Task 2 revised


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Task 2 revised

  1. 1. I am fourteen I live with my years old, I’m family: two cousins, my uncle young. I’m a and my aunt. teen too I live in Ribadesella Hi, my name is Naomi now, but II love my family was born inbecause there isa lot of Cangas dehappiness. Onis. I prefer Ribadesella to Cangas de Onis. We are a very happy family.
  2. 2. It takes us threeIn summer my cousins and I minutes to go toalways go to the beach on the beach.foot. We live in a big house near the beach.
  3. 3. I have got a lot of friends but mybest friend is Celia.I have known Celia for eight years. We see each other every day. We talk by phone and we always talk on whatsapp, all the time. We have the same friends and we enjoy doing the sameShe is one of my best friends things. We both enjoy films,because we grew up together. I for example romantic andthink we get on well because funny films, so we watch filmswe know each other so well. together or we go out and we have a good time.
  4. 4. Afterwards I moved to ``Nuestra Señora Del Rosario´´ in Ribadesella. In Ribadesella I met many children. I loved that school because the kids were nice to me. I remember the first day I startedBut school. The school was in Cangasnow, I de Onis, it is called ‘’Colegio Lastudy at Reconquista. I studied there untilthe I was six years oldAvelinaCerrahighschool.
  5. 5. My favourite I love singing songs. Mycolour is favourite songs are: I dislike milkgreen. I love Nadie como tu by La too but I love oreja de Van Gogh and chocolate!green! Te voy a esperar by Juan Magan feat Belinda. I dislike Mexican I hate sport but I and Chinese like volleyball. food.
  6. 6. I had many pets. Ihad a cat; it wasgrey and had longhair. I had two turtles and I have got two hamsters now.I had a white cat too, he I love cats and recentlyhad long hair and he had had another calledone blue eye and the other ``Misisú´but it ran awayone was brown. It was from home.beautiful!
  7. 7. Im from Asturias. It is located in Spain,near Oviedo.Its a lovely place to live because it hasgot lots of parks around the city. It isreally quiet and children can play reallysafe there. There is a big shopping centre with plent of shops. You can visit amazing places like cinemas museums, monuments, parks and prehistoric caves.   We have great beaches, where you can enjoy all day. You can do windsurfing and surfing.