Blessed James Alberione

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Blessed James Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family

Blessed James Alberione, founder of the Pauline Family

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  • He called himself a half-blind man. Now the Church calls him Blessed James Alberione.
    We will present to you today, the Man, the Mission and his stunning vision of the church and the world.
  • There is so much to say about this man…….PRIEST, FOUNDER, MEDIA APOSTLE, LEADER, SAINT
  • he was first of all, a priest of Jesus Christ………a Founder of multiple religious institutes…………an apostle in and of the media, who sought to transform culture through the technological advances………..a Leader who led first by example, dedication, concern, love; a leader who had a vision and communicated that vision through the institutes he founded, nurtured, and set free into the world…………a man whom the church has officially recognized for his holiness……….
    This is the man Alberione.
  • James Alberione was born April 4, 1884 in San Lorenzo di Fossano, Italy. God's plans for Alberione became evident in the first stirrings of his vocation. Asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, the young boy said, "I will be a priest!"
    While only a sixteen-year-old seminarian, James Alberione had a profound experience while in Eucharistic adoration on New Year's Eve, December 31, 1900. "A special light came from the Blessed Sacrament, a greater understanding of the invitation extended by Jesus: 'Come to me all of you... I felt deeply obliged to prepare myself to do something for God and the people of the new century in which I would live." Thus Alberione’s vision began to take shape….
  • James Alberione was ordained a priest on June 29, 1907. After a brief assignment in the parish of Santo Bernardo, he spent a number of years as the spiritual director and teacher at the seminary. During this time he focused his own reading on what could shed the most light on the situation of the society and Church of his time. One question occupied his thoughts: Toward what is this endless stream of humanity walking?
  • He gradually formulated the idea to use the modern means of technology to reach people of today with the message of the Gospel. At that time it was the printing press, but his vision included all that human progress would develop to enhance world communications.
  • Alberione took St. Paul as the model for communicating Jesus Master. This famous “lover of Christ” traversed the then-known world to preach Christ. We all know that who but St. Paul possessed such a deep passion for communicating his message. He who said, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ living in me.” It was St. Paul who spirit Alberione embraced.
  • What had begun on that night of Eucharistic adoration as a vague intuition and a prophetic sense gradually clarified. He would found a group of men and women religious. The first group he founded in 1914, was the Society of St. Paul, priests and brothers, whose mission was to use the means of communication at the service of the Church to evangelize the world with the Gospel.
    A year later, with the help of Teresa Merlo, he founded a similar group for women religious, the Daughters of St. Paul.
    In 1918 the family of Pauline Cooperators came into existence-lay persons who collaborated at the side of the religious.
  • Alberione knew that this apostolate would need a depth of intimacy with the Lord for it to progress….
    At a time of particular darkness when young Fr. Alberione grew gravely ill with turberculosis, came a dream or revelation of Jesus the Divine Master, who reassured the young founder: "Do not be afraid. I am with you." Pointing to the tabernacle, Jesus said, "From here I want to enlighten. Live in continual conversion." These words are on the walls of every Pauline chapel in the world.
  • To Alberione, Mary is the guide, protector and teacher of the entire Pauline Family. Under the title of Queen of Apostles, she guides & protects media apostles of every age.
  • In 1924 Alberione founded with Mother Maria Scholastica Rivata the next member of the Pauline Family: the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, who have a eucharistic, priestly, and liturgical apostolate.
    Later into the future he would found two other religious congregations and 4 secular institutes.
  • Alberione’s understanding of women was to work along side of the priest and pastor…..woman associated with priestly zeal……the title of one of his first books….. He founded the Daughters of St Paul for the media mission, the Sister Disciples for liturgical service, the Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd for pastoral work, and the Sisters of the Queen of Apostles for vocational apostolate.
    This understanding of woman was revolutionary for the times…..
  • In 1931, Alberione began to expand the ministry of the Paulines outside of Italy. The first foundation was made in Brazil. Foundations in the U.S., Argentina, France, Spain, China, Japan, Philippines and India, Poland and Portugal followed within the next 12 years. The years between 1940 and 1960 were years of more new foundations and consolidation. Vocations, foundations, editions, and initiatives multiplied.
    Today Pauline Family, the 5 religious congregations, 4 secular institutes, and the Pauline Cooperators number over 9,000, and carry out his vision in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Father Alberione died on November 26, 1971. He was 87 years old. Two hours before his death, Paul VI had visited James Alberione for whom his admiration and veneration was no secret.
  • In an age in which technology and communications shape every aspect of our lives, the beatification of a man who knew how to consecrate modern media and how to evangelize modern society is a sign of hope that the Church offers to all Christians of this century, as a sure road to holiness.
  • A message to all paulines….
  • Blessed James Alberione often referred to himself as a half-blind man. He foresaw and brought about a new apostolate that at its foundation was not understood by the Church, but it was an apostolate that exactly corresponded to society's situation.
  • Alberione was a man of great faith. As we celebrate this Palm Sunday, let us ask for an increase of faith --belief in the Divine Master’s presence with us and the Pauline Family and be assured that he will never abandon us…..
    The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem asks for loyalty and perseverance from each one of us, it calls us to deepen in our faithfulness, and for our resolutions to be more than just bright lights that sparkle for a moment and then fade away. …..Let us spread before the Lord’s feet, not garments or soulless olive branches, which delight the eye for a few hours and then wither, but ourselves, clothed in his grace, or rather, clothed completely in him. We who have been baptized into Christ must ourselves be the garments that we spread before him. This is St. Paul’s spirit, “clothe yourselves with Christ” and therefore Fr. Alberione’s.
  • Let us begin by acknowledging our own need for the Lord’s mercy….
  • Reading from Abundantes Divitiae (Sr. Jerome)
  • Blessed Alberione tells us, “The Gospel cost Jesus his life. It will cost you your life, too… The Gospel cost Jesus his life… Jesus knew this, yet he did not stop preaching for an instant.” Let us ask the Master for his life in us…..that we may clothe ourselves with him……that we may give generously of ourselves for him…..that we may be his presence in the world today.
  • At the conclusion of this evening gathering, we place before the Master all our needs and intentions, our desires and concerns, especially as we begin this holiest of weeks. (pause) Those who wish to may present their petitions out loud. After each petition we will sing: Lord, hear our prayer.
    We reflect on how we will accompany Jesus during his passion. (pause) We gather all these prayers and offer them to our heavenly Father in the words that Jesus taught us.
    Our Father…
  • We conclude with gratitude for the life of Blessed James Alberione, whose humble and docile attitude to the Master brought a new vision for the Church and many men and women who possess this same desire to do something for the people of the 21st century.


  • 1. Blessed James Alberione “The great secret of the spiritual life is this: configuration with the Divine Master.”
  • 2. Blessed James AlberioneBlessed James Alberione April 4th , 1884 – November 26th , 1971 Founder of the Pauline Family The ManThe Man The VisionThe Vision The MissionThe Mission
  • 3. The Man….The Man….  PriestPriest  FounderFounder  Media ApostleMedia Apostle  LeaderLeader  SaintSaint
  • 4. The night between the centuries…The night between the centuries… in the cathedral of Alba…in the cathedral of Alba… The Vision…The Vision…
  • 5. St. Paul is the real founder of the institute. In fact, he is its father, teacher, model, protector…. The Pauline Family must be St. Paul living today.
  • 6. Society of St. Paul Daughters of St. Paul Pauline Cooperators
  • 7. Do not be afraid. I am with you; Live in continual conversion. From here I want to enlighten;
  • 8. Mary is the apostle.Mary is the apostle. Relative to us sheRelative to us she is Queen becauseis Queen because she calls us toshe calls us to participate in herparticipate in her apostolate….apostolate….
  • 9. Sister Disciples of the Divine Master
  • 10. Books Magazines Radio Audio Cinema The Mission…The Mission…
  • 11. "Hope consoles amid the tribulations and crosses of life. It prevents discouragement and leads to childlike abandonment in the Father who awaits us."
  • 12. TowardToward whatwhat is thisis this endlessendless streamstream of humanityof humanity walking?walking?
  • 13. “The person who reads the Bible daily acquires the grace really to speak the words of God. But it is to be read devoutly, that is, in the spirit in which it was written, and with the hearts of children who want to listen wholeheartedly to their heavenly Father.”
  • 14. "We must give the world true wealth and bring to the world the greatest good: Jesus Christ, Way, Truth, and Life, because only thus will there be peace on earth, progress and the certainty of eternal happiness."
  • 15. "The only defeat in life is to yield to difficulty… to abandon the struggle."
  • 16. "Your apostolate does"Your apostolate does not aim only at thenot aim only at the progress of individualprogress of individual persons. It aims atpersons. It aims at forming a newforming a new mentality in society,mentality in society, giving it a new imprint,giving it a new imprint, a new direction.a new direction. Promote a mentality inPromote a mentality in society, a Christiansociety, a Christian mentality, that willmentality, that will assure spiritual vitalityassure spiritual vitality for humanity andfor humanity and Christian life forChristian life for society."society."
  • 17. "The press, motion pictures, radio, and television today constitute the most urgent, most rapid, and most efficacious means of Catholic apostolate. The heart of the apostle can desire no better instruments for giving God to humanity and humanity to God."
  • 18. "I feel, before God"I feel, before God with humanity, thewith humanity, the gravity of thegravity of the mission entrustedmission entrusted to me by the Lordto me by the Lord who, had he foundwho, had he found a more unworthya more unworthy and incapableand incapable person, would haveperson, would have preferred him."preferred him."
  • 19. Come into my heart. Come into my heart. Come into my heart, Lord. Come into my heart. Come into my life… Cleanse me of my sin… I give myself to you… I surrender all… © 1990 Jim Cowan (admn by Integity’s Hosanna Music) ASCAP All rights reserved. Used with permission.
  • 20. Holiness, holiness is what I long for. Holiness is what I need. Holiness, holiness is what You want from me. Take my heart and form it. Take my mind transform it. Take my will conform it. To yours, to yours, O Lord. Faithfulness… Take my heart, take my mind, Take my will, O Lord.   © 1994 MERCY/VINEYARD PUBLISHING (ASCAP)   All rights reserved. Used with permission.
  • 21. Remember your mercies, O Lord. Your ways, O Lord, make known to me, Teach me your paths. Guide me, teach me, for you are my Savior. Remember your mercies, O Lord.
  • 22. Remember your compassion, Lord, And your kindness of old. Remember this, and not my sins, In your goodness, O Lord. Remember your mercies, O Lord.
  • 23. Good and just is the Lord, The sinners know the way. God guides the meek to justice, And teaches the humble his way. Remember your mercies, O Lord.
  • 24. Jesus Master, you are WayJesus Master, you are Way Jesus Master, you are TruthJesus Master, you are Truth Jesus Master, you are LifeJesus Master, you are Life Jesus Master, hear our prayer.Jesus Master, hear our prayer. Jesus Master, may I think withJesus Master, may I think with your mind and wisdom.your mind and wisdom. May I love with your heart.May I love with your heart. May I see with your eyes.May I see with your eyes. May I speak with your tongue.May I speak with your tongue. Prayer of Blessed James AlberionePrayer of Blessed James Alberione
  • 25. Jesus Master, you are WayJesus Master, you are Way Jesus Master, you are TruthJesus Master, you are Truth Jesus Master, you are LifeJesus Master, you are Life Jesus Master, hear our prayer.Jesus Master, hear our prayer. Jesus Master, may I hear with yourJesus Master, may I hear with your ears.ears. May I relish the things you relish.May I relish the things you relish. May my hands be yours.May my hands be yours. May my feet follow in your footsteps.May my feet follow in your footsteps.
  • 26. Jesus Master, you are WayJesus Master, you are Way Jesus Master, you are TruthJesus Master, you are Truth Jesus Master, you are LifeJesus Master, you are Life Jesus Master, hear our prayer.Jesus Master, hear our prayer. Jesus Master, may I pray using yourJesus Master, may I pray using your words.words. May I treat others as you do.May I treat others as you do. May I celebrate the Eucharist withMay I celebrate the Eucharist with your self-immolation.your self-immolation. May I dwell in you as you do in me, toMay I dwell in you as you do in me, to the point that I disappear.the point that I disappear.
  • 27. Forever Grateful  You did not wait for me to draw near to You, but You clothed Yourself with frail humanity. You did not wait for me to cry out to You, but You let me hear Your voice calling me!
  • 28. And I'm forever grateful to You! I'm forever grateful for the cross! I'm forever grateful to You, that You came to seek and save the lost.