Internet of Things - Feuerlabs, Omnisense and Silent Sensors


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IoT at the edge with SaaS, in-building location, mesh networks and RFID Sensors

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Internet of Things - Feuerlabs, Omnisense and Silent Sensors

  1. 1. FeuerlabsIoT at the edge with SaaS, in-building location, mesh networksand RFID SensorsOmnisense
  2. 2. Who2Feuerlabs•  Exosense - device management platformOmnisense•  Series 500 Cluster Geolocation SystemSilent Sensors•  RFID Sensors
  3. 3. What:An integrated approach to managing devices and data transport, toprovide and end-to-end IoT service.Exosense‘Server’Device & TrafficManagementCustomerApplicationServerNetworkCell, Wi-Fi,Ethernet3SilentSensor•  Device and trafficmanagement•  A reliable, flexible, andsecure data pipe toyour devices, over anynetwork•  Remote configuration,administration, andmonitoring of devicesExosense•  3D In BulldingPositioning andLocation•  Mesh Network•  250 nodes per cluster•  Hi accuracyOmnisense•  Batteryless RFIDSensor•  Sensors for pressure,temperature, humidity,strain, stress andintegrity•  Decade long servicelife•  CheapSilent Sensor
  4. 4. Exosense•  Open Source device Linux distro•  Carrier grade technologies for secure, robust &highly scalable solutions•  Handling of the entire infrastructure, from backendserver interface to the device, including networksubscriptions, which keeps the customer focusedon their value-added technology•  Hot device upgrades over the air offer uninterruptedservice even as new software is being installed•  Mixed asset management provides a single, easyto use interface to all installed devices, regardlessof their device vendor or software revision•  Traffic throttling capability ensures that totalnetwork usage does not exceed the data plan orother resource restrictions4
  5. 5. •  Self-initialising devices communicate over 2.4GHzto form a mesh network.•  Each device knows position relative to others bymeasuring the time of arrival of radio signals fromneighbours•  Mesh data network•  Fixed infrastructure not required•  Simple API for integrators•  Works indoors & out•  Achieved with low cost & lowpower chips & MEMssensorsCurrent Projects:•  Soldiers or emergency services, indoors andwhere GPS denied•  Buses, trucks or trains around tunnels, terminalsand depots•  Miners & machinery underground, Constructionindustry•  People with dementia, both at home and whenthey wander out•  Intelligent sensing telemetry (e.g. fall detection)•  Sports location, timing and training applications
  6. 6. Position Sensing PlatformX,Y positional outputs from Series 500 use in differentenvironmentsAirside at an airport, and inside TerminalHeavily metallised barnAmong large store rooms (GPS does not work)Tracking people indoors (domiciliary)6Around the home Dairy cow movementsAirport tracking (airside)Trailer loading bays
  7. 7. X, Y Positioning7Trail of X,Y positional outputs from GCN-523 use in personnel training exercise (2seconds between updates)
  8. 8. Silent Sensors•  Precise pressure and temperature – 1 PSI or 1Celsius•  No maintenance – rugged with wide temperatureoperating range•  No batteries to die or buy; no whole replacementunits or wheel removals•  Simple packaging for application from decal tovulcanised•  Business model for existing (retrofit) and newmarkets•  Low cost8built into valve stem retrofit cap In-tyre patchDrive over readerKey fob readerHand-held readerDecal
  9. 9. Collaboration Requirements9•  RAPID DEPLOYMENT + EFFICIENT DEVELOPMENTo  Develop + upgrade on the fly – buys valuable parallel development timeo  Rapid deloyment using Feuerlabs’ existing hosted servero  Scalable to Tens of Millions of units – minimizes rework as footprint growso  Back-end and front-end development efforts are cleanly decoupledo  Over-the-air firmware upgrades allow scripted language developmentefficiencies on your remote embedded platform•  LOW OPERATING COSTSo  Automatic traffic throttling – keeps data charges under controlo  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model – only pay for what is usedo  Hardware and network agnostic – not an expensive, proprietary ecosystem•  ROBUST PERFORMANCEo  Enterprise-level security through end-to-end encryptiono  Built on the highly-robust Erlang telecom platformo  Automatic device monitoring and over-the-air firmware upgrade/roll-back
  10. 10. How can a distributor of high value food products costeffectively provide traceability with temperature and pressure.And provide spin off fleet management benefits.Yard Managemet & Logistics Scenario -For Temperature and Pressure sensitive productsPrimary Technical Challenges:o  Existing services have poor innate securityo  Currently traceability and product qualitymanaged by statistical methodo  Data is collected manually and transcribedo  Granularity down to individual packageso  Integration with Yard Management, Logisticsand Fleet Management system10
  11. 11. Yard Managemet & Logistics Case Study -For Temperature and Pressure sensitive products•  Develop custom Omnisense RFID node based on Exosense referenceplatformo  Device features RFID reader, and wired/wireless network connection options•  Connect backend records database to Exosense Server•  Integrate Silent Sensor readers and Omnisense Nodes•  Use Existing Pressure sensors•  Develop custom RFID temperature sensor•  Deploy initial trial run of 20 systems within 4 months of project start•  Integrate with Yard Management, Logistics and Fleet management•  System ready to scale to 10,000 unit trialExosenseServerAppServerWired, Wi-Fi,UMTS, GPRSJSON-RPC LogisticsFleetManagementYardManagementOmnisenseRFIDReader11SilentSensor
  12. 12. Demo• Application developed in Matlab• Will show how the cluster performs selfdiscovery as soon as Gateway is poweredand awakens nodes from deep sleep• Calibrated node is extremely sensitive tochanges in orientation• Nodes position is rapidly updated12
  13. 13. Something we prepared earlier13
  14. 14. Another video14
  15. 15. Contacting meMarcus  Taylor  +44  7736180404    15