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The Post-Standard, June 29 2011
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The Post-Standard, June 29 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Post-Standard
    Social Media and Emerging Technology
    Executive Summary: There is an opportunity to hire a Social Media Manager at The Post-Standard to analyze current social media presence, align branding across social media platforms, and lead a team to manage and expand The Post-Standard’s social media presence and increase advertising opportunities.
  • 2. MarenGuse@marenguse
    B.S. in Photojournalism from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, 2009
    Interned as a Photojournalist at The Post-Standard, 2008
    Media and Marketing Project Manager at Northeast Ohio Apartment Association
    M.S. in Information Management at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, expected 2012
    Social Media Consultant, Crouse Health Foundation
  • 3. Newspapers Successfully Using Social Media
    The Washington Post
    The New York Times
    The Oregonian
    The Guardian
    Boston Globe
    The Huffington Post – Online only
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer – Online only– Online only
  • 4. The Oregonian: Website
  • 5. The Oregonian: Follow Page
    The Oregonian and are listed
    Easy to find primary accounts
    Easy to navigate
    Nearly all reporters and photographers are on Twitter
  • 6. The Oregonian: Twitter!/oregonian
  • 7. The Oregonian: Facebook
    Consistent branding
    Seamless presence between Facebook, Twitter, and the Website
    Concise Info page
    • Unused Tabs
  • 8. The New York Times: Website
    Social media links are “above the fold”
  • 9. The New York Times: Article
  • 10. The New York Times: Website
  • 11. The New York Times: Twitter!/nytjim!/lexinyt!/nytimes
  • 12. The New York Times: Foursquare
  • 13. Times Union: Follow Page
  • 14. Times Union: Follow Page
    Distinguishes between individuals and the organization
  • 15. Washington Post:Home Page
  • 16. Washington Post: Twitter!/washingtonpost
  • 17. Washington Post: Twitter
  • 18. Washington Post: Twitter Lists!/washingtonpost
  • 19. Washington Post: Facebook
  • 20. Washington Post: Facebook Tabs
  • 21. Democrat and Chronicle
  • 22. The Huffington Post:
    Social Media on Every Page
  • 23. The Huffington Post:
    Social Media on Every Page
  • 24. The Boston Globe:
  • 25. The Boston Globe: Follow Page
  • 26. The Boston Globe: Deals Tab
  • 27. The Boston Globe: Deals Page
  • 28. The Plain Dealer: Live Blogging!/pdsowelltrial
  • 29. BBC: Live Blogging
  • 30. NPR & NYTimes: Live Tweeting
    NYTimes: Nick Kristof
    NPR: Andy Carvin!/nickkristof!/acarvin
  • 31. Magazines Successfully Using Social Media
    The Atlantic
    The New Yorker
    CNY Woman
    Harvard Business Review
  • 32. The Atlantic: Website
    Seamless online presence between Facebook, Twitter, and the Website
  • 33. The Atlantic:Follow Page
  • 34. The Atlantic: Twitter
    Consistent branding
    Clear and consistent naming of niche handles
    Facebook URL
    Good use of Retweets, mentions and hash tags
    Social media manager often manually tweets!/TheAtlantic
  • 35. The Atlantic: Facebook
    Entry page is the magazine Cover
    “Likes” other The Atlantic Pages
    Simple About section
    Twitter Tab
    Effectively uses Tabs
    • Too many Tabs
  • 36. The Atlantic: Facebook
    Info Tab: Seamless online presence across platforms
    Engagement: Questions encourage response and foster discussion
  • 37. CNY Woman: Digital Publication
  • 38. Other Tools
    • Collect information from cell phones, news and the web
    • 39. Aggregate that information into a single platform
    • 40. Visualize it on a map and timeline
    • Tool for Facebook tabs and contests
    • Live blogging software and plugins
    • Tool for managing multiple social media accounts and tracking metrics
    • Tool for collecting and organizing content from the social web
    • Tool for building an iPad/iPhone/Android magazine app (Used by Entrepreneur, Ad Age, Better Homes and Gardens)
  • Analysis of The Post-Standard
    Website, Twitter and Facebook
  • 41. Goals:
    Enhance the branding of The Post-Standard to reflect the lively and multifaceted multimedia company
    Establish The Post-Standard as a community leader and champion of Syracuse and Central New York
    Create partnerships with opinion leaders in the Central New York community and build, expand and maintain an active online community
    Increase advertising revenue by driving traffic
    Explore untapped advertising avenues
    Track The Post-Standard’s social online presence through a variety of metric tools
  • 42. The Post-Standard is Perfect for Social Media
    Unique, quality content
    Print magazines
    Print newspaper
    Quality journalism
    Widely known and visible brand
    Trusted news source
    Variety of advertisers
    Beginnings of social media integration on
  • 43. Opportunities for Improvement with Social Media
    Consistent branding across all platforms
    Seamless transition from website to external platforms
    Enhance user experience on the website
    Add personalization
    Active social media presence
    Targeted advertising on website and external platforms
  • 44. Central New York Sports Magazine
  • 45. Central New York Sports Magazine
  • 46. CNY Business Magazine
  • 47. CNY Business Magazine: Digital Edition
  • 48. User Experience
  • 49. User Experience
  • 50. User Experience
  • 51. User Experience
  • 52. User Experience
  • 53. User Experience
    • @PostStandard is not listed
    • 54. Majority of individuals are not on Twitter
  • 55. User Experience
    • Does not specify which Twitter accounts belong to the organization
  • 56. Twitter Presence: Branding
  • 57.
  • 58. Twitter Presence
    Consistent stream of quality content
    List of some of the other Twitter accounts
    Opportunities for Improvement
    Inconsistent branding across accounts
    Inconsistent names across accounts
    Long stretches without posting
    No retweets, mentions or hash tags
    Clear that it is automated!/PostStandard
  • 59. Facebook Presence
    The page does not reflect the current design of The Post-Standard
    There is an opportunity to add a Facebook presence to The Post-Standard’s overall strategy
    Facebook is the perfect place to communicate with frequent site visitors
  • 60. CNY Central!/cnycentral
  • 61. CNY Central!/cnycentral?sk=wall
  • 62. Facebook
  • 63. Targeted Advertising: Website
  • 64. Targeted Advertising: Website
  • 65. Value of Social Media on Your Bottom Line
    Content is key – The Post-Standard has content
    Links strategically placed on social media sites will drive traffic to quality content on the website
    An engaged online community will increase return visits and link sharing - virtual word of mouth and brand loyalty
    Social media sites provide a number of unique ways to involve advertisers
    Targeted advertising increase click through rates
    The Post-Standard has the know-how of a web designer and graphic designer and content from many journalists
    Most tools are free – only expense is time
    Social Media Manager
  • 66. Proposal: Social Media Manager
    Enhance over user experience online and align branding
    Strategic content delivery to niche markets
    Integration of social media into daily workflow
    Analyze user interaction and traffic streams
    Provide quick customer service through social media
    Explore the social web for opportunities
    Manage an active social media hub on
    Take content that is already budgeted for and turn it into additional traffic
    Example: With access to internal database, post unpublished photos to blog space on and share on social media
    Live blog from the scene – ask the community which one to cover
  • 67.