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This is the powerpoint on the Europeans expeditions to the east starting with Magellan's journey, his arrival, his death and what happened after he died.

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European expeditions for slideshare

  2. 2. WHAT BROUGHT ABOUT EUROPEAN EXPEDITIONS? In search of spices (chili, pepper, ginger, cloves) To increase territory To spread Christianity The fall of CONSTANTINOPLE
  4. 4. Who is this man? Vasco de Gama Commandeered the 1st ships directly from Europe to India
  5. 5. PORTUGUESE Worked for theKing of Portugal
  6. 6. Who is this Christopher Columbusman?
  7. 7. ITALIANWorked for theKing of Spain
  10. 10. 100 LEAGUES (555 KMS) Papal Line of Demarcation
  11. 11. 100 LEAGUES (555 KMS)SPAIN PORTUGA L Papal Line of Demarcation
  12. 12. 370 LEAGUES (2,055 KMS)Treaty of Tordesillas
  14. 14.  Pope gave the 2 countries the right to explore, live and migrate into their spheres Spread Christianity and convert pagan countries Missionaries were sent with the explorers
  15. 15. Who is this Ferdinand Magellanman?
  16. 16. Who is this Ferdinand Magellanman?
  17. 17. WHO WAS MAGELLAN? • Born:1480 In Ponte De Parca, Portugal • Father: Ruy Magellan • Mother: Alda De Mosquita • 10 years old he became an orphan • Stayed in the castle of Lisbon where he became a page • At age 12, he studied in the palace of Lisbon
  18. 18. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?MAGELLAN’S EXPEDITIONS AS A PORTUGUESE1505 - 25 yrs. old- His first expedition = India- Leader was: Francisco de Almeida (with 20 ships) -Almeida was jealous of Magellan
  19. 19. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?MAGELLAN’S EXPEDITIONS AS A PORTUGUESE1511 – 31 yrs. old Malacca-Went to fight Moors-Saved the life of his cousin:FRANCISCO SERRANO-acquired a slave named: ENRIQUE
  20. 20. ENRIQUE:Came with Magellan to thePhilippines as interpreterAfter Magellan died, he was supposed to be a FREE MAN but was not given freedom by Spain. Nickname : Enrique de Malacca Enrique de Butuanon Enrique de Cebu
  21. 21. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?MAGELLAN’S EXPEDITIONS AS A PORTUGUESE1513 – 33 yrs old - went to Africa to fight Moors-Was hit on his left leg causing him to limp-was not trusted by the Portuguese King Manuel because of money matters
  22. 22. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?After these expeditions he asked from theking the following:1. Pension to increase – salary of being a knight to be increased2. Finance his expedition to the Spice Islands
  23. 23. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?The Portuguese king rejected his requestonly because of his limp.Magellan left Portugal and went to Spain
  24. 24. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?1517 – 37 yrs. Old- Magellan married- Beatriz Barbosa- Beatriz’s father helped- Magellan into the- Spanish court- Magellan RENOUNCED HIS PORTUGUESE NATIONALITY to ask for help with the Spanish king
  25. 25. WHO WAS MAGELLAN?1517 – 37 yrs. old- He convinced the king that there was route to the spice islands through the WEST1518 – (March) 38 yrs. old-was given the commission of 5 ships
  26. 26. The requests of Magellan were granted by theKing of Spain named King Charles IAugust 10, 1519 the start of preparationsSince he was a Spanish already, HE CANNOTTRAVEL IN PORTUGUESE SPHERES!!5 ships and 241 menTrinidad – flagshipSan AntonioConcepcionVictoriaSantiago
  27. 27. His men were composed of Portuguese,English, Italian, German, Swiss, French and …CHRONICLER: ANTONIO DE PIGAFETTAPRIEST: FR. PEDRO DE VALDERAMA
  28. 28. Started in SANLUCAR DE BARRAMEDA, SPAIN, Sept. 20, 1519This was the starting point of the expedition
  29. 29. CANARY ISLANDS (SPAIN) Sept. 26, 1519Made a stopover at the Canary Islands
  30. 30. SANTA LUCIA BAY Sept. 26, 1519Went to Pernambuco to get food then wentto Rio De Janeiro for it was the feast of St. Lazarus March 1520
  31. 31. Rio de Solis (Rio de Plata) January 12, 1520Went to Rio de Plata and made it their winter base
  32. 32. Puerto San Julian March 31, 1520 Stayed longer here and therewas a MUTINY but Magellanoverpowered then and ordered the leaders to be beheaded
  33. 33. Cape of Virgens October 21, 1520Stopover at Cabo Virgenes
  34. 34. Cape of Deseado November 28, 1520SANTIAGO sunk and the SANANTONIO rebelled and headed back for Spain
  35. 35. Cape of Deseado November 28, 1520SANTIAGO sunk and the SANANTONIO rebelled and headed back for Spain
  36. 36. CROSSING THE PACIFIC Soldiers were ill to the extent ofeating rats and drinking see water. It took 3 months. Called it PACIFIC because it was very calm and peaceful
  37. 37. Ladrones Islands Marianas Islands March 6, 1521 Known as the land of robbers because thenatives stole the small boat that went ashore
  38. 38. Homonhon March 17, 1521When Magellan landed it was the of Feast of St. Lazarus so he named the island OFHOMONHON = ISLA DE SAN LAZARO
  39. 39. Limasawa March 28, 1521 It was EASTER SUNDAY. The first holymass in the Philippines was held. Celebrated by FRIAR PEDRO DE VALDERAMA.Planted a cross, made friends with RAJAH COLAMBU
  40. 40. Cebu April 7, 1521The baptism (on April 14) of more than 800 Filipinos including Rajah Humabon and Queen Hara Amihan (Queen Juana)Magellan planted another Cross and gave the Sto. Nino
  41. 41. Mactan Island April 27, 1521 Datu Lapu-Lapu refused to be baptized. Battle of Mactan and death of Magellan. Spaniards offered gifts in exchange forMagellan’s body but they didn’t agree. His body was never recovered.
  42. 42. MAGELLAN’S HOMONHONARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESMarch 16, 1521They saw HOMONHON and landed on MARCH 17, 1521 Did they hold a mass here??
  43. 43. MAGELLAN’S LIMASAWAARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESMarch 28, 1521-Magellan reached LIMASAWA ISLAND (south of Leyte)-Rajah Kolambo becomes Magellan’s friend
  44. 44. MAGELLAN’S LIMASAWA ARRIVAL IN THE PHILIPPINES March 29, 1521 -First BLOOD COMPACT to seal the friendship. -DESCRIPTION…"They drew blood fromthe chests of both men, totoss it into a glass so thatthe blood unites, to mix itwith wine, then [for] bothto drink a half." -PigafettaThis was the firstrecorded blood compactbetween Filipinos andSpaniards. Gifts wereexchanged by the twoparties when thecelebration had ended.
  45. 45. MAGELLAN’S LIMASAWAARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESMarch 31, 1521 EASTER SUNDAY-First holy mass was celebrated by FR. PEDRO DE VALDERAMA.-The mass marked the birth of Roman Catholicism in thePhilippines.
  46. 46. MAGELLAN’S LIMASAWAARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESMarch 31, 1521 EASTER SUNDAY-On the same day, Magellan planted the crossoverlooking the sea
  47. 47. MAGELLAN’S CEBUARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESApril 7, 1521Magellan arrived in Cebuand became friends withRajah Humabon
  48. 48. MAGELLAN’S CEBUARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESApril 14, 1521-Baptism of more than 800 Filipinos- Magellan planted another cross
  49. 49. MAGELLAN’S CEBUARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESApril 14, 1521- Gave Sto. Nino image toQueen Hara
  50. 50. MAGELLAN’S CEBUARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESApril 14, 1521- Baptized Humabon and named him CARLOS- Baptized Hara Amihan and named her JUANA- (Queen Juana was the mother of King Carlos I, King of Spain)
  51. 51. MAGELLAN’S CEBUARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESRajah Humabon ordered that nearby chiefs wouldalso convert…in Mactan, Datu Lapu-lapurefused to be baptizedAs a show of force, Magellandecided to attack Mactan…
  52. 52. MAGELLAN’S MACTANARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESApril 27, 1521Battle of MactanMagellan’s downfall…-it was low tide so the ship could not go near the shore-ships’ canons could not reach Lapu-lapu’s men-Magellan’s men had to walk on water to the shore-Magellan’s men = 49 vs. Lapu-lapu’s men = 1,500
  53. 53. MAGELLAN’S MACTANARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESPigafetta’s account of Magellan’s death:The natives continued to pursue us, and picking up the same spear four or sixtimes, hurled it at us again and again. Recognizing the captain, so many turnedupon him that they knocked his helmet off his head twice, but he always stoodfirmly like a good knight, together with some others. Thus did we fight for morethan one hour, refusing to retire farther. An Indian hurled a bamboo spear intothe captains face, but the latter immediately killed him with his lance, which heleft in the Indians body. Then, trying to lay hand on sword, he could draw it outbut halfway, because he had been wounded in the arm with a bamboo spear.When the natives saw that, they all hurled themselves upon him. One of themwounded him on the left leg with a large cutlass, which resembles a scimitar,only being larger. That caused the captain to fall face downward, whenimmediately they rushed upon him with iron and bamboo spears and with theircutlasses, until they killed our mirror, our light, our comfort, and our true guide.When they wounded him, he turned back many times to see whether we were allin the boats. Thereupon, beholding him dead, we, wounded, retreated, as bestwe could, to the boats, which were already pulling off."
  54. 54. MAGELLAN’S MACTANARRIVAL IN THEPHILIPPINESAfter the death of Magellan…They offered gifts so that they could recoverthe body of Magellan, but Lapu-lapu and hismen refused.His body was never recovered… 
  55. 55. ELCANO TAKES OVERThey burn the ConcepcionElcano takes the Victoriaand the Trinidad to theSpice Islands
  56. 56. ELCANO TAKES OVERThe Victoria goes WESTThe Trinidad goes EAST (the same route of Magellan) The Trinidad The Victoria
  57. 57. ELCANO TAKES OVERThe Trinidad is captured by thePortuguese 
  58. 58. ELCANO TAKES OVERThe Victoria arrivesin Spain onSept. 6, 1522with 17 of hismen remaining
  59. 59. RESULTS OFMAGELLAN’S EXPEDITIONThe spices were sold, but the profits were notdivided among the men and Elcano.Money was given back to the King to pay forexpenses of losing 4 ships.Pigafetta was sent back to Italy
  60. 60. RESULTS OFMAGELLAN’S EXPEDITIONElcano tried to go back to the Spice Islands andclaim it for Spain.He joined the De Loaisa Expedition…