HemSand SendLad Led
  19. 19. Contrasted Sound (Phrases) 1. bend the band 2. beg for the bag 3. red hat 4. seven mats 5. heavy hand 6. a jet landing 7. elegant manners
  20. 20. Contrasted Sound (Phrases) 1. happy ending 2. tan from tennis 3. pampered guests 4. a basket of eggs 5. fashion trend 6. laughter and tenderness 7. a family friend
  21. 21. /ɑ/ /ɒ/The tongue is about The tongue is slightly as low a position as higher in the back is likely to assume of the mouth than without applying for the /ɑ/ as in direct external balm. There is a pressure. The slight rounding of mouth is open wide the lips. The sound and the lips are is produced at the unrounded. This is back of the mouth a low, back, lax at the location of vowel. the uvula.
  22. 22. /ɑ/ /ɒ/Tap TopMap MopHap HopPat Pot /æ/ /ɒ/Sack SockRack RockBlack Block
  23. 23. Phrases /ɑ/ /ɒ/barber in the farm drop by my officecarve for art’s sake a costly lossa cargo of scarves knowledge infaçade near the college guard odd jobrendezvous near across the spot the swamp stop near the forest
  24. 24. /‫/כ‬ /О/The jaw is The tongue starts completely half in the back relaxed. The lips and glides to high are pushed back. The lips are forward a little well-rounded. The and the back of opening between the tongue is the lips is smaller raised half way to than for /Ͻ/. This the soft palate. is a long sound.
  25. 25. /‫/כ‬walk August brought boardtalk audience thought saltmall applause ought waterball daughter towardstall awkward offsauce saw songcause prawn wrongAutumn dawn coarselaunch bought broad
  26. 26. Phrases /‫/כ‬ the author and his daughter thought of the automobile walks the talks awkwardly applause from the audience dawn in August sing the wrong song
  27. 27. /О/woke sole goatknow tow toastWrote show sewedCoat comb growBowl tone towCoast folk beauMole roast plateau
  28. 28. Phrases /О/toast the oatsa vogue to showKnow the beautalk over the phoneoats in the bowlmoaning in the roadblow the showtow the boat
  29. 29. Contrasted Sound /‫/כ‬ /О/ law low raw row hall hole mall mole call coal walk woke saw sow
  30. 30. /u/ /U/The lips are The lips are rounded and relaxed and the protruded. The sound produced lips are open. is almost a The tongue is grunt. The raised high tongue is high at toward the soft the back of the palate. mouth.
  31. 31. /u/June true prove bruiserude food tombfruitJunior noon who cruisestudent school crew juiceblue pool blewclue room grewflu do chewchoose move stew
  32. 32. Phrases /u/ a cruise in June the junior student proves a school and a pool shoe by the boulevard prunes for food Dewey Boulevard soup for the group chewed and blew
  33. 33. /U/push stood wolfput cookbull woodsure wouldbutcher shouldbush couldlook tourtook woman
  34. 34. Phrases /U/ push the butcher stood and looked cook the fruit sure that it could sugar in the pudding cushion made of wool a good cook book a brook in the woods
  35. 35. Contrasted Sound /u/ /U/ fool full pool pull stool stood/u/ /U/ /U/ /u/blue book full mooncool hook good foodloose woman foot loosetrue bulletin cruel balletresidual tooth
  36. 36. /Δ/Open the lips slightly and relax the tongue so that it rests at the bottom of the mouth. Produce the sound deep down. This is the accented form. The unaccented is the /ə/ sound.
  37. 37. /Δ/But butterOne toughSon roughLove enoughSuck countryLuckCutHut
  38. 38. Phrases /Δ/ Come in rubber shoes Colors too dull Wonder if one had won Motherly love Bun and butter Double trouble Young enough
  39. 39. Sentences/Δ/ 1. It’s double trouble now. 2. What an ugly color! 3. You’re young enough to join the group. 4. Tell them to come up. 5. Should we rush to the blush. 6. The wonder of onions are many. 7. The oven, the glove and the monkey had been won.
  40. 40. /ɜ/The middle tongue forms a tense arch, raised to the palate. The lips are spread sidewise. The teeth is slightly apart, little wider than for /I/.
  41. 41. /ɜ/Learned wormPerson wordHeard worshipPert courtesyGerm courageBird furStir curveFir burn
  42. 42. /ɜ/ /ɛ/ /ɜ/ /I/Heard head stir steerPert pet bird beardGerm gem fir fearLearned lend /ɜ/ /‫/כ‬ /ɜ/ /ɑ/Worm warm fur farWord ward burn barnWorship warship curve carve
  43. 43. DIPHTHONGS
  44. 44. /aI/ /aU/Produce /a/ and Glide from /a/ to /w/ glide halfway between /æ/ and /ɑ/ to /ɪ/.
  45. 45. /aI/ i ui y ieVital guise rely pietyLife quite defy lieDine quiet psyche pieWinding guide myopia dieGrime byguile iaDialDiaryDialectpsychiatry
  46. 46. Phrases /aI/ 1. Vital life 2. A cup of wine 3. A quiet guide 4. Guise in piety 5. Diameter of the pie 6. A dialect to guide 7. Quiet by and by
  47. 47. Phrases /aI/1. Vital life2. A cup of wine3. A quiet guide4. Guise in piety5. Diameter of the pie6. A dialect to guide7. Quiet by and by8. A diary of my life
  48. 48. /aU/ow ouDrown couchDown pouchHowl grouchLoud loudFoul bounce
  49. 49. Phrases /aU/ 1. Out of town 2. Down and out 3. A loud howl 4. An old grouch 5. Power of the crown 6. About the soft couch 7. The golden shower 8. A coward cow
  50. 50. Sentences /aI/ 1. They flew white kites yesterday. 2. It’s bright life for us. 3. Dine and drink the wine. 4. There is no sign of life on that side. 5. Stay side by side.
  51. 51. /‫כ‬ɪ/ /IU/, /ju/Begin with the half Glide from /I/ to /U/ low back vowel or /u/. /‫ /כ‬and end with the high front vowel.
  52. 52. /‫כ‬ɪ/ oi oyChoice enjoyToil employNoise royalVoice oysterSoil decoyCoil soy
  53. 53. Phrases /‫כ‬ɪ/ 1. Rejoin and rejoice 2. Annoying noise 3. Oil in the oyster 4. Toil in the soil 5. Voice out his point 6. Spoils his voice 7. Coin for the boys 8. Spoiled poise
  54. 54. /IU/u ue ewSure fuel fewCure cue newMute due knewUnique queue stewPure pseudo lewdFury hue pew
  55. 55. /IU/ eu uiNeuter suitFeud youEulogy youth
  56. 56. Phrases /IU/ 1. A sure cure 2. A pseudo mute 3. A unique kind of fury 4. A pure beef stew 5. A stew or a barbeque
  57. 57. Sentences /IU/ 1. The medicine is a sure cure. 2. Add fuel to cook the stew. 3. I knew of a long queue. 4. Few people are sure of the news. 5. The pews are few but they are new.
  58. 58. /eI/ /Iə/ /eə/ /ɛə/Lane near theirFace leerMaid hereFail mereLate sphereMatePailTaleneighbor
  59. 59. CONSONANTS
  60. 60. /p/ /f/- plosive, bilabial, voiceless - fricative, bilabial, voiceless /p/ /f/ /p/ /f/ Pea fee leap leaf Peel feel snip sniff Pierce fierce cap calf Pad fad cup cuff Pile file gulp gulf Pine fine wipe wife Pool fool lap laugh Passion fashion reap reef Pair fair dipper differ Pat fat depend defend Pox fox open often
  61. 61. Phrases /p/ /f/ 1. put your foot 6. fountain pen 2. pill with fills 7. first person 3. fool in the pool 8. fear of pain 4. please forget 9. fourth part 5. plural form 10. Peel it first
  62. 62. Phrases /p/ /f/1. Perfect father 5. priest in grief2. Painted fence 6. fish in the pond3. Deep relief 7. fond of poetry4. Prepare to suffer 8. a pie for breakfast
  63. 63. /b/ /v/- plosive, bilabial, voiced - fricative, bilabial, voiced /b/ /v/ beer veer bet vet boat vote bow vow base vase bend vend boys voice curb curve dub dove robe rove
  64. 64. Phrases /b/ /v/ 1. Base of the vase 6. vote buying 2. A bit vain 7. every moment 3. Bridal veil 8. ever sublime 4. Very big 9. Bend toward the vend 5. Back view 10. never sober
  65. 65. Phrases /b/ /v/1. Robes for the lovers 6. bowed very low2. Vie for the boy 7. a vow to vote3. Bottle of beer 8. a vase to buy4. Blend your voices5. Curve it near the curb
  66. 66. Phrases /b/ /v/ 1. Base of the vase 6. vote buying 2. A bit vain 7. every moment 3. Bridal veil 8. ever sublime 4. Very big 9. Bend toward the vend 5. Back view 10. never sober
  67. 67. /t/ /ɵ/ (th)- plosive, lingua alveolar, voiceless - plosive, lingua alveolar, voiceless /t/ /ɵ/ /t/ /ɵ/ tick thick torn thorn ticket thicket trust thrust heat heath tick thicket boot booth tin thin rat wrath true through debt death pat path fort forth oat oath boat both suit sooth
  68. 68. Phrases /t/ /ɵ/ 1. The tenth tent 9. todays the third 2. The fourth fort 10. touch your throat 3. Thin coat of tin 11. math test 4. Tie its thigh 12. both complete 5. Too thick 13. thumb tucks 6. Think in the trims14. what month 7. A hot bath 15. Macbeth, atlast 8. A thousand times
  69. 69. /d/ /ð/ (dh)- plosive, lingua alveolar, voiced - plosive, lingua alveolar, voiced /d/ /ð/ /d/ /ð/ den then breed breathe dense thence read wreathe die thy seed seethe dine thine leed leathe Ladder lather ride writhe sudden southern Dan than loading loathing disc this Dose those breed breathe Day they dough though
  70. 70. Phrases /t/ /ɵ/ 1. Three times 11. Mathematical facts 2. Tic, tac, toe 12. try to think 3. Thick and thin13. those disc for Dan 4. Through and through 14. thine and theirs 5. Birthday greetings 15. this dough 6. Take a bath 16. though it’s dark 7. Front teeth 17. fodder for the needy 8. Something worthwhile 9. Father, mother and brother 10.Loathe to see each other
  71. 71. Phrases /d/ /ð/ 1. In the den 2. Three diets 3. Another body 4. Further reduction 5. Clothe her in gold 6. Loathe that episode 7. Mad at him 8. Hard to bathe
  72. 72. /s/ /z/- fricative, lingua palatal, voiceless - fricative, lingua palatal, voiced Seen caps sip close Sin paths sing abuse Ass cakes seal prizes Class cases person cries Assigned takes exclusive does Consider cups accentuate keys Expensive roofs increase Swiss judges lass touches kisses prices
  73. 73. /s/ /z/- fricative, lingua palatal, voiceless - fricative, lingua palatal, voiced Base bays Bus buzz Ice eyes Rice rise Race raise Advice advise Chase chose
  74. 74. /∫/ (sh) /ӡ/- fricative, lingua palatal, voiceless - fricative, lingua palatal, voiced Sheer causion zip music Shin gracious zing says Shave insurance phrase busy Shoes conscious rose hesitate Swish potential usual seizure Plush national resort casual Lash addiction noise season Push motion design always Crush chic wise use Fresh chemise paradise housing Obsession chiffon vision treasure
  75. 75. /∫/ /ӡ/- fricative, lingua palatal, voiceless - fricative, lingua palatal, voiced /s/ /∫/ /∫/ /ӡ/ See she glacier glazier Sock shock seashore seizure Same shame assure azure Seep sheep Sew show /z/ /ӡ/ Must mashed bays beige Crust crush brassieres brazier Fist fished rues rouge Soldier shoulder Class clashed
  76. 76. /s/ /∫/Seem too shockedRice and fish/∫/ /s/Shun the sunClash in class
  77. 77. /t∫/ (ch) /ts/- affricative, lingua alveolar, voiceless - fricative, lips are pulled to the sidesChance righteous beatsCheap ritual eatsBeach ketchup itsChew costume hitsEach culture witsChow raptureTouch witchItchHitch
  78. 78. /t∫/ /ts/Match matsCatch catsEach eatsCoach coatsItch its
  79. 79. Phrases /t ∫ / /ts/Each coach Butch’s teacherReach the peach Check the catsChoose the dots Change your kitesChop the peach A child to teachFrench and Chinese
  80. 80. /dӡ/ - affricative, lingua alveolar, voicedJar jacketJuice savageGin courageGinger joyStage magicPleage gestureMajor cordialEducation Educational
  81. 81. /dz/ /dӡ/Wades wageBreeds bridgeAids ageEd’s edgeRaids rage
  82. 82. /t∫/ /dӡ/ /t∫/ /dz/ Cheap jeep batch badge Chin gyp march marge Chin gin search surge Choke joke Choosy juicy
  83. 83. Phrases/dӡ/ /t∫/ /dz/1. In rage in the raids 1. each page2. Juniors in the gym 2. teach the language3. Genuine gesture 3. catch large4. Gorgeous lady judge 4. reach the bridge5. Ed’s jewelry
  84. 84. /k/ - plosive, lingua-velar, voicelessKill craft questionKnack cut queenCorn luck quizCab meaker quiryRack succumbColleague slackerOccasion welcomeBack require
  85. 85. /g/ - plosive, lingua velar, voicedKill craft questionKnack cut queenCorn luck quizCab meaker quiryRack succumbColleague slackerOccasion welcomeBack require
  86. 86. /ks/ /gz/Explain exampleExpressed exuberancetextbookExagerate exploitsNext examineFixed examinationVexedRelaxed
  87. 87. /l/ - lateral, lingua alveolar, voicedBattle peopleTable stapleKettle appleRespectable rippleRaffle economicalCuddle rhetoricalResponsible wiggle
  88. 88. /l/ - lateral, lingua alveolar, voicedPill bailBell bowlBall mileMoral styleFull fileAll smileSealrule
  89. 89. /r/ - fricative, lingua alveolar, voicedRun roll retire paperRelay rude lover hankerchiefRepair rock meager mereRecord ride perspire moreRennaisance race fire clearRemembrance rope boar fearRecall row later friesRepeat river editor cream
  90. 90. /m/ /n/- nasal, bilabial, voiced - nasal, lingua-alveolar, voicedHandsome captainRandom happenProgram openFathom fashionCharm beckonGym baconFame recentLime certain
  91. 91. /m/ /n/- nasal, bilabial, voiced - nasal, lingua-alveolar, voicedCatechism writtenNationalism genuineSocialism takenRhythm mountainCommunism certainEcumenicalism reckonMarxism cotton
  92. 92. /h/ /w/- fricative, glottal, voiceless - glides, bilabial, voiced Heel wade Hill wagon Haphazard washful Hazardous wander Carbohydrates reward Whole-hearted reword Inhibition awake Hawk few Hook howl
  93. 93. /hw/ /j/ (y)- glides, bilabial, voiceless - glides, lingua-palatal, voicedWhy yawnWhich yellWhere YalesAwhile yieldWarlock yearnWitch yellowWhale yumWheelWails
  94. 94. /ŋ/ - produced by raising the back of the tongue until it makes contact with thevelum. Appears only after a vowel sound.Sing listening liberatingRang reading announcingRing speaking wailingHang singing climbingHung dancing rollingSang wriiting kickingSung comprehending slappingRung understanding jumping
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