Past simple (neg. & int.)
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Past simple (neg. & int.)






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Past simple (neg. & int.) Past simple (neg. & int.) Presentation Transcript

  • PAST SIMPLE Negative Interrogative Short answers
  • Regular and Irregular Verbs Utilizamos el past simple para hablar de acciones que sucedieron en un momento concreto del pasado.
  • Negative Sujeto + didn’t + infinitivo + …
  •  We didn’t visit the museum on Saturday. Daniel didn’t go to the cinema yesterday. I didn’t see the film. They didn’t play football. It didn’t disappear into the sea.
  • Interrogative Did + sujeto + infinitivo + …?
  •  Did he play football? What did she say? Did you see the film? When did they go to school? Which sport did you play? Did Peter enjoy the party?
  • Short answers  Yes, sujeto + did.  No, sujeto + didn’t.
  •  Yes, I did. No, you didn’t. Yes, she did. No, he didn’t. Yes, they did. No, we didn’t.
  • Affirmative Negative I bought her a I didn’t buy her a birthday present. birthday present.
  • Affirmative NegativeThe train stopped at The train didn’t stop Oxford. at Oxford.
  • Affirmative NegativeShe carried my bags She didn’t carry my to the hotel. bags to the hotel.
  • Affirmative NegativeI went to her party on I didn’t go to her Friday. party on Friday.
  • Affirmative Negative I didn’t eat anI ate an enormous enormous breakfast. breakfast.
  • Affirmative NegativeWe saw that film last We didn’t see that week. film last week.
  • Interrogative Short answers Did Lisa write a Yes, she did. letter? No, she didn’t.
  • Interrogative Short answers Yes, she did.Did Lisa watch TV? No, she didn’t.
  • Interrogative Short answers Did Sam have Yes, he did. spaghetti for No, he didn’t. lunch?
  • Interrogative Short answers Yes, they did.Did Lisa and Sam go No, they didn’t. to the cinema?
  • Interrogative Short answers Yes, they did.Did Lisa and Sam No, they didn’t. play tennis?
  • Interrogative Short answers Yes, I did.Did you enjoy your No, I didn’t. holiday?
  • Marga Renedo Gómez