Oval Fever


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An unsuspecting Richmond local on a riverbank walk discovers an enchanted Speed Skating Oval.

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Oval Fever

  1. 1. The Enchanted Speed Skating Oval
  2. 2. Friends: This little slideshow is the record of a first impression. First impressions are not always correct. I love fairy tales. Peace and goodwill to all!
  3. 3. One winter day I headed out to walk downtown along the riverbank.
  4. 4. It was a bit too cold to stop for lunch.
  5. 5. The mountains were gleaming in the late afternoon sun.
  6. 6. I was worried the ducks might be cold. Suddenly---
  7. 7. I saw before me, where once was a field of grass, a beautiful Speed Skating oval
  8. 8. It was built of magic pine beetle wood, and was as majestic as a palace.
  9. 9. Entranced, I walked up and stood beneath the magic pine beetle wood awning.
  10. 10. A door was open just a crack. I squeezed through.
  11. 11. For a moment I was blinded by bright light. The air around me was as warm as a summer day.
  12. 12. I had entered an enchanted world of the fairies-- a giant silver oval of ice beneath a roof of stars.
  13. 13. And round and round the oval skated the fairy speed skaters, handsome and beautiful and dressed in brilliant costumes.
  14. 14. Around and around they skated in a magic ice dance
  15. 15. Faster than the wind
  16. 16. I hid behind a pointsettia plant and watched for what seemed like hours.
  17. 17. And then... to my great sorrow, they stopped skating
  18. 18. And began to disappear
  19. 19. In an instant they were gone
  20. 20. I humbly departed.
  21. 21. Oh what wonders I could tell of this magic place
  22. 22. Of its secret rooms of hidden treasure
  23. 23. Its precious ornaments
  24. 24. And fearsome statue
  25. 25. And towering walls of glass
  26. 26. As I looked back I saw a fence had sprung up behind me all around the entrance.
  27. 27. And I saw giant nets strung up-- to capture others as they had captured me?
  28. 28. There is a darkness in my heart
  29. 29. For now the world around me, though so clean and lovely and full of life, no longer interests me
  30. 30. The Enchanted Speed Skating Oval has bewitched me. At night I dream of it. And all the day long I hunger to return.
  31. 31. I would pay any price to go back to watch the fairy speed skaters glide around their oval of ice
  32. 32. I am afraid, though, that the price will be very high.
  33. 33. End