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An Insight into the world of COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT, the roles & responsibilities of the COMMUNITY MANAGER. It covers Social Media & Corporate Social Responsibility.

An Insight into the world of COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT, the roles & responsibilities of the COMMUNITY MANAGER. It covers Social Media & Corporate Social Responsibility.

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  • 1. Community Management Social Media & Corporate Social Responsibility Humanize your organization!!   Margarita C. PerdomoCo-Founder, Managing Partner & Communications Director AUREA FZC UAE            © 2011 Margarita C Perdomo 
  • 2. ‘Successful organizations are those that! put the needs of the community!above their own interests’!                         Margarita C. P
  • 3. Agenda•  An insight into Community •  Social Media Management Management (CM)........ 4 process………………..…….........9•  Skills of the Community •  Building a CM strategy………..10 Manager……....................5 •  Corporate Social Responsibility•  The 5 Cs of Community & CM……………….....................11 Management……............6 •  Community Manager•  The scope of Community responsibilities……………………12 Management……............7 •  A day in the life of a Community•  The Social Media press Manager……………..…………..13 release……………….........8 •  The winning formula……………14  
  • 4. Skills of the Community manager (CM) Excellent communicator & listener, able transparent, creative, early adopter,to empathize, assertive, understanding, accessible, open-minded,team player & team leader, multi- knowledgeable, organized, able totasking, moderator, able to reward, coordinate, credible, customer service‘always online’, trend setter/catcher, driven, patient, curious, influential,brand ambassador/advocate, persuasive , mature, a social reporterdiplomatic, a community activist, a n d a n i n n o v a t o r !
  • 5. The 5 C’s of Community Management
  • 6. The scope of Community Management COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: HR/ PROFESSIONAL-Community relations Strategy -competitive analysis DEVELOPMENT:-Identify audiences & objectives -internal social media -Business partnerships -monitor, engage & be -E-recruitment -R & D, circulate info internally transparent -build internal team -identify community influencers -networking -staff trainingSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP -social media audit MANAGEMENT: CRISIS MANAGEMENT: -engagement & sentiment -customer service -content & conversation -be closer to audiences -minimize negative -moderation -know more about them publicity-foster collaborations (org & -add value to their lives -engage with audiences community)   MARKETING & CORPORATE SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS: RESPONSIBILITY: -Research & analysis -corporate reputation The future is -Brand advocacy -identify best practices/trends now, bring the -PR & communicate them spirit of the -Event management -employee community work organization online!! participation
  • 7. The Social Media press release Source: SHIFT Communica2ons 
  • 8. Social Media Management Process1.  Carry out a social media audit, an analysis of the current online communications (existing presence in platforms, brand needs, community trends and what audiences care about) characteristics of target markets and past mistakes made.2.  Based on social media audit outcome, create a Community Relations Strategy starting from the present position, set social media objectives, target audience, identify influencers, set community objectives, extent of engagement, reach, sentiment, interaction details, Key Performance Indicators (KIPs), benchmarks/ measurement tools and responsibilities by working along with the Communications Dept and in line with its Marketing plan.3.  Set up the social media accounts that the strategy recommends, delete underperforming accounts, build audience, increase visibility, encourage conversations/feedback, monitor reputation, create content, manage customer relations (CRM) and give internal social media training.
  • 9. Building a CM Strategy
  • 10. Corporate Social Responsibility & CM Leading by example! ‘Organizations have a role in society, to Organization must take advantage help people achieve of the conversations on Social Media their goals ‘  Platforms and integrate Corporate Social Responsibility in the   Community Management strategy as an extension of business ethics: •  select those social best practices your organization is known for & tell the story. •  listen to what people care about externally and bring it into the organization. •  research potential opportunities for employees to participate in social responsibility community programs, coordinate participation & use the story as social media content for conversion.
  • 11. Community Manager responsibilities• Social Media Audit• Come up with the Community Relations Strategy• Account setting• Internal Social media• Stay up to date with new social tools, practices & competitors’strategies• Social journalism: provide content valuable to audiences• Analyze issues, patterns & trends. Translate them into feedbackinfo for internal depts.• D evelop relationships with audiences through monitoring,engaging, being transparent and driving positive sentiment• Integrate E-recruitment: coordinate with HR any recruitmentopportunities through social media• Build alliances with experts to gain & share info• Create the Community Relations Guideline Manual of practices• Train employees to become brand ambassadors on social media• Measure results based on Key Performance Indicators/objectives• M anage Customer relationship: growing & maintainingaudiences’ trust.• Perform Corporate Social Responsibility• Act as a Brand ambassador• Attend events planned by the organization & direct competitors• Network to foster alliances, partnerships & collaborations• Maximize any internal & external synergies• Create buzz, drive traffic and moderate conversations. Innovate.
  • 12. A day in the life of a Community Manager•  9.00: Check emails. Prioritize. Get up to •  16.00: Internal Meeting with all Depts. date with News & trends. (Marketing & Sales, R&D & IT ) to share•  10.00: Meet the Community team Discuss information valuable for community challenges, ideas, receive feedback. planning & strategy.•  10.30: customer service rounds: Assess •  17.00: Internal social media training and/ community needs & interests; update or business development. social media accounts/blogs; create new •  18.00: Final round of Community content/write editorial for sites; post/ Management before the end of the day: answer questions; upload pics, videos and customer service, moderation & mails. links; open discussions; get feedback. •  18.30: Wrap up the day with Google Translate feedback into data for internal Reader for community trends & related depts. posts. Write notes on Community•  13.00: Get in touch with the organization Management policies for Depts. and a to- influencers/advocates. Recruit more! do-list for next day. Obtain feedback & build up relationships.•  14.00: Manage the organization’s Also important: Corporate Social Responsibility Program: •  Attending/participating in events as much share best practices with the online as possible. community. •  Networking out of the office•  15.00: Self Education: research new applications, software, tools, websites. •  Meeting people face-to-face •  Inspiring people & ♥ ing your job!  
  • 13. The CM winning FormulaConnecting online through Social Media Connecting offline through supporting event management Social responsibilityCommunity Management