The Value of Having an In-House E-Discovery Process - Interview: Raquel Tamez, Computer Sciences Corporation -


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Raquel Tamez, the Principal, Deputy General Counsel, Litigation at Computer Sciences Corporation and a speaker at the marcus evans Chief Litigation Officer Summit Fall 2013, discusses setting up an end-to-end process for e-discovery and litigation management.

Join the 2015 Summit along with top Chief Litigation Officers and service providers in an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping the legal industry today.
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The Value of Having an In-House E-Discovery Process - Interview: Raquel Tamez, Computer Sciences Corporation -

  1. 1. Interview with: Raquel Tamez,Principal/Deputy General Counsel,Litigation, Computer SciencesCorporationHaving an end-to-end process in placefor electronic discovery (e-discovery)and litigation management is critical,says Raquel Tamez, Principal/DeputyGeneral Counsel, Litigation, ComputerSciences Corporation.Even if outside counsel and multipleservice providers are involved, ChiefLitigation Officers (CLOs) need tohave a process, identify the variousstakeholders, and determine and definetheir respective responsibilities.According to Tamez, that is the bestapproach to take.Tamez is a speaker at the marcusevans Chief Litigation OfficerSummit Fall 2013, in Amelia Island,Florida, September 8-10.How should CLOs approache-discovery?It is different for each company. Thereare opportunities for cost savings ifcompanies can bring some of the datacollection and processing in-house, butnot every company has that capabilityor the appropriate litigation profile tojustify the time and expense of doingso.Nevertheless, CLOs should have a“process” in place whether entirelyoutsourced or entirely in-house or ahybrid. Having an end-to-end processfor e-discovery is critical.CLOs may be inclined to simply hand-offthe e-discovery function to its outsidecounsel who, in turn, utilize variousservice providers with different dataprocessing capabilities and variousdocument review platforms. There is alack of efficiency and cost effectivenesswith this hand-off approach.The better approach is for the CLO tohave a robust, documented, end-to-ende-discovery process and “playbook” thatoutside counsel is required to follow.The process, ideally, should identify theCLO’s exclusive, full-service e-discoveryservice provider or at a minimum a listof service providers that have beenvetted by the CLO’s legal staff and thecompany’s IT personnel.CLOs will, necessarily, have to investtime and some money to create andbuild out the process.These front-end costs will result insignificant cost-savings in the long-run.What is the next step? How doesthis lead to cost savings?The key to cost-savings here is to havea repeatable process and not an ad hocapproach where the wheel must bereinvented every time a piece oflitigation or an investigation is initiated.If the e-discovery process is well-executed, all relevant stakeholders, willknow what to do, when do it, how to doit, and who to go to if any doubt.The transparency in the process leads todefensibility and ultimately, savings inboth time and monies.The processshould belookedat andstreamlinedcontinuouslyThe Value of Having anIn-House E-Discovery Process
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