Where marcus evans fits in our

business development mix

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Where marcus evans fits in our business development mix


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Where marcus evans fits in our business development mix

Andrew Flaherty, General Manager at BillView (Fastlane Software Pty Limited), shares his thoughts about the company’s business development activities.

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Where marcus evans fits in our business development mix

  1. 1. A MARCUS EVANS INTERVIEW Where marcus evans fits in our business development mix ANDREW FLAHERTY, GENERAL MANAGER AT BILLVIEW (FASTLANE SOFTWARE PTY LIMITED), SHARES HIS THOUGHTS ABOUT THE COMPANY'S BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES "As a provider of a niche service, it is usually very difficult to get through to the right people or even find out who the key decision-makers are, " says Andrew Flaherty, General Manager, Bi| |View (Fastlane Software Pty Limited). On top of that, companies do not always know they have a problem, and if they do, they do not know where to look for a solution. "The marcus evans Australian CIO Summit helped us put our service out there and it was more successful than direct advertising, " he highlights. Bi| |View was a sponsor company at a recent marcus evans Australian CIO Summit and CFO Summit. Here we talk to Flaherty about Bi| |View's business development activities and where marcus evans adds value. We need to be in front of the actual managers What does it take to set up face-to- face meetings with key decision- makers in your target market? It is quite difficult. As a niche service provider, we need to be in front of the actual managers. Co| d—calling is not easy. We get some contacts from career executives who might have those organisations as customers and they make us aware of problems we can assist with. Otherwise, a marcus evans Summit is the perfect way of finding clients. We get to be in a room full ofthe actual people we want to talk to and our meetings are already organised. It works out very well, especially if they already have an interest in our service. Time and money aside, would you be able to meet this many decision- makers of this calibre and size without attending a marcus evans Summit? That would be difficult. We have tried direct advertising through commercial magazines, CIO magazines and other channels targeted to this market, but the response was not successful for the money we spent. The marcus evans Australian CIO Summit was much more favourable cost—wise. Conversion is not guaranteed, but if you get their attention, you get some interest. We usually target large national and international companies, but do not rule out anyone. We have come away with some small customers that had a need for our service and were prepared to pay for it. In terms of return on investment, how do live events compare with other activities in your business development mix? We do not really attend conferences or tradeshows, but the last Australian CIO Summit was very successful for us. It was our target market and we converted 20 percent of the meetings to customers. How do you strive to get the most out of events? By going with an open mind. At a marcus evans Summit, we know we have half an hour to talk to each person and we do our best to get to the core of what we offer, presenting it as confidently as we can. The event itself is quite casual. Everyone is open and willing to spend time with you. However, it is critical to get their details for a follow—up meeting and presentation, in order to demonstrate the value of our service — we like to do demonstrations using their actual billing information. That seems to be quite effective. is having a good product or service enough for people to find you? No. I know we are hard to find. Companies do not always know they have a problem, or that there are better ways of doing something until shown. Telecommunication billing is usually only a minor portion of a CIO or IT manager's responsibility. We are in a very niche area, so events help us get our name and service out there for everyone to see. What do you look for in events? The one—to—one meetings with potential customers. That is all that matters to us. When does it make business sense to outsource the sales function? If you are winning business from it, then itjustifies itself. About Bi| |View (Fastlane Software Pty Limited) I I I I I I I I I I Bi| |View is an independent, I I specialist, telecommunications I I billing services company with offices I I in Perth and Brisbane offering I . services nationally. Bi| |View I I telecommunication reporting . I provides multi-carrier integrated I I billing information in a single source I I web based facility. This delivers an I I intuitive, flexible and accessible tool I I for inventory management, asset I . management, analysis, reporting, I I report distribution and cost control I I of telecommunication services. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Bi| |View's commitment is to provide quality, highly comprehensive and accurate telecommunication bill reporting and analytic services specific to our clients’ financial and reporting needs. www. bil| view. com. au C O N T A C T : Sarin Kouyoumdjian—Gurun| ian Press Manager, Summits Division marcus evans Tel: + 357 22 849 313 Email: contactus@marcusevansuk. com All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced. Kindly inform us by sending an email to contactus@marcusevansuk. com www. marcusevans. com