Visit To Garden City Lands


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Large natural area in Richmond BC is threatened by development. Local plant species talk about how they're feeling these days.

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Visit To Garden City Lands

  1. 1. A Magical Night at the Garden City Lands September, 2008
  2. 2. The Garden City Lands invited us to visit one evening: “Come on in--We know you’re good people who respect nature.”
  3. 3. And so in we we tromped that fair September night. We were amazed at the number of plant species growing away contentedly in a world of their own.
  4. 4. The Long Grass shivered in the wind and waved hello. “We’re taller than you are,” they teased.
  5. 5. “Then keep your heads down because here comes a plane,” we laughed.
  6. 6. “We’re the Crazy Growth Gang!” boasted the Apartments across the road. “We’re going to pour cement all over you and build highrises and shopping centres and parking lots! ”
  7. 7. “Can’t hear you, there’s an airplane!” laughed the Long Grass as another jet flew past.
  8. 8. Nevertheless it was disturbing to see so many buildings crowding in like a pack of wolves.
  9. 9. “We’re not afraid of Crazy Growth,” said the Birch Trees in defiance. “We were here first.”
  10. 10. “We’re not afraid,” sang the Blueberry Choir in splendid harmony.
  11. 11. The Ferns frowned and said “Those silly Crazy Growth buildings block our view of the sunset.”
  12. 12. The Fireweed expressed more tolerance. “Those houses across the highway are our neighbours, after all. As long as they stay on their side of the road, they’re rather pretty.”
  13. 13. “We are getting hemmed in by buildings, it is true,” the Fireweed continued. “But we can all live in peace.”
  14. 14. The Humourous Hardhack laughed boisterously. “Ha ha! Look north and pretend it’s five hundred years ago. What buildings?”
  15. 15. Feeling a little happier we hiked along the old stream bed, which had gone dry over summer so we didn’t get wet feet.
  16. 16. “Thank you for visiting.” whispered the Rushes shyly. “Sometimes it feels like nobody loves us.”
  17. 17. Such a magical night. The Fireweed glowed in the sunset. “We can all live together,” they called out dreamily. And surprize! The Crazy Growth Gang Apartments murmured in reply, “perhaps it is the only fair way.”
  18. 18. One more airplane flew by towards downtown. It was too dark to see now. We said our thankyou’s and goodbyes and left.
  19. 19. Thank you Garden City Lands, for sharing the beauty of original natural Richmond with us. Thank you Michael Wolfe, Richmond City Council Candidate, for guiding us on our tour. Peace to all! Photos by Carmela
  20. 20. End of the Show