Media Task No9


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Analysis of my 3 favorite music videos.

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Media Task No9

  1. 1. Analysis Of Three Of My Favorite Music Videos
  2. 2. 2Pac’s ‘Ghetto Gospel’ video can be established to represent one of the popular 20th century rappers Lesane Parish Crooks, more formally known as Tupac Shakur aka 2Pac's death which was the 13th September 1996. The video which features Elton Johns vocals as the chorus was released in 2005 making a statment to the public 9 years on that 2Pac shall not be forgoten. 2Pac's vocals coinciding with a young black male representing him in the video produce a mixture of fellings, emotions and thoughts towards the 'Ghetto Life' that 2pac is describing in his words that he has experienced. He mentions in his vocals about gun crime, home life, influences to the younger generation, drugs, as well as race saying 'It aint about black and white cos were human'. The video doesn't include any choreography or live clips it basically shares the story of the last day of Tupac Shakur life. 2Pac was known for makin outstanding quotes and there is one shared on the end of this video which can be said to be an eye opener as well as the hole video to the younger generation. ' Remember to keep yourself alive, there is nothing more important then that'. 2Pac ft Elton John - Ghetto Gospel
  3. 3. << The start of the video audio is digetic with sounds of people crying/gossiping as well as sirens of police and ambulances echoing in the background. The visual shows the hustle of people grouped round a dead man (2Pac) being held by a woman sobbing over him. This atomatically creates tension to the audience and creates curiosity as to who?, What?, When?, Where? and Why? Family shots are portrayed within the video >> One being of the actor taking 2pacs place to show the normal family life that he had sitting down at the table with his mother eating breakfast which happens in everyday life. The other being him seeing his partner and child which also portray a family unit. Within the second screen grab to the right there is purposely footage on the TV of the real tupac that we all should recognise. Another attention grabbing item within the video is that the time of his where abouts is portrayed many times within the video, which resembles what he did on his last day.
  4. 4. << A ghetto side is portrayed of 2pac which he his well known for. And today the hooded item of cloathing is classed as bad news to people. 2pac is with a group of other male people and there is a sense of dodgy business going on that may refer to the ghetto drug scene. Again the time is shown in the bottom right hand corner. “ Tell me do you see that old lady ain't it sad. Living out a bag, but she's glad for the little things she has. And over there there's a lady, crack got her crazy. Guess she's given birth to a baby”. >> These lyrics coinciding with the visual really portray the sense of poverty that 2pac had witness on his days on earth. They also make people think even now that they should be thankful for what they do have and not take life for granted. A powerful message fading into 2Pac photo is at the very end of the video as the audio fades. It reveals that life is important and should not be wasted.
  5. 5. Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers This is a single released by Dylan Mills more formally known as “Dizzee Rascle” a new artist within the last 5 years in the music industry.' Bonkers' released from his latest album to 2009 called 'Tongue N Cheek' went straight to number one. The video is focused on the vocalist going through what is portrayed his own perception of the world, which at the end all turns out to be a dream, but it portrays to the target audience that its ok to be you and be 'Bonkers' !!
  6. 6. << This is one of the main visual effects video to the 21 st centaury today. The video creates surrealism as though it was a hallucination or a weird dream that people can experience. Another main visual within the video is that the same footage is played over again quickly to the beat of the music but displayed in different colours for the attraction purposes. >>
  7. 7. Busta Rhymes Feat Linkin Park - We Made It This video is one of the known videos to combine to sorts of music and people in a stereotypical sense. Being with “Linkin Park” attracting the Punks and “Busta Rhymes” attracting the people who are into their rap music, which also helps people get into new different music and see different perspectives. Both artists named are equally featured in the video showed working together in a comfortable looking environment and experience. Like 2Pacs 'Ghetto Gospel' this video also talks about ghetto life but more to the 21st centaury ghetto life. Guessing the song is about survival of the fittest in special effects such as using both a contrast between colour and black and white filming. The language used is uncensored and is very much so into the urban ghetto way of speaking that today people take deep offence to. But it is used in this song for the rappers status and to put his point across to his audience.
  8. 8. <<The start of the video the scene is set in a busy urban city with camera shots that over look it. The dark shaded silhouettes of “Busta Rhymes” and the individual members of “Linkin Park” are shown in sequence along side the night urban life. This creates suspense and tension that coincide with the dark morbid look of the video. The video takes into account what the >> lyrics of the track are actually meaning. There is talk of both the street urban life as well as working together as a team which is showed in many fast to the beat of the music shots of “Busta Rhymes” and “Linkin Park” jamming together to which looks like a dark and dingy backstreet wear house. But this helps add to the effect that perfection is what you make it as a person.
  9. 9. << I like the way that one of the lead rappers in “Linkin Park” whilst rapping plays the piano, and because of his status he can make it look cool and dramatic to his target audience especially when he get up out of his seat with vengeance and makes his seat fall backwards. “ Busta Rhymes” is portrayed >> towards the end in more of a colourful sense to the audience as he is not wear something so plan and formal but a red T-Shirt and a lot of jewellery << From the build up of the men walkin around the ghetto streets we then see them looking then running up a steep hill in the rain at dark to which they have a goal. This creates a sense of great masculine power.
  10. 10. << A sense of victory is obtained in this shot as it shows “Busta” at the top of the hill standing in a victory pose at the top of the hill. This is one of the last shots that portray the whole meaning of the video. This shows “Busta” who is at the top of the hill giving / reaching his hand out to those who are running up the hill. >> A strong message just like at the end of 2Pacs “Ghetto Gospel” is portrayed at the end of the ‘We Made It’ Video. This may be portrayed due to again the ghetto life and the crime that takes place init. So enemies don’t have to die they can just be ignored.