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Silent Sensor Cleantech February 2013
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Silent Sensor Cleantech February 2013


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Published in: Technology, Business

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    • 1. Tire Pressure solutions using passive RFID technologyMarcus TaylorSilent Sensors Ltd
    • 2. Making you cleaner, safer & saving you money!
    • 3. Adding value to TPMS and lowering TCOTPMS/RTPM solutions exist but withtechnical and commercial challengesSilentSensors’ solution is precise, low cost,uses proven RFID & requires no maintenance• Average error ≈ 1psi (cars) & 2psi (trucks)• Texas Instruments guaranteed performance• Rugged - wide temperature operating range• No batteries, whole replacement units orwheel or tire removals• Less than £1 and 10g per tire• Typically half or less than competing solutions• Products for existing (retrofit) & new markets• Existing market solution – easy retrofit cap• New market solutions (built-in stem or patch)• Patented for ≈ 75% of global market• Inaccurate range of readings• Wide margin of error• Complicated maintenance typicallyrequiring wheel or tire removal• Expensive (typically ≈ £50 a wheel)• On-going battery requirements• Typically confined to new vehicle market• Limited retrofit potential
    • 4. Where are we today?• Start-up pre-revenue• Preproduction trials ready to start in March– 10x 18 wheeler Vehicles• Ready to manufacture and commercialize– Working pre mass production prototypes• Patents granted and pending– June 2009, WO/2009/077752 Measuring tyre Pressure, US Patent No12/808,908, awarded Europe and US, applied for Canada, Japan, Australia– December 2011, GB1121916.9 Measurement Sensor, Potential world widecoverage, General patent for passive sensor technology• Founder team in place and recruiting– Dr. James B. Gambrell (Chairman), Dr Jonathan Ingram (Chief Scientist &MD), Ashley Duddle (Engineering Support), Gillan Ward (Sales andMarketing Director), Marcus Taylor (Business Development Director)• Founder Financed to date• Cheaper, better and more versatile than competitors
    • 5. Go To Market and Funding Strategy• B2B Market Segments and Channels priorities–1st Fleets, 2nd Car and Manufacturers, 3rd TireManufacturers, 4th Fuel Stations• Sustainable & scalable Revenue Model–Sale of RFID Sensor and Readers–Recurring revenue through integration with assetmanagement systems with partners• Funding Sought–£3M for commercialisation and marketing–Revenue Gross year 2- £3M; year 3-£15M; year 4 - £60M.
    • 6. Food for thought6Wards, est. 2010 1 billion vehicles globally;Assuming tires under inflated by 10%;Just in fuel and tire wear we could save the planet£20 Billion pounds per annumHow far did we drive today with ourunder inflated tires?
    • 7. Thank youMarcus TaylorSilent Sensors