SMWsmac Generating Leads With Twitter
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SMWsmac Generating Leads With Twitter SMWsmac Generating Leads With Twitter Presentation Transcript

  • Finding and Nurturing Leads Using Twitter Presented by: Mardy Sitzer
  • Why Twitter?
  • The Twitterverse Look Like?
  • Twitter On Any Given DayTwitter shared the total number of accounts is over 200millionTwitter announced that it has over 100 million active usersworldwideHalf of whom log in daily and 40 percent of whom have nottweeted in the last monthProcessing 230 million tweets a day, a number that hasincreased 110 percent since the start of the year (2011) Updated 11/8/11
  • What Goes On In Twitter?18,000 search queries are performed at Twitter every second.That’s about 1.6 billion searches per day.
  • AND…. No gatekeepers andpermission to follow not needed!
  • What’s The Value?• Reduce the number of cold calls• Increase the number of warm calls• Increase the number of leads• Increase the number of referrals• Shorten the sales cycle• Improve Customer Service• Establish credibility and build trust quicker• Decrease advertising costs• Nurture Fans
  • Twitter Is A Tool• Twitter is a precision tool – a guided missile• Twitter is a crowd sourcing tool• Twitter is an open channel connection tool• Twitter is the fastest, real-time news station in the universe• Twitter is an open society with cliques/lists
  • Who & What Am I?
  • Start With A Profile And A Purpose 160 characters – make it count!
  • What to reveal about yourself in 160 characters• Think about your goals for the account• It’s important to let people know you’re a real person• Include some interests on there, so you seem like a person, not a robot• Include what you will be tweeting about• Be human, but professional
  • Have A Plan
  • Know Your Buyer Existing Customers •Male / Female YOUR COMPETITOR’S •Age Range Buyers Buyers •Education Level Influencers Influencers •Income Level Referrals Referrals •Job Title/Description Users Users •Industry •Married/Single New Target •Pets YOUR COMPETITOR’S •Hobbies Buyers Buyers Influencers Influencers •What do they read Referrals Referrals •TV & Movies Users Users •Dine Out16
  • Buying Trigger We Buy To Fulfill A NeedMaslows hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation
  • The Buyer’s Needs GIVE ME: I have to have this now – how much and how fast DO ME: I need this solution now – how much and how fast LOOKS INTERESTING: tell me more (prove it) UHM, MAYBE, I’M NOT SURE: tell me more (prove it)18
  • The Buyer’s Cycle Confirmation Verification Awareness (WOM) Need19
  • Have A Content Strategy• Use a url shortner that also tracks click through:• News sources:, crain’s, usatoday, google• Other Blogs• Web sites with tips / lists / information
  • What’s Your Key Topic?
  • Think Strategy22
  • Game Has ChangedThe Social Web Has Changed Everything! •Customer is in control •Belief: There is NO TRUTH IN ADVERTISING •Everyone has A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) •No one wants to be sold to.
  • What They’re Thinking: Are You Safe? Can I Trust You? Are You Real? Are You Meant For Me? Do You Even Care?24
  • What Do You Say• We really don’t care what you had for breakfast• We are interested in what you learned today• We love a good recommendation or resource• A relevant article is a good link (track w/• A cool video that made you laugh• Coupons, savings ideas, sales and anything that can improve my world
  • Add Media• Load pictures: twitpic / tweetphoto / pikchur• Look for• Youtube ‘tweet’ or shorten url and post• Tip: WHY – always say WHY, not ‘check this out’ Location Photo
  • Get Established
  • Grow Followers Start With Who You Know• Send out emails to those you know and ask them to follow• Send out emails to your wider circle and announce and invite them to follow• Search by name or emailSome people just follow back – others check out your profile and your stream.
  • Don’t Keep It A SecretAdd to your email signature, your web site, blog, facebook pages, newsletters, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Make Your Content SHARABLE
  • Build First / Then Hunt1. Build up some followers2. Generate some chatter (@)3. Share some good stuff (not yours)4. Start RT@ to show you share5. Start answering / agreeing / supporting others6. Then go hunting…..
  • CONNECT / CONVERSE• Find someone you want to meet: search name, title, company, location• Read their ‘stream’ – get to know them• Follow them• Wait for opportunity to respond / answer / ask
  • Join A Conversation• Follow the Hashtag # #SMWsmac
  • Start A Conversation• There is NO barrier to tweet someone• Just @name and you will show up in their stream• Can’t DM unless they follow you too• Answer a question• Suggest a resource (not yours)• Ask their opinion / advice
  • Relationship Tips• Get noticed – it’s all about THEM not you• Find ways to contribute to THEIR conversationwithout butting in• Promote them (#FF RT@)• Keep the conversation going (need to stay in streamor get on one of their lists)• Ask their advice – not a sales pitch in disguise• “Let me know if I can help.”• Move the conversation off Twitter >
  • How To Hunt
  • Listen Carefully• Pay attention to your profile•• Hootsuite and Tweetdeck – 3rd party applications that provide you keyword and mention tracking•
  • Pay Attention Settings
  • 3rd Party Management ToolsORGANIZE YOUR STREAMS: CATEGORIES / LISTS / # - events & keywords /
  • Hunting Grounds1. #topic monitor and join2. for location, keywords, etc.3. Other people’s lists4. People other people follow5. Directories: tweepzwefollow,
  • Refined Searches
  • Lingo 101• RT retweet• @ before a profile name to show up in their stream and talk to them• DM direct and private direct message, only available if they are following you too• # used before words when you are staying in a conversation on a topic or to track conversations around word or event
  • Twitter is FOREVER!!!!
  • Presented by: Mardy Sitzer Bumblebee Design & Marketing LLC 212-677-4050 Weekly Blog: Notes from the Hive Monthly Newsletter Twitter: Facebook: Google+ LinkedIn: Chat on: skype:MardySitzer45