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Introduction to Foursquare

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This is an introductory presentation for the Social Networking platform known as Foursquare. …

This is an introductory presentation for the Social Networking platform known as Foursquare.

Produced, edited and designed by Marek JS Griffiths

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  • Introductory Slide
  • Video introducing Foursquare.


  • 1. An Introduction to Foursquare. Presentation By Marek J Griffiths
  • 2. What is Foursquare?
  • 3. Founders.
    • Dennis Crowley founded the App ‘Dodgeball’
    • Designed and base tested Foursquare in 2008
    • Launched in New Mexico in 2009
    • Naveen Selvadirai co-founded Foursquare
    • Before Foursquare Lead Architect at ‘Socialight ‘
    • Lead Developer of Sony’s ‘Music Box’
  • 4. Sign-Up, Login, Check-in! Signing up takes literally minutes. Ability to ‘link’ to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks Checking in takes seconds. You can only check-in via a mobile interface
  • 5. Checking In.
    • Coffee Shops, Gyms, Restaurants and Sporting Goods Stores
    • 10,000+ businesses use Foursquare For promoting goods and special offers
    • Mayors get more valuable discounts and offers than regular users.
  • 6. The Mayor Programme
    • Foursquare mayorships are awarded to customers with the most days checked into a venue over the last 60 days, and only users who have uploaded profile photos are eligible.
    • Starbucks offered $1 off any size Frappachino
    • 50% Increase in check-in’s
    • AJ Bombers has seen a 30% increase in menu item purchases since running the Foursquare promotions .
    • ALL have seen a slight profit increase.
  • 7. Badges
    • Ever heard of Achievements? Or Trophies?
    • Check-in to earn!
    • Some events give away freebies!
    • Addictive
    • Digital Collectors
  • 8. Tips and To-Do’s
    • You can add a “tip” for users at any venue i.e. “Try the food here!”
    • Why is this a good idea?
    • What could go wrong?
    • You can create to-do lists
    • You can earn badges with To-Do
    • You can like tips and dislike them
  • 9. Tips and Tricks
    • View your check-in history
    • View friends Check-ins’
    • View your personal stats’
    • Experience Foursquare 3 rd party apps.
    • Available on iPhone, Blackberry, Android OVI (Nokia), Palm and Windows Mobile.
  • 10. The Unwritten Rules.
    • Don’t check-in at home.
    • Don’t check-on at bus stops
    • Don’t check in at Train Stations
    • Don’t Link your ‘FS’ check in to Facebook etc.
  • 11. Pro’s and Con’s
    • Pros:
    • Addictive ‘Stats’ and ‘Badges.
    • Discounts and special offers
    • Easy to use, FREE to use
    • Cons:
    • Can’t check-in via website
    • People cheat the system
    • Annoying News Feeds full of Foursquare.
  • 12. Any Questions?