Pa e mentoring eval report


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Pa e mentoring eval report

  1. 1. PA eMentoringEvaluation Report 2011-2012
  2. 2. 1. Becominga PA eMentor
  3. 3. The registration process to become a PA eMentorwas…
  4. 4. Suggestions you may have to make the registration process more effective?I would have like something that I could print out that indicated the type ofclearances I had received. I never really knew if it was just a police clearanceor also the State child protection from abuse clearance. I would have liked tohave received a printed memo with a date on it, indicating that I had beenproperly cleared to served as a mentor and the nature of the clearances thatwere done. somehow, the matches between my background and prospective students/mentee has not been very close Increased transparency would be helpful. You should make it known to individuals before hand that the process costs $10 or should make this payment yourself as volunteers should not be duped into paying for something. Recommendation would be to scale down as much as possible to ensure individuals do not leave registration due to length.
  5. 5. Looking back, how useful was the training you received(how well did it prepare you to become a PA eMentor)?
  6. 6. Rate the quality of information in the PA eMentoring training
  7. 7. Suggestions to make the PA eMentoring training more valuable?“Providing ongoing email training tips or lessonslearned from other mentors would be good. A weeklynewsletter format perhaps.” “Offer training on ways to help promote better communication and writing skills. It seems as though the students participating in the program lack adequate grammar skills, it would be nice to be able to know ways to address this subject with the mentees and have an arsenal of tools to suggest to them to improve their writing skills.”“maybe some suggestions about how to interact withthe students. I some times wondered if the emailexchanges were meaningful or if I needed to engagethe student more in the process.” “there was too much description and it would have been easier having "bullet" directions”
  8. 8. 2.PAeMentoring Website and Curriculum
  9. 9. Overall, the PA eMentoring website is user-friendly
  10. 10. How can we improve the PA eMentor website?“it still seems a little confusing to me. Im not always surewhat in particular a mentee is responding to. I get amessage and cant figure out what exercise it is linked to.” “just using regular email would be a vast improvement. Too difficult to identify which items from the student require responses.” “Better navigation Show less on screen - user friendly Put reminders with each step from the training so one can remember whats expected w/o referring to training over &over” “By making it clear where to find activity results and where to find correspondences. Sometimes I have a hard time finding exactly what Im looking for, because I dont see any option for activity results or for correspondence from mentee. Also I received many messages from my mentee, but when I opened them, they were blank. I dont know if this was my mentees fault or a flaw in the website, but it happened about ten times.”
  11. 11. How useful the online curriculum/activities were in guiding conversation with your mentee(s)?
  12. 12. The Smart Futures staff promptly and completelyaddressed any technical or program concerns that I had…
  13. 13. 3.PAeMentoring Experience
  14. 14. How long have you been participating as a PA eMentor?
  15. 15. My overall experience as a PA eMentor has been….
  16. 16. Would you consider increasing your number of mentees that you serve?
  17. 17. Do you plan on continuing your participation in the PA eMentoring program?
  18. 18. Would you recommend becoming a PA eMentor to others?
  19. 19. Since participating as a PA eMentor, I:
  20. 20. Please rate the following. The PA eMentoring program helps students to:
  21. 21. What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a PA eMentor? “providing practical info to students about their chosen area of interest and having them respond that it has been extremely helpful”“Knowing that I have helped boostthe confidence of a young person “Being able to answer ain her decision-making process students questions or givehas been the most rewarding.” advice on things they may be concerned about.” “When one of the mentees, at the end of our term, had discovered some other avenues that she could focus her interests in. It was as if a whole different world was visible to her afterward. I attribute that success to the questions that the program has mentees think about and guidance from their mentor.”
  22. 22. What has been the most challenging aspect of being a PA eMentor? “The most challenging aspect is not being able to talk to any of his/her teachers. One student that I mentored was constantly making grammatical and spelling errors. I wanted to really work on that with her before anything else, but had no one to tell that she needed help.” “Mentees who dont put any effort into “The terse, often non- this. Its nearly impossible to have a virtual responsive replies from conversation with someone who offers up mentees who do not seem to nothing to discuss/contribute.” take this whole thing seriously. The texting-style of writing can also be annoying, but with the “Getting the mentees to look at the information very short messages, making that is being provided to them. I usually would comments about it would likely put up links to relevant topics and they would end their exchanges answer something entirely different or not altogether.” respond to them at all.”
  23. 23. Additional comments… “I am looking forward to working with students who have the chance to further their education “I think that this is a very and work toward their future goals in a chosen valuable program career to become successful in all they do.” overall.” “All in all, I have had a great experience being a mentor. I love how you provide emails letting us know when a student has sent a message or completed an assignment. It lets me know when I need to log on so I do not have to check everyday.” “I think PA e-Mentoring is a phenomenal idea and wish it was available to more schools in Erie/Northwestern PA region.”“Overall, I was impressed with the program “I have really enjoyed working as aand its easy to read/follow training manual.” mentor and hope to continue to help future students.”