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  1. 1. We are living in a technological age where people are encountering technological advancements every other day. There was atime when people were in a habit of carrying outactivities manually but these days, everything is carried out by making use of technological things. It is true for both residential and commercial activities. Information Technology that is abbreviated as IT has affected our livesto a great extent. When we talk about managed IT sources, it can be defined as a third partyservice provider that manages the products and services of a company that are directly related with computers, hardware and software and networks. In clear words, it is the transfer ofresponsibilities of maintaining and monitoring IT infrastructure from in-house IT department to some outside company. This enables thebusiness owner to focus on productive activities related to the core business.IT services
  2. 2. Managed IT sources have a broader scope The duties that come under thebanner of these sources include server, network and device monitoring thatkeep an eye on the physical components of the IT services computer systemsThese services are considered extremely critical, and it is extremely significantthat someone monitors these activities all the time
  3. 3. It is to make sure that the company may not come across any server ornetwork outages or breakdowns At the same time, preventive maintenancemeasurements need to be well executed so that failure or breakdowns can beavoided beforehand Other services include spam management, antivirus andMalware etc that also handled by the service providers who are hired as a thirdparty
  4. 4. Companies are much considerate about these issues as the whole system ofthe company is dependent on the IT procedures Another service is the 24hours service help desk and is known to be a point of contact for everyone incase one has issues, queries, requests and so on This desk is concerned withactivities to attend problems like troubleshooting dilemmas with computers andtheir marginal issues, discerning the status of network problem and resolveevery kind of issues for satisfying customers
  5. 5. It is a fact that the world of information technology has been evolving, and itleads to the ultimate evolution of the products and services offered by thecompany If we see the network design, then no doubt it is a blueprint of anyspecific network focusing on the customerÂ’s needs and requirements in acost-effective manner having a long life span Procurement assistance is alsoone of the services these companies offer to their clients
  6. 6. In short, it will not be wrong to say that these service providers are working inthe best benefits of the company which hires them If one is in search of suchsources, then one should closely take assistance of the internet Asking fromyour business colleagues can be an effective way too
  7. 7. Make sure that you hire a reliable source to offer these IT services as it ismainly concerned with all other activities of the company
  8. 8. IT services