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  1. 1. Halloween
  2. 2. The Origins of Halloween
  3. 3. The origins of Halloween go back very far, to the ancient Celts. The Celts lived in the British Isles during ancient times. They were pagans. They believed in the gods of
  4. 4. There were two important festivals on the Celtic calendar. One was called Beltane. It marked thebeginning of summer. Theother was called Samhain. It marked the end of
  5. 5. Samhain was also the last day of the year on the Celtic calendar.Samhain was the Celtic god of death. The Celts were afraid of winter. They associared it with death
  6. 6. The Druids were Celticpriests and teachers. They were very important in Celtic society. Everyone respected them. They practised magic and religious rituals.
  7. 7. Samhain, October 31st, was an important day for the druids. They made big fires to frighten the spirits of evil and death. On October 31st, the Druids predicted the
  8. 8. The Celtic people dressed in scary costumes to frighten the evil spirits. They dressed as witches,ghosts and skeletons. Theyalso played games to bringgood luck in the new year.
  9. 9. The Celts believed that on the night of October 31st, ghosts came out of their tombs. The spirits of the dead returned to earth.
  10. 10. After the Roman invasion in 43AD, Samhain also became a harvest festival. The Romans had a harvest festival called Pomona. Pomona was the Roman goddess of gardens and
  11. 11. Nuts, fruits and apples were part of the Samhain ceremonies. Apples weresacred and lucky! The colours of Halloween are orange and black. They represent the harvest (orange) and death (black).
  12. 12. After the Roman invasion, Christian rites substituted pagan rites.The first day of November was the day of all saints for the Christians. It was called All Hallows’Day (the day of all saints).
  13. 13. The evening of October 31st was All Hallows’ Eve. This was shortened to Halloween.The Druid religion went on for a long time in Ireland and Scotland. Halloween continued to be important in both places.
  14. 14. In the 19th century, Irish immigrants brought their Halloween customs to theUnited States. Now Halloween is one of the biggest festivities in the UnitedStates. The date is on every American calendar!
  15. 15. The origins of Halloween go back to the...• Romans• Irish• ancient Celts
  16. 16. The origins of Halloween go back to the ancient Celts.
  17. 17. The two important festivals on the Celtic calendar were...• Samhain and Beltane• Pomona and the harvest• spring and autumn
  18. 18. The two important festivalson the Celtic calendar were Samhain and Beltane .
  19. 19. October 31st was an important day for the Celtic people• it was the because... harvest day of the• it was the last day of the year on the Celtic calendar• it was the beginning of summer
  20. 20. October 31st was animportant day for the Celtic people because it was thelast day of the year on the Celtic calendar .
  21. 21. The Druids were...• gods of nature• Celtic teachers and priests• Roman priests
  22. 22. CelticThe Druids wereteachers and priests .
  23. 23. On Samhain the Druids predicted the future and...• the Celts went to the mountains• the Celts dressed in scary costumes and played games• the Celts threw animals and crops into the fire
  24. 24. On Samhain the Druidspredicted the future and the Celts dressed in scary costumes and played games .
  25. 25. Pomona was...• the Roman goddess of gardens and orchards• a Celtic goddess• the first day on the Celtic calendar
  26. 26. Pomona wasthe Romangoddess of gardens and orchards .
  27. 27. The word Halloween comes from...• All Hallows’ Day• the harvest festival• All Hallows’ Eve
  28. 28. The word Halloween comesfrom All Hallows’ Day .
  29. 29. Halloween Day
  30. 30. Halloween Day is a big event in the U.S.A. and Britain. Who celebrates Halloween in the United States? Almost everyone! Children, teenagers and many adults dress up in costumes with masks.Some costumes are scary, and others aren’t. Let’s see what happens!
  31. 31. Halloween at school is anexciting day. Schools are decorated with ghosts,witches, bats, spiders and pumpkins. On Halloweenmorning, smaller children go to school dressed in
  32. 32. Older children bring their costumes to school. They also bring sweets and other party food. After lunch, they put on their costumes. Some teachers put on a costume too.
  33. 33. There is a Halloween party in the afternoon. Typical Halloween food is nuts, popcorn, pumpkin pie, liquorice, sweets and candied apples. The Halloween drink is apple
  34. 34. There are many Halloween games. An exciting game is called “bobbing for apples.” There are many apples in a big basin. The big basin isfull of water. Children try to catch an apple with their mouth and teeth. They cannot use their hands!
  35. 35. After the school party, everyone helps to clean up. Teenagers in middle school and high school have a Halloween party and dance. The party is in the evening in the school gymnasium. Everyone goes to the party with a costume and mask.There is a prize for the best
  36. 36. Who celebrates Halloween in the U.S.A.?• Only children• Only adults• Almost everyone
  37. 37. Who celebrates Halloween in theU.S.A.? Almost everyone.
  38. 38. Halloween at school is...• a normal day• an exciting day• a holiday
  39. 39. Halloween at school is an exciting day .
  40. 40. At school, there is a Halloween party...• in the morning• in the afternoon• at night
  41. 41. At school, there is a Halloween party in the afternoon .
  42. 42. “Bobbing for apples” is...• a game• lucky• a costume
  43. 43. “Bobbing for apples” is a game .
  44. 44. Teenagers usually have a...• Halloween game• Halloween contest• Halloween party and dance
  45. 45. Teenagers usually have aHalloween party and dance .
  46. 46. After the school party...• everyone dances• everyone helps to clean up• everyone puts on a costume
  47. 47. After the school partyeveryone helps to clean up .
  48. 48. A Halloween Party
  49. 49. Do you want to have a Halloween party? Here is what you need:1. A room in your house that you can decorate.2. Halloween invitations to give to your friends.
  50. 50. 3. Halloween decorations you can make: ghosts, bats, skeletons, jack o’lanterns.4. A big basin full of water. A lot of red apples for the “bobbing for apples” game. A prize for the winner.
  51. 51. 5. Party food and drink.6. Some scary ghost stories to tell your friends. When you tell the stories, remember to turn off the lights. You can light a candle, or turn on a
  52. 52. 7. Turn on your favourite music and have fun!8. Don’t forget to clean up after the party.
  53. 53. Halloween Night
  54. 54. Halloween night is fun for everyone. Children play trick-or-treat on Halloweennight. They dress up in their costumes and masks. Then they go around theirneighbourhood and ring their neighbours’ doorbells. Whenthe door opens, the children say “Trick-or-treat!”
  55. 55. The neighbour usually gives a treat: sweets, biscuits, fruit or money. If the neighbour doesn’t give a treat, the children often play a trick. Typical Halloween tricks are:writing on doors with coloured pens, writing on windows with soap, and spraying shaving cream on cars and people!
  56. 56. The Irish introduced the custom of trick-or-treat hundreds of years ago.On Halloween night, almostevery home in America has a jack o’lantern. It is put in front of a window. It is of Celtic origin.
  57. 57. It is fun to be scared on Halloween. Most towns or neighbourhoods have an old, haunted house.Children like walking nearthe hounted house when it is dark. It can be scary.
  58. 58. Many young people make their costumes and masks. Others buy them. Teenagers spray their hair green, purple, orange, blue, white, gold or silver! The most popular costumes are the ghost, skeleton, witch, vampire, monster and alien.
  59. 59. How to make a Jack o’Lantern
  60. 60. 1. Buy a big, orange pumpkin.2.Cut off the top of the pumpkin.3.Now scoop out all the flesh of the pumpkin.4.With a pen, draw the
  61. 61. 5. With a knife, make the eyes, nose and mouth. Be careful!6. Put a candle or a small torch inside the pumpkin.7. Put the jack o’lantern in front of a window, or
  62. 62. Marga Renedo Gómez
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