A Global Approach to Diversified Investing: Interview with: Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern School of Business - European Pensions and Investments Summit
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A Global Approach to Diversified Investing: Interview with: Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern School of Business - European Pensions and Investments Summit



For more information contact: emailus@marcusevans.com ...

For more information contact: emailus@marcusevans.com

An interview with Nouriel Roubini the Professor of Economics at NYU’s Stern School of Business, the Chairman at Roubini Global Economics and a speaker at the marcus evans European Pensions & Investments Summit 2013, discusses the importance of adopting a global approach to portfolio diversification.

Join the 2015 Summit along with leading regional pension investors and global asset managers in an intimate environment for a focused discussion of key new drivers shaping institutional investment strategies today.

For more information contact: emailus@marcusevans.com



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A Global Approach to Diversified Investing: Interview with: Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern School of Business - European Pensions and Investments Summit A Global Approach to Diversified Investing: Interview with: Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern School of Business - European Pensions and Investments Summit Document Transcript

  • A Global Approach to Diversified Investing heighten fear and oil prices may rise. What other advice could you give to This will have negative effects on investors in Europe? advanced and emerging economies that are essentially relying on oil imports. Due to the tail risk in Europe and the global economy, investors should be Investors can hedge against this risk by careful when they are trading off buying protection against significant investments that provide high returns spikes in oil prices or oil stock that can but are also volatile. push the global economy into a recession. In a vastly globalised world, investment opportunities are expanding beyond just How can investors receive steady one country or region. A global returns in a low interest approach to portfolio diversificationInterview with: Nouriel Roubini, environment? across different regions, asset classes,Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern traditional and non-traditional assetSchool of Business, Chairman, Investors in most advanced economies managers may provide exposure toRoubini Global Economics can obtain extra yield by going out of attractive investment opportunities in the risk curve. Another way could be by private equity. achieving a diversified portfolio of assetsIn a low interest environment, steady in emerging markets, equities andreturns on investments can be currency debt, as growth is most likelyachieved by obtaining extra yield, by to come from these economies.going out of the risk curve in advancedeconomies, says Nouriel Roubini,Professor of Economics, NYU’s Stern For some investors who are living in a low-yield world, some risk is probably Investment opportunitiesSchool of Business, Chairman, Roubini beneficial, as they are searching forGlobal Economics. “Another way could yield.be by achieving a diversified portfolio ofassets in emerging markets, such asequities and currency debt, as growth ismost likely to come from those Dynamic asset allocation has been suggested as a method for securing yields in the current economic areeconomies,” he goes on to say. environment. What factors should investors look out for in the near expandingAs a speaker at the marcus evans future?European Pensions & InvestmentsSummit 2013, in Montreux, Last year was the year of great risk beyond just oneSwitzerland, 22 - 24 April, Roubini fluctuation, driven by tail risk cominghighlights how less volatility creates from the Eurozone and the US. Thisopportunities for portfolio diversification year volatility may be lessened andand asset allocation across differentregions. more fundamental drivers of asset evaluation, with relative growth rates between advanced and emerging country orWhat strategies can help overcomegeopolitical risks? markets, could become more important. This leaves the possibility for portfolio region diversification across different assetThe main geopolitical risk at the classes and regions to be moremoment is the risk of a war between successful. With diversification comesIsrael and Iran, with reference to the higher return at lower risk, makingIranian nuclear proliferation. If the managing and hedging risk lessdrums of war start beating, this might challenging.
  • About the European Pensions & Investments Summit 2013 The Investment Network – marcus evans Summits group This unique forum will take place at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Montreux, delivers peer-to-peer information Switzerland, 22 - 24 April 2013. Offering much more than any conference, on strategic matters, professional exhibition or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed trends and breakthrough industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive innovations. networking event. The Summit includes visionary presentations and interactive forums on geopolitical risks in the global economy, finding opportunities for steady returns in recalibrating markets and rethinking pension products to deliver sustainable benefits in a new systemic context. www.epi-summit.com Please note that the Summit is a closed business event and the Contact number of participants strictly Maria Gregoriou, Journalist, marcus evans, Summits Division limited. Tel: + 357 22 849 400 Email: press@marcusevanscy.com For more information please send an email to info@marcusevanscy.com All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Kindly inform us by sending an email to press@marcusevanscy.comAbout marcus evans Summitsmarcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discussstrategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity toindividually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, seminars and one-to-one business meetings.For more information, please visit: www.marcusevans.comUpcoming EventsAPAC Investments Summit - www.apacinvestmentssummit.comElite Summit - www.elitesummit.comEmerging Markets Investments Summit - www.emisummit.comPrivate Wealth Management Summit (North America) - www.privatewealthsummit.comTo view the web version of this interview, please click here: www.epi-summit.com/NourielRoubini