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The growing importance of webinar marketing
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The growing importance of webinar marketing


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Growing Importance of Webinar Marketing
  • 2.  Webinars are the have quickly become the standard for the new marketing culture of “permission marketing.” Permission marketing is based on the knowing participation of potential consumers in the marketing process. Consumers do this because they think the marketing materials will help them make better decisions.
  • 3. Webinar marketing
  • 4. ? Want to try webinar marketing? There are a few best practices to help make sure you get as much out of it as possible.  Pick a focused topic. If your webinar is too general, all it will succeed at is boring a large number of people. Instead, be willing to attract a smaller audience with an engaging and specific topic.  Develop a voluntary email audience. The vast majority of webinar participants come from opt-in mailing lists. Optimize your newsletters and emails to avoid spam traps and to grow your mailing list. When you run a webinar, you will attract more interested voluntary participants.
  • 5.  Use automatic reminders. Automatic email reminders and follow-ups are a tried and true way to increase webinar attendance. Even better, they can be run easily through existing drip marketing infrastructure. Remember to segment your email audience by industry, geography, and specific interests. This will help you optimize and personalize email reminders.  Use webinar questions and feedback for market research. Pay attention to the questions that attendees ask. If the same question comes up often, try to incorporate it into future marketing materials. Even if your webinar fails to generate a lot of leads, it still can pay for itself in market research.
  • 6. ? How to Use Webinars to Grow Your Business  Webinars are a cost-effective, powerful tool that can help you generate leads or create additional streams of income.  Webinars are generally slide-driven presentations that are delivered through a webinar hosting service and marketing through a coordinated online marketing plan. They can be delivered “live” as well as recorded for future playback.
  • 7. ?Before the Webinar:  Promote your webinar through Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn as appropriate  Hour of consulting for marketing the event  Creation of the registration form  E-commerce integration if a paid event  Send reminders to attendees  Perform a “dry run” webinar with you to ensure a smooth, professional webinar.
  • 8. ?During the Webinar:  Technical assistance •  A flyte organizer to introduce you, manage the technology, handle audience problems, and moderate Q&A session  Recording the audio and video for the webinar
  • 9. ?After the Webinar:  Send follow up emails to attendees and those who missed the event  Provide audio and video recordings to you  Help you sell the recordings for additional streams of revenue.
  • 10. View the detailed video  wqNbI79rzL4Q3j7TCi6H_YE3yA
  • 11. Reference  intelligence/content-marketing/the-growing- importance-of-webinar-marketing/  marketing/