Companion Planting Chart - Wake Forest Herbfest, North Carolina

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Companion Planting Chart - Wake Forest Herbfest, North Carolina

Companion Planting Chart - Wake Forest Herbfest, North Carolina

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  • 1. Companion Planting Chart Companions Pests RepelledAngelica Avoid Dill TomatoesBasil Flies, Mosquitoes Dislikes RueBorage Tomatoes, Squash, Strawberries Tomato Worm Plant throughout the garden to loosen the soil.Caraway Avoid DillCatnip Eggplant Flea Beetle, AntsChamomile Cabbage, OnionCoriander AphidsChervil RadishChives CarrotsDead Nettle Potatoes Potato Bug CabbageDill Dislikes Carrots and CarawayFennel Most plants dislike this herbFeverfew roses attracts aphids away from rosesFlax Carrots, Potatoes Potato BugGarlic Roses, Raspberries Japanese Beetle, AphidsHorseradish Potatoes Potato BugHenbit General Insect Repellent Cabbage, GrapesHyssop Cabbage Moth Dislikes Radishes Moths — combine with southernwood, wormwood and rosemary inLavender an anti-moth sachetMarigolds Plant throughout the garden Mexican Bean Beetles, Nematodes, othersMint Cabbage, Tomatoes White Cabbage Moth, aphids, flea beetlesMole Plant Moles and MiceNasturtium Radishes, Cabbage, Cucurbits, fruit trees Aphids, Squash Bugs, Striped Pumpkin BeetlePennyroyal Roses Flies, Mosquitoes, Fleas, othersPetunia BeansPot Marigold Tomatoes Tomato Worm, Asparagus Beetles, othersPyrethrums Use dried flower heads as a general insect repellent.Rosemary Cabbage, Beans Carrots, Sage Cabbage Moth, Bean Beetle, Carrot Fly Roses and RaspberriesRue Japanese Beetles Dislikes Sweet Basil Rosemary, Cabbage, CarrotsSage Cabbage Moth, Carrot Fly, Flea Beetle, Slugs Dislikes CucumbersSouthernwood Cabbages Cabbage Moth Tomatoes, Onion, CornSowthistle Plant in moderationSummer Savory Beans Bean Beetles Flying Insects, Japanese Beetles, Striped Cucumber Beetles,Tansy Fruit Trees, Roses, Raspberries Squash Bugs, Ants, FliesThyme Cabbage Cabbage WormWormwood Plant as a border to keep animals out of the garden. Plant near aromatic herbs to enhanceYarrow production of essential oils.Chart reprinted from