Omnisense Overview
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Omnisense Overview






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Omnisense Overview Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 11Adding value through knowledge of Location and BehaviourOmnisense Limited
  • 2. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 2IntroductionSlide 2Omnisense applies its IPR and designs to integrate realtime geolocation into wireless sensor networks to trackobjects, assets, people and animals, anywhere Cambridge (UK) company formed in January 2009. We have identified a series of needs to which our location awarewireless sensor products have been optimised. Primary focus is on relative positioning applicationsthat are intolerant of installing fixed infrastructureat a site. Strong IPR in techniques combining multiplemeasurement sources into reliable positions. Series 500 product development was supported bycustomer contracts and a substantial TSB grant.
  • 3. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 3Series 500 product Self-initialising devices communicate over2.4GHz to form a mesh network. Each device knows positionrelative to others by measuringthe time of arrival of radiosignals from neighbours Fixed infrastructure not required Simple API for integrators Works indoors & out Achieved with low cost & lowpower chips & MEMs sensorsOmnisense Series 500 systemDevices perform samefunction whether fixedor mobile
  • 4. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 4Application ExamplesReal examples being worked onwith our customers: Soldiers or emergency services,indoors and where GPS denied Buses, trucks or trains aroundtunnels, terminals and depots Miners & machinery underground,Construction industry People with dementia, both athome and when they wander out Intelligent sensing telemetry (e.g.fall detection) Sports location, timing andtraining applications
  • 5. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 5Position Sensing PlatformAround the home Dairy cow movementsAirport tracking (airside)Trailer loading bays X,Y positional outputs from Series 500 use indifferent environments (clockwise from top): Airside at an airport, and inside Terminal Heavily metallised barn Among large store rooms (GPS does not work) Tracking people indoors (domiciliary)
  • 6. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 6X, Y position tracking Trail of X,Y positional outputs from GCN-523 use in personnel trainingexercise (2 seconds between updates)
  • 7. Copyright © 2013 Omnisense Limited OMS_INTRO_2013Slide 7ContactSlide 7Omnisense Limited3rdFloor St Andrews House59 St Andrews StreetCambridgeCB2 3BZ, UK+44 (0) 1223 651