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  • 1. YouTube Best Practices
    Presented by the Advanced Video Practice
    May 2011
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Why a YouTube Brand Channel?
  • 3. Why a YouTube Brand Channel?
    The YouTube channel structure allows brands to build customized central locations to present video content, while simultaneously using the platform as a base to optimize distribution to various social media properties, blogs, and other websites.
    Brand Channels can create an optimal user experience through organization and integration features as well as creativity in content and design
  • 4. Organization
  • 5. Country-Specific User Channels
    AutoPlay video to drive higher view counts
    • Cisco’s global selector tool allows users to select country-specific Cisco YouTube channels around the world
  • 6. Multiple Layers of Navigation
    AutoPlay video to drive higher view counts
    • The HP Corporate brand channel links to business unit channels
    • 7. Business unit channels feature playlists of product divisions in their navigation section with a side link to the main list of HP channels
  • 8. Offering Multiple Languages
    AutoPlay video to drive higher view counts
    • A Language Toggle Button is offered on Siemens Channel
  • 9. Uniting Product Specific Channels
    • ABC Network’s brand channel features navigation that highlights products (shows) that have their own YouTube channels
    AutoPlay video to drive higher view counts
    • Offerings too small to have their own channel have their own playlist are on The ABCnetwork main channel
  • Connecting a portfolio of related product channels
    • Products in ABCnetwork’s daytime TV portfolio have their own navigation features
    Main network channel has one-way links to the daytime TV channels
    Daytime TV/soaps link to each other
  • 10. Bucketing Videos into Tabs
    Housing videos in different buckets/categories helps users find the content they are looking for
    It also helps brands guide users to the preferred videos they most want viewed
    Example: Windows separates videos on its YouTube channel into different tabs, using the carousel-like interface to give users a rich experience that allows them to easily find videos they seek; it also allows the brand to highlight the videos it most wants to show by defaulting to a specific tab
  • 11. Bookmarking Key Topics in Video
    •’s channel featured a long keynote speech that starts up showing an annotation overlay of the topics covered
    • 12. Users can click on the topic and jump directly to that part of the video
  • 13. Offering Search Functionality
    Giving users the ability to search for videos within a brand YouTube channel increases the likelihood they will find videos relevant to them
    Example: HBO provides a search functionality for all of its uploaded videos
  • 14. Giving Users Different Ways to Find the Videos
    Providing multiple ways of finding videos on a brand YouTube channel increases the likelihood users will find compelling content
    Example: In addition to its mosaic presentation of user-submitted entries, HP allows users to see the winning videos from its contest as well as view the finalists from each week
    Example: IBM features 16 videos that can be browsed by rolling-over them
  • 15. Highlighting Preferred Videos
    Presenting the most-preferred current video as the default video introduces users to the YouTube channel with the most compelling content
    Updating these featured videos ensures they stay current and gives repeat users different experiences
    Highlighting additional preferred videos and accompanying them with brief descriptions allows users to easily watch more
    Example: HBO highlights its most current and relevant videos at the top of its channel page with a carousel of thumbnails and brief descriptions
  • 16. Integration
  • 17. YouTube Embed Distribution
    AutoPlay video to drive higher view counts
    • For its Volkswagen’s “The Force” Super Bowl spot, the automobile company released the videos 5 days ahead of the game on its YouTube channel and embedded it on its other owned media properties, while frequently giving updates on the video’s success
    VW Passat Blog
    VW YouTube Channel
    VW Facebook
    VW Twitter
  • 18. Allowing Sharing of YouTube Content on Other Social Media
    Making it easy to share videos on a YouTube channel via other social media channels increases exponentially the amount of possible viewers
    Example: The LionsGateLIVE YouTube channel for Saw 3D presented multiple opportunities for users to share the content on its YouTube channel, including sharing it through:
  • 19. Allowing Users to Upload & View Non-Video
    Although the primary content on YouTube channels is video, providing users with the ability to view and upload other types of content (e.g. photos, text) gives channel viewers a more exciting all-around experience
    Example: The LionsGateLIVE YouTube channel for Kick-Ass the Movie allowed users to submit videos as well as photos of them as superheroes, accompanied by descriptions and superhero names
  • 20. Telling Users What’s Happening Outside
    of YouTube
    Increase engagement with non-YouTube content by showing users how they can get more of what they see on the channel
    Example: The YouTube channel for the NBA calls out (at the top of the page) when and where visitors can watch more of the NBA, live on TV
  • 21. Foster Ongoing Contact with Visitors
    • and Orabrush use their background design to highlight the subscribe button
  • 22. Subscribing to Partner Channels
    Highlighting subscriptions to partner YouTube channels:
    Allows for other channels to subscribe to your YouTube channel
    Shows that the brand embraces social media as a means for fostering community and increasing access, not restricting it
    Example: The NBA’s YouTube Channel subscribes to a few partner channels which in turn subscribe to the NBA channel
  • 23. Location-specific lead generation
    • Coldwell Banker uses its YouTube channel to house location-specific videos that drive lead generation for its real estate agents
    Zip code search for videos
    Video and detail with 2 calls to action
    Videos color coded by type
    Corporate website property detail page
    Contact request form
  • 24. Giving Product Details
    Displaying details of product offerings allows users to learn about what the brand has to offer without leaving the YouTube experience
    Example: The final tab on the YouTube channel for Project: Report (partnership between YouTube, the Pulitzer Center, Sony, & Intel) gives product details of several Sony Vaio laptop computers; when clicked, this page brings users to
  • 25. Annotations that drive to other Web Properties
    For Coca-Cola’s Unlock the Secret Formula promotion, a video was placed on its YouTube channel with annotations that could only be activated at certain points in the video
    Users who clicked the annotations would be driven to the Twitter page of “Doc Pemberton,” who was supposedly the inventor of the Coke recipe
    Users could draw “clues” of how to unlock the formula from his tweets!/docpemberton
  • 26. Design
  • 27. Keeping YouTube Channels Consistent with Brands & Campaigns
    Keeping look and feel consistent with the brand on the YouTube channel is key to providing a unified online presence
    Integrating current brand campaigns into the YouTube channel creates seamless messaging and extends campaign reach
    Example: Geico stays consistent with the current brand campaign with its top banner, its look and feel, and the default video currently featured
  • 28. Mirroring the Website
    Keeping design and language consistent from the website to the YouTube channel keeps users within a single, seamless experience and reinforces the brand
    Example: Barack Obama kept the look and feel, design, and messaging consistent from his website to his YouTube channel
  • 29. Presenting Videos Creatively
    YouTube offers the ability to present and organize videos on brand YouTube channels in ways that differ from the standard format
    It can add a layer of fun and discovery to the video browsing experience
    Example: HP’s YouTube channel defaulted to a mosaic view of entries into its You On You Project, where users uploaded, viewed, and voted on user-generated videos
    Example: Raisinets offers an interactive clickable roadmap to different playlists
  • 30. Creativity
  • 31. Mixing Humor with Business
    • NetSuite uses humor to add engagement to it’s B2B message about simplifying software
  • 32. Interaction with Videos through Choose-Your-Own Adventure Storytelling
    Allowing users to choose options within their video viewing experience can result in increases in:
    User engagement and attentiveness
    Number of videos viewed
    Length of video viewership
    Example: Online comedic trio Chad Matt & Rob houses their interactive adventure video series on their YouTube channel
  • 33. Interaction with Videos through Choose-Your-Own Adventure Storytelling
    Allowing users to choose options within their video viewing experience can result in increases in:
    User engagement and attentiveness
    Number of videos viewed
    Length of video viewership
    Example: Online comedic trio Chad Matt & Rob houses their interactive adventure video series on their YouTube channel
  • 34. Allowing Videos to Interact with the Page
    Creatively integrating videos within the page it’s housed in piques user interest and creates a memorable experience for visitors
    Example: The gameplay video for Wario Land: Shake It interacted with its YouTube page as it played, destroying the structure of the page as Wario destroyed his video-game world
  • 35. Gallery
  • 36. Siemens Customized Brand Channel
    • Siemen’s “Tag Cloud” widget uses a web of categories to drive users to videos on the channel
  • Pepto-Bismol Customized Brand Channel
    • Pepto-Bismol created an interactive YouTube experience by allowing users to dictate their viewing experience by selecting combinations of elements to include in a video
    • 37. After the viewing experience, users can watch other combinations and/or share each video through the Facebook and Twitter Share buttons
  • Walmart Customized Brand Channel
    • Walmart’s customized brand channel features a variety of on-brand content separated by tabs – ranging from commercials/video ads to employee stories to testimonials from mothers