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  1. 1. FILMS
  2. 2. Cartoon film
  3. 3. Cartoon film =Animated film
  4. 4. Action film
  5. 5. Historical film
  6. 6. Crime film
  7. 7. Fantasy film
  8. 8. Comedy film
  9. 9. Cowboy film
  10. 10. Cowboy film = Western
  11. 11. Horror film
  12. 12. Romantic film
  13. 13. Romantic film = Romance
  14. 14. Adventure film
  15. 15. Science fiction film
  16. 16. Walt Disney is famous for this type of film. cartoon film
  17. 17. In this type of film, they often ride horses and wear big hats. cowboy film
  18. 18. This type of film usually tells the story of people in love. romantic film
  19. 19. This type of film often has monsters in it, for example, Frankenstein’s monster. horror film
  20. 20. This type of film often has scientists and aliens in it. science fiction film
  21. 21. In this type of film, you always laugh a lot. comedy film
  22. 22. In this type of film, there are a lot of adventures. adventure film
  23. 23. Adventure films are very popular. The stories areexciting and the characters are often in danderous situations.
  24. 24. This photoshows a scene from anadventure film called The World Is Not Enough.
  25. 25. The star of the film is Pierce Brosnan. He plays the part of a secret agent called James Bond. In this scene, James Bond is escaping from an explosion.
  26. 26. Stuntmen and women need to be athletic and very brave. In the photo, Easwood is wearing the same clothes as Brosnan because he needs to look exactly the same.
  27. 27. But Pierce Brosnan isn’t playing the part of James Bond in this scene. In fact, at this moment in the film, we’re watching Wade Eastwood. The name isn’t familiar because Eastwood isn’t an actor – he’s a stuntman.
  28. 28. But Eastwood is also wearing a special suit underneath his clothes. This suit protects him from the fire. Film stunts are an illusion, but the danger is often real!
  29. 29. What is the name of the film? The World Is Not Enough.
  30. 30. Who is the star of the film? Pierce Brosnan.
  31. 31. What is Wade Eastwood’s job? He is a stuntman.
  32. 32. What two things do you need to be a stuntman? You need to be athletic and very brave.
  33. 33. What is the name of the secret agent? James Bond.
  34. 34. What is Eastwood wearing underneath his clothes? He is wearing a special suit.
  35. 35. Marga Renedo Gómez