TOP brand challenge facing B2B companies


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“What’s the #1 brand challenge facing B2B companies today?”

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  • We’re the simplicity company.
    We unlock the power of simplicity to deliver brand experiences that are unexpectedly fresh and remarkably clear.
    Simple is more than a philosophy—it’s an obsession. It’s our obsession. And even more than that, it’s at the heart of the brands we build. Brands that help organizations realize their true potential.
  • TOP brand challenge facing B2B companies

    1. 1. 17 B2B Women Marketers: One Question, Many Challenges
    2. 2.   In the spirit of International Women’s Day, as Global CMO of Siegel+Gale, I thought it would be intriguing to ask a sample of top female B2B marketers one question: “What’s the #1 brand challenge facing B2B companies today?” This question elicited thought-provoking responses. It is fascinating to hear from these 17 women, who come from a variety of industries including technology, healthcare and financial services. Here are their insights… Margaret Molloy Global CMO Siegel+Gale
    3. 3. “Simple, straightforward, personal marketing is the biggest opportunity in B2B today. Business is about people, so people should be the center of a good B2B marketing strategy.” Katrina Klier Managing director, digital marketing and communications Accenture @KatrinaKlier Simplicity
    4. 4. “As CMOs we must be more sophisticated. Discipline is required given data-driven requirements as well as a keen eye toward mobile app privacy and location-based marketing.” Hope Frank Global CMO Codenomicon @HopeFrank Sophistication
    5. 5. “Balancing short-term revenue goals with the long-term strategic growth of the firm.” Margaret Molloy Global CMO Siegel+Gale @Margaret Molloy Revenue
    6. 6. Brand investment must take place across the entire enterprise
    7. 7. “Convincing executives at B2B companies that brand investment must happen across the entire enterprise, not just marketing.” Lisa Arthur CMO Teradata Applications @LisaArthur Enterprise-wide marketing
    8. 8. “Being relevant at all times and delivering that relevant, consistent brand image across multiple channels. The challenge is how do we use these channels effectively, remaining relevant, timely and consistent?” Debbie Brown Global head of marketing, planning and operations Thomson Reuters Omni-channel
    9. 9. “Mobility is quietly yet seismically revolutionizing B2B business. Customers, channel partners, employees, shareholders and interested parties can engage with the brand as individuals, and that’s what we have always wanted in B2B.” Carol Godfrey Vice president, marketing and product development Southwire Company @CarolJGodfrey Mobile
    10. 10. “Making a brand relevant to both the decision makers and end users. These are often two distinct groups who have different needs and pain points. The brand therefore needs to work on multiple levels.” Cindy Cook CMO, clinical solutions and nursing & health professions Elsevier Multiple stakeholders
    11. 11. Time and attention are the scarcest resources today
    12. 12. “Rising above the ever-increasing noise to connect–emotionally and with relevance–to your audience. Time and attention are the scarcest resources today.” Sandra Zoratti CMO Dispersive Technologies @SandraZ Relevance
    13. 13. “Creating clear brand differentiation in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Continuing to drive brand awareness and value creation is imperative.” Wendy Newman SVP corporate marketing AMN Healthcare @WendyGNewman Brand differentiation
    14. 14. “A good brand needs to be able to resonate with both consumers and businesses. To do so effectively, the brand needs to be relevant and communicate that relevance in direct, simple terms.” Sejal Gulati President and managing director TAS Analytic Services, a Time Warner Company Communicating relevance
    15. 15. All divisions of your internal organization are now brand ambassadors
    16. 16. “B2B buyers are seeking advice from peers, other customers and turning to social media sources just like B2C. The challenge is both cultivating a network of advocates for your brand and understanding that all divisions of your internal organization are now brand ambassadors.” Cynthia Gumbert Vice president, digital and new accounts marketing CA Technologies, Inc. @Cyngumbert Social media
    17. 17. “Many of our customers are technology laggards, so digital marketing has been a challenge. We execute, but many of our customers and prospects don’t see it because they aren’t 'plugged in' to the typical digital channels.” Monica Wyly Director, marketing Qualcomm Digital exposure
    18. 18. “Identifying high ROI ways to accelerate pipeline buildup. In an age when buyers do not want to get another email, even a provocatively written or high content value email, it is difficult to drive pipeline build without spending a lot.” Natalie McCullough Executive VP and GM of professional, support, education & data services ServiceSource @NatalieMcCull Driving pipeline
    19. 19. Brands must relate to their customers on a human level
    20. 20. “B2B is irrelevant nowadays: we live in a world of consumers, and brands must relate to their customers on a human level. It’s the classic line–customers don’t care about products, they care what they do for them.” Lucy Hackman Vice President, integrated marketing communications Pitney Bowes @LucyHackman Human connection
    21. 21. “Leveraging thought leadership and digital strategies to stay current with clients and provide insights and problem solving. You want to have the digital infrastructure to create a presence on your own properties and through social media to ultimately deliver one-to- one content marketing.” Stefanie Shelley CMO and product management executive Broadridge Financial Solutions Thought leadership
    22. 22. “Differentiating ourselves from the competition and breaking through the clutter so our target audience can focus on our messages.” Lynn MacDonald Global head of investments marketing Mercer Breaking through the clutter
    23. 23. “To convey the business value of our offering in a way that is not only differentiating but also goes beyond the purely rational. Buyers are humans and therefore they buy emotionally. B2B companies have to get under buyers’ skin that way.” Heidi Lorenzen CMO Cloudwords, Inc. @HLorenzen Emotional connection
    24. 24. 24 Thanks to the 16 B2B women marketing leaders Now over to you… “What do you think is the #1 brand challenge facing B2B companies today?” We’d love to hear from you. Tweet me @MargaretMolloy Margaret Molloy Global CMO Siegel+Gale
    25. 25. 25 Simple is smart.