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Michelle ivan rocio saray revisadas

  1. 1. TOXIC PRODUCT Monster Energy
  2. 2. Description of the product • This product called Monster Energy is an energy drink that thousands of people worldwide drink every day. • But few of them really know what this drink is made of and what effect it actually produces in the body.
  3. 3. Characteristics of the product • This drink was invented and put on the market, preferably as an energy drink for athletes. Although not widely publicized in the media, it sponsors many sports and is well known. Not only athletes consume it but many people drink it as I do, as a soda. • This drink contains among many more things caffeine, taurine, and glucuronolactone. These three mixed elements can be fatal and one of them is not what the manufacturers say it is.
  4. 4. Where can you buy the toxic product? • In all establishments, starting with large stores such as supermarkets, stores, kiosks, and Chinese grocery stores.
  5. 5. When do you consume it? How often do people consume the toxic product? • Consumed at all hours of the day, there are even people who usually have it in the morning or as a soft drink. And the worst is that young people mix it with alcohol, which is much worse, as these drinks contain vitamin B12. This vitamin is injected into patients who have suffered so-called "comas" to reanimate them. • It is consumed by all ages because children always imitate older people and it has been demonstrated that these drinks do more harm to the youngest and those who have not yet fully developed.
  6. 6. How the product was introduced in the market/the society? • This product was created in California, but does not have much publicity in the media. It sponsors many sports, especially extreme ones, and is well recognized for it. This product was introduced in countries one after another and is now drunk in over 60 countries.
  7. 7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of consuming the product? • This product provides more exercise performance, yet getting this is detrimental to many other aspects such as liver, brain, or nervous system tumours. • Monster Energy and many more brands of energy drinks contain taurine, caffeine, glucuronolactone, and say they are not harmful to health ,and say that glucuronolactone is synthetically produced and is of high quality. • But the truth of this component is that it was invented by the U.S. Department of Defense in the ‘60s to encourage troops in the Vietnam War. I did not think about bad things and focus on the war without being afraid. Of those many soldiers died because of this chemical and others because of the glururonolactone diagnosed brain tumours, liver, and migraines.
  8. 8. Consequences of Monster Energy • Brain hemorrhage
  9. 9. Who can get benefits of consuming the product? • Sportsman, businessman, shareholders.
  10. 10. Realizado por Michele Pane Rebollo 2º S.R.
  11. 11. TOXIC FOOD
  12. 12. Product description:  Chewing gum is a substance packaged for consumption by any human being, chewing typically produces a clicking noise that is just unbearable for the mental health of every living thing in its area of influence.
  13. 13. Product features:  May be red, pink, green, brown, orange, blue, purple, black, white, yellow, or a mixture of all. All chewing gum has a doughy inside except for sometimes when it has a disgusting liquid core.
  14. 14. Where can I find the product?  We fin this in many places: newsagents, corner shops, supermarkets, bakeries, and kiosks.
  15. 15. When consumed?  When you want to – have it at any time of the day
  16. 16. How often do people consume the product?  Very often, it´s something quick, cheap disposable, entertaining for the mouth and widely used by young people.
  17. 17. At what age is often consumed the product?  It is very common in teenagers and children.
  18. 18. As presented in the product market society?  Launched on television advertising to attract attention and they stuck posters on the walls of the city to advertise the product
  19. 19. Why the product is so successful?  Because it is easy to consume, cheap, deadens the nerves, and is entertaining.
  20. 20. What are the advantages of the product? Benefits: Improves the concentration, reduces acidity in the mouth, reduces heartburn, combats stress and anxiety, helps to quit smoking, and produces nausea relief.  Disadvantages: Produces gastrointestinal disorders and weight loss, sore jaw, and various side effects of colouring and flavours 
  21. 21. Who can enjoy the advantages and disadvantages of the product?  Many people
  23. 23. DESCRIPTION AND CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PRODUCT It is a lacteal drink that serves to help to regulate the intestinal flora and to help yourself to restore the defenses and vitamins.
  24. 24. WHERE CAN YOU BUY THE TOXIC PRODUCT? In supermarkets, shops. bakeries, and food
  25. 25. WHEN DO YOU CONSUME IT? Normally for the snack. breakfast and as a
  26. 26. HOW OFTEN DO PEOPLE CONSUME THE TOXIC PRODUCT? An Actimel is good once a day.
  27. 27. AT WHAT AGE PEOPLE CONSUME THE PRODUCT? All the ages can have it.
  28. 28. HOW THE PRODUCT WAS INTRODUCED IN THE MARKET/THE SOCIETY? They launched announcements in television, radio, and advertising cartels.
  29. 29. WHY THE PRODUCT IS SO SUCCESSFUL? Because it is good to prevent diseases.
  30. 30. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF CONSUMING THE PRODUCT? Advantages: It helps the organism to work better. Disadvantages: The intestine can become lazy if we consume too much.
  31. 31. WHO CAN GET BENEFITS OF CONSUMING THE PRODUCT? The companies and publicists. that sell it, sponsors
  32. 32. PHOTOS
  34. 34. Red Bull is an energy drink that is marketed worldwide with the slogan "gives you wings".
  35. 35. Red Bull has managed to arrive at almost 100 countries worldwide. The Red Bull brand is the public youth and sportsmen, two attractive segments that have been captivated by the stimulus that the drink causes.
  36. 36. All drinks are based on the same formula but with a different flavour, identified by the colour of each product. These product variations are characterized by RedBull flavours of red fruits (red edition), blueberry (blue edition) and lime (silver edition).
  37. 37. The composition of redbull is: -Caffeine: A 250ml tin of redbull energy drink contains 80mg of caffeine (approx. A cup of coffee). -Taurine B-VITAMINS SUCROSE AND GLUCOSE ALPINE SPRING WATER
  38. 38. The toxic product which we are speaking about, Red Bull, can be purchased at any shopping centre and other supermarkets, grocery stores and corner shops.
  39. 39. Red Bull’s known ingredients and everyone knows that it helps improve concentration, alertness, mental performance and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  40. 40. In society, as with everything in general, there are different types of consumers. On the one hand, we find people doing responsible consumption of the product, who consume only occasionally when necessary eg in the presence of fatigue or tiredness. Fatigue disappears once the product is ingested.
  41. 41. Normally adolescents and adults would know the implications for consuming the product, The product can be purchased by any person of any age, there is no limit such as with alcohol and cigarettes.
  42. 42. Inspired by the functional drinks Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the ‘80s. He created the formula for Red Bull Energy Drink and developed unique marketing concept of Red Bull. On April 1, 1987, Red Bull Energy Drink was sold for the first time in Austria, his home country. This was not only the launch of a completely new product, but the birth of a whole new product category - energy drinks. Today, Red Bull is in over 165 countries and more than 35,000 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed so far.
  43. 43. It is so successful because it creates a stimulating effect which the body cannot produce naturally, which attracts consumers.
  44. 44. ADVANTAGES 1. It gives a lot of energy. 2. It allows you to be awake for more hours. 3. It takes away aches caused by colds. DISADVANTAGES 1. you a headache if you take it on an empty stomach, so it should take after eating and no more than 1 to 3 day or a week, or cardiac arrest occurs. 2. produces cardiovascular problems if you know not to take (containing ephedrine) 3. I never go to cross with any drug, or produces a nervous breakdown.
  45. 45. In terms of expansion, Red Bull continues its targets set in the United States and Western Europe as well as in growth markets such as Brazil, Japan, India and South Korea. As has become customary in Red Bull, growth and investment will be financed from operating cash flow. Red Bull is located in 165 countries around the world.