Tea And Coffee And Chocolate Class At Carnegie Mellon By Margarets Fine Imports In Pittsburgh , Tea Part Two, Become An Expert
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Tea And Coffee And Chocolate Class At Carnegie Mellon By Margarets Fine Imports In Pittsburgh , Tea Part Two, Become An Expert

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Tea And Coffee And Chocolate Class At Carnegie Mellon By Margarets Fine Imports In Pittsburgh , Tea Part Two, Become An Expert

Tea And Coffee And Chocolate Class At Carnegie Mellon By Margarets Fine Imports In Pittsburgh , Tea Part Two, Become An Expert

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  • 1. Tea, Become an Expert , part 2 Margaret Harris Margaret’s Fine Imports 5872 Forbes Ave., Pgh, PA 1521 (412) 422-1606 www.margaretsfineimports.com “ In my own hands I hold a bowl of tea; I see all of nature represented in its green color. Closing my eyes I find green mountains and pure water within my own heart. Silently sitting alone and drinking tea, I feel these become a part of me.” Sohitsu Sen Grand Master XIV Urasenke School of Tea
  • 2. Today’s Agenda
    • Tea - quiz
    • How to make good cup of tea
    • Storing tea
    • Health Benefits of Tea
    • Health Benefits of Herbs
    • Tea & Weight Loss
    • 10 min Intermission
    • Preparing Tea: Demonstration
  • 3. Proper Tea Steeping General Guidelines
    • Water used for tea should be of good quality, preferably bottled or filtered, but tap water will usually do just fine
    • Distilled, fluoridated, hard or highly chlorinated water is not recommended
    • Water should be just brought to the boiling point, over boiling may cause too much oxygen to escape resulting in flat taste.
  • 4. Proper Tea Steeping General Guidelines
    • Warm the teapot with a small amount of hot water and discard it
    • Use approx. 1 flat teaspoon (or use special measure spoon) of dry tea per cup of water (6-7oz
    • Note : Average American cup (mug) holds about 12-14oz of water, so you have to double this amount of tea!
  • 5. Steeping of Black Tea
    • Hot water, just under the boiling point
    • (about 210 degrees – bring to boil first, then let it cool of just a bit, 1 min)
    • Steep for approx. 3-5 min
  • 6. Steeping of Green Tea
    • Cooler water than for black tea (approx. 180-185 degrees)
    • Wait for about 3 min after bolining
    • Steep only for 1-2 min ! Green tea is like a delicate food or fresh leaf vegetable, hot water or prolonged steeping might burn green tea leaves, producing a bitter taste
  • 7. Steeping of Oolong Tea
    • Water temp 195 – 210 degrees
    • Time vary depending on the variety of Oolong tea: 2-3 min
  • 8. Steeping of Rooibos & Tisanes
    • Use hot water, just under the boiling point
    • Steep for 5-7 min
    • These “teas” won’t get bitter like other true teas
  • 9. Tea Storage
    • Dry, cool , dark area, away from strong odors
    • The size of the container should match the amount of tea, if there is too much empty space with air tea will continue to oxidize
    • and deteriorate
    • Not in freezer or refrigerator
  • 10. Health Benefits of Tea
    • Great beverage: no sodium, fat, carbonation, or sugar, calorie free
    • Contains antioxidants (flavonoids) that counteract free radicals, which cause damage of body elements and contribute to chronic diseases
    • Green tea contains 8-10 times the amount of antioxidants found in any other foods and beverages available to humans
  • 11. Health Benefits of Tea cont’d Research Studies
    • Drinking 3-5 cups of tea per day may lower “bad” cholesterol (LDLs)
    • People who drunk tea in large quantities had a much decreased risk of colon cancer
    • Tea drinking women had a higher bone density than women who didn’t drink tea
    • In laboratory tests green tea antioxidants inhibited the production of plaque by bacteria, tea is also high in Fluoride
  • 12. More Health Benefits of Tea
    • There have been thousands of studies done about health benefits of tea in famous clinics (including Mayo Clinic) that also have shown that tea can help to:
    • prevent blood clots (caution: people taking blood thinners may shouldn’t consume large quantities of green tea)
    • protect against cognitive decline
    • help in weight loss
    • improve insulin sensitivity
    • boost immunity
  • 13. Health Benefits of Tea cont’d
    • prevent heart disease
    • lower stress hormone cortisol
    • prevent gallstones
    • protect liver from damage by alcohol and other harmful chemicals
  • 14. Health Benefits of Herbs, examples :
    • Headaches: passionflower, rosemary, scullcap
    • Memory Loss: ginco, rosemary
    • Sore Throat: kava, licorice, thyme
    • Cold: echinacea, licorice, thyme,ginger, rosehip
    • Bloating, Flatulence: chamomile, ginger, peppermint
    • Constipation: dandelion root, senna, St. Mary’s thistle
    • Arthritis: burdock, ginger, nettle
    • Low Libido: damiana, Korean ginseng, withania
  • 15. Tea & Weight Loss
    • Helps reduce cravings or can be a substitute for highly caloric dessert (Chocolate Mint Rooibos, Ginger Peach tea)
    • Increases insulin effectiveness
    • helps decrease cholesterol
    • Stimulates thermo genesis, which speeds up the fat burning process
    • Antioxidants in tea (mostly EGCG) increase metabolism rate and fat burning
  • 16. Tea & Good Mood
    • L-thiamine in tea increases the serotonine levels, responsible for pleasant feelings
    • Let’s not forget that just making tea, inhaling its aroma, sitting comfortably to drink it, relaxing and taking a break from everyday stress, sharing time with friends and family, can be a source of great pleasure and so benefit our mental and emotional health! 