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5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference
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5th Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Conference


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2014 Conference- Agenda & Speaker Bios …

2014 Conference- Agenda & Speaker Bios
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  • 1. 5th Annual Anti-Corruption and Compliance for the Oil, Gas and Extractive Industries Managing 3rd Party Due Diligence, Risk Management and Investigations when Operating in High Risk Jurisdictions EARN SRA CPD CREDITS London, UK A Man May Well by His Conduct and Evil Ways Begin to Corrupt A People, but it is Impossible to Live Long Enough to Enjoy the Fruits of it 10th – 12th February 2014 Niccoló Machiavelli, The Discourses Half-Day Interactive Post-Conference Workshops on 12th February 2014 Workshop A: Conflicts of Interest: Why and How They Should be Declared Led By: Simon Webley Research Director Institute of Business Ethics In the Chair Workshop B: Build Resilience of the Corporation to Corruption Risks Led By: Graham Clarke Security Consultant Graham Clarke Security Consultancy Former Director of Group Security – Centrica Expert Speaker Panel Billy Jacobson Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Weatherford, USA Natalie Onsu Wegner Former General Counsel First Hydrocarbon Nigeria (FHN), Nigeria Panel Discussions • Building and Maintaining a Due Diligence Programme Applicable to High Risk Environments • The Dos and Don’ts of Conducting a Multijurisdictional Due Diligence Investigation • When Investigating a Business the SFO Focuses on Looking for Evidence to Demonstrate that the Company has Changed Behaviour or Taken Steps to Promote a Corporate Culture Which Aims to Eradicate Corruption. What do we think that means? • Lessons Learned: What Are the Key Issues Facing Due Diligence in Oil and Gas at this Time? Attending This Premier marcus evans Conference Will Enable You to • Capitalise on the reputational benefits of a corporate ethical conduct • Achieve compliance when operating in difficult and high risk environments • Conducting rigorous due-diligence on partners to ensure adequate procedures are in place • Build a robust global compliance programme that is driven from top management • Identify probabilities of illegal behaviour through advanced risk management techniques • Familiarise with the upcoming regulatory changes and plan your response Learn From Practical Case Studies • GE identifies the key risk indicators to assess the possibility of corrupt practicing • ENI diminishes collaboration risks in joint ventures • Weatherford ensures a good flow of information from high-risk regions back to corporate HQ • OMV explains how to achieve certification of your Compliance Management System • GDF Suez delivers niche high risk due diligence Business Development Sponsors Billy Jacobson Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Weatherford, USA Robert Eichler Chief Compliance Officer OMV, Austria Lesley Coben Senior Legal Counsel, Compliance Maersk Drilling, Denmark Carine Smith Ihenacho Chief Compliance Officer Statoil Judith Akinosho Group Compliance Counsel – Eastern Hemisphere Wood Group Thomas Yongo Senior Ethics and Compliance Counsel – Europe, Africa, Russia and Caspian Baker Hughes, South Africa Alexis Wood Group Manager – Ethical Conduct and Compliance BG Group, UK Mark Winters Group Head of Anti-Bribery and Corruption Centrica, UK Mark Dunn Market Planning Manager, Risk & Compliance LexisNexis Business Information Solutions Eric Seassaud Director – Compliance Legal Department GDF Suez, France Richard Baron European Head of Compliance Noble Group, UK Roderick Macauley Head of Corporate Crime and Bribery – Criminal Law and Legal Policy Ministry of Justice, UK Peter Wilson General Counsel Bowleven Oil & Gas Michele De Rosa Senior Vice President, Legal Assistance on Anti Bribery, Sustainability and Internal Control System ENI, Italy Gavin Proudley Assistant Director, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Ernst & Young David Lister Partner, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services Ernst & Young Kevin G. Matthews Associate General Counsel GE Oil & Gas, USA Media Partners conferences Markus Heyer Corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer Panalpina, Switzerland Jan Hagen Director Client Solutions EMEA Thomson Reuters Timur Khasanov-Batirov Chief Compliance Officer DTEK, Ukraine John P. Rupp Senior Counsel Covington & Burling Alex Volcic Associate Managing Director | Head, Russia & CIS Kroll Peter van Veen Managing Director, Training and Advisory Services Transparency International, UK
  • 2. Day One 10th February 2014 08.30 Registration and Coffee 09.00 Opening Address from the Chair ADVANCED TOOLS TO MONITOR THE SUPPLY CHAIN’S COMPLIANCE 14.00 Billy Jacobson Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Weatherford ADVANCED DUE DILIGENCE TO MANAGE 3rd PARTIES 09.10 Robert Eichler Chief Compliance Officer OMV 09.50 M itigating Bribery Related Risks Associated With Minority-Owned/ Non-Controlled Joint Ventures • When a minority, non-controlling joint venture participant can be directly liable for bribery by or on behalf of the joint venture • The legal risks confronting individuals who are seconded to joint ventures by minority, non-controlling joint venture participants • The added risks posed by money laundering statutes • The steps that should be taken to mitigate bribery related risks in minority-owned, noncontrolled joint ventures Panel Discussion 14.40 investigating a business the SFO focuses on looking for evidence to When demonstrate that the company has changed behaviour or taken steps to promote a corporate culture which aims to eradicate corruption. What do we think that means? • Is it possible to comply with the Bribery Act and still run an international business? • Should companies with manufacturing facilities in countries with high risk of bribery discontinue their operations in said countries? • Is the UKBA effective legislation or a utopian mechanism to impose Western morals on other cultures? Panel Moderator: Jan Hagen Director Client Solutions EMEA Thomson Reuters John P. Rupp Senior Counsel Covington Burling Panelists: Billy Jacobson Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Weatherford Business Card Exchange 10.30 opportunity in the conference to meet all other conference attendees by systematically An early moving around the room. Make use of the opportunity to learn about the companies, projects, and backgrounds of other attendees and swap business cards in an informal environment. 10.40 Coffee and Networking Break 11.00 Natalie Onsu Wegner Former General Counsel First Hydrocarbon Nigeria (FHN) Red Flags – Interpreting and Acting on the Signals • Is it red? – Red flags come in different colours • Now what? – The red flag is the start of a decision process • What else is there? – Red flags can be indicators of wider issues Gavin Proudley Assistant Director, Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services. Ernst Young 15.20 David Lister Partner, Fraud Investigation  Dispute Services Ernst Young 11.45 Building and Maintaining a Due Diligence Programme Applicable to High Risk Environments • Ensuring the supply chain understands the benefits of compliance • Taking preventive steps to protect intermediaries from non compliant practices • Anticipating risks in difficult regions and diverse cultures: Be prepared • Conducting rigorous due diligence to avoid expensive and reputationharming investigations • Considering wider financial crimes and what are their implications for the industry Coffee and Networking Break 16.20 Case Study 17.00 Carine Smith Ihenacho Chief Compliance Officer Statoil Peter Wilson General Counsel Bowleven Oil Gas Thomas Yongo Senior Ethics and Compliance Counsel – Europe, Africa, Russia and Caspian Baker Hughes Lesley Coben Senior Legal Counsel, Compliance Maersk Drilling 17.40 Panel Discussion The Dos and Don’ts of Conducting a Multijurisdictional Due Diligence Investigation • Understanding priorities when conducting due diligence • Limitations faced by companies when the trail leads them outside of a single country • Overcoming challenges and partnering with outside counsel and/or investigative firms Judith Akinosho Compliance Counsel for Eastern Hemisphere Wood Group 13.00 Lunch Practical Understanding of the Introduction of DPAs in the UK Law • Supporting a self reporting attitude as a means to avoid prosecution • Evaluating the reputational and fiscal benefits of entering a DPA • What are the long term implications of a DPA? Case Study Managing the Implications of Section 7 of the Bribery Act on a Limited Budget • SME’s point of view: Adequacy, proportionality and efficiency while facing budget restraint • Understanding the scope of Bribery Act liability and the nature of the risks • Risk mitigation in partnership with larger organisations • Understanding the introduction of DPA’s in the UK legal system Roderick Macauley Head of Corporate Crime and Bribery – Criminal Law and Legal Policy Ministry of Justice, UK 18.20 d 18.30 Panellists: Thomas Yongo Senior Ethics Compliance Counsel – Europe, Africa, Russia Caspian Baker Hughes Case Study Thomas Yongo Senior Ethics and Compliance Counsel – Europe, Africa, Russia and Caspian Baker Hughes Judith Akinosho Compliance Counsel for Eastern Hemisphere Wood Group Mark Winters Group Head of Anti-bribery Corruption Centrica Compliance Policies Risk-Based Due Diligence Approach • UKBA FCPA requirement • How to conduct a risk-based approach • Common step for each and every third party policy • Common approach with other compliance policies Eric Seassaud Director – Compliance Legal Department GDF Suez Panellists: Alex Volcic Associate Managing Director | Head, Russia CIS Kroll Case Study ADVANCEMENTS AND CLARIFICATION OF THE ANTI-CORRUPTION LEGAL FRAMEWORK Mark Dunn Market Planning Manager, Risk and Compliance LexisNexis Business Information Solutions Panel Moderator: Roderick Macauley Head of Corporate Crime and Bribery – Criminal Law Legal Policy Ministry of Justice, UK Kevin G. Matthews Associate General Counsel GE Oil Gas Panel Moderator: 12.30 Carine Smith Ihenacho Chief Compliance Officer Statoil Developing a Risk-Based Due Diligence Process to Prevent Compliance Violations • Identifying the key risk indicators to assess the possibility of corrupt practicing • What level and extend should due diligence reach? • Advanced tools to assist your due diligence programme: Audits and investigations • Developing supportive measures to ensure implementation is followed 16.00 Panel Discussion p Compliance Due Diligence in Mergers Acquisitions • The main compliance risks inherent in MA transactions • The potential consequences of not timeously identifying a problem • Conducting risk-based due diligence • Recommended post-closing integration steps Judith Akinosho Compliance Counsel for Eastern Hemisphere Wood Group Case Study A Case Study From OMV – Certification of a Compliance Management System • Certification of compliance management system: Pros and cons • Internal preparation for certification • Certification process Case Study Closing Comments from Chair and End of Day One DRINKS RECEPTION Pre-drinks reception address Improving 3rd party compliance with highly efficient and state of the art IT solutions Roman Zagrosek General Counsel Compliance Solutions GmbH 18.45 Drinks reception sponsored by Compliance Solutions
  • 3. Day Two 11th February 2014 08.30 Registration and Coffee 09.00 Opening Address from the Chair 14.00 Billy Jacobson Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Weatherford FINDING PEACE IN YOUR COLLABORATIONS 09.10 14.40 Michele De Rosa Senior Vice President, Legal Assistance on Anti Bribery, Sustainability and Internal Control System ENI 09.50 Case Study Best-in-Class Compliance Monitoring Programmes in High Risk Regions • The need for frequent review and monitoring of your programme’s efficiency and adequacy • Ensuring a good flow of information from your high-risk regions back to corporate HQ • Conducting anti-corruption compliance audits, key considerations and subject areas • Remediating problems discovered within the organisation Coffee and Networking Break 15.50 Case Study Best-in-Class Investigation Tools to Maximise Risk Mitigation • The key to not turning a concern to a threat: Readiness to react • Interviewing and document reviewing techniques as essential process for an accurate investigation process • The reputational risks: How to keep your investigation discrete • Remedial programmes to get your company back on track Richard Baron European Head of Compliance Noble Group 16.30 Lesley Coben Senior Legal Counsel, Compliance Maersk Drilling 11.10 Implementing a Compliance Program When Extortion Is the Norm • The nature of sectorial risk • The adequacy of good practices and procedures • Effective (corporate) responses to extortion 15.20 Case Study Engaging Employees in Compliance Training in High Risk Regions • Learning to say no: Facing ethical dilemmas • Tailoring to the audience: Operating in diverse cultures and levels of seniority • Driving behaviours through compliant business activities on the top level • Limitations in ethics: How much training is enough? Case Study Natalie Onsu Wegner Former General Counsel First Hydrocarbon Nigeria (FHN) Billy Jacobson Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Weatherford 10.30 The Latest Transparency International Indices and Research on Corruption in High Risk Countries • What are the trends? • Transparency in the extractive industries, what is the TI’s view? • How is the extractive industry performing in relation to other industries? • Results from the latest Transparency in Corporate Reporting Peter van Veen Managing Director, Training and Advisory Services Transparency International Case Study Diminishing Collaboration Risks in Joint Ventures • Sharing the costs: Sharing the risks? • Examining the profile of your potential partner: Reputation and the background check • Preparing and protecting yourself in the case of a breach of the anti-corruption obligation • How much due diligence and monitoring is enough? Case Study Case Study Challenges of Running a Global Compliance Programme • Compliance risks in the supply chain • What about cultural differences • Local considerations versus global standards? • How to effectively monitor the compliance program Markus Heyer Corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer Panalpina Coffee and Networking Break Panel Discussion 11.40 Lessons Learned: What Are the Key Issues Facing Due Diligence in Oil and Gas at this Time? • What are the major challenges seen? • What lessons can be reflected on from what has been discussed thus far? • How can cooperation between companies find efficiencies? 17.10 Compliance Risks in the CIS: Today and Tomorrow • Focus on today’s major compliance risks • Changes in the compliance risk management and attitudes to business ethics • New compliance risks of the CIS region which you need to manage Timur Khasanov-Batirov Chief Compliance Officer DTEK Panel Moderator: Alex Volcic Associate Managing Director | Head, Russia CIS Kroll Case Study 17.50 Closing Comments from Chair and End of the Conference Panellists: Mark Winters Group Head of Anti-Bribery  Corruption Centrica, UK Lesley Coben Senior Legal Counsel, Compliance Maersk Drilling Michele De Rosa Senior Vice President, Legal Assistance on Anti Bribery, Sustainability Internal Control System ENI 12.25 Case Study Identifying and Managing Contracts with High Ethical Conduct Risk • Risk factors • Approach to due diligence • Contract management plans Alexis Wood Group Manager – Ethical Conduct Compliance BG Group 13.10 Lunch Earn SRA CPD Credits marcus evans is an authorised provider under the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority CPD Scheme (Ref: DDJ/MAEV). Attending this conference qualifies you for up to 10 SRA CPD Credits. Certificates of attendance will be available to all delegates, so that they may claim credits in respect of other continuing professional development requirements. Who Should Attend General Counsels, Legal Counsels and VPs, Heads, Directors of: • Compliance • Anti-Bribery/Corruption • Ethics • Due Diligence • Internal Audit • Risk • Audit • Forensics From: Oil Gas Operating and Contracting Companies Mining Extractive Industries Business Development Opportunities Does your company have services, solutions or technologies that the conference delegates would benefit from knowing about? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networking and branding opportunities available by contacting: Sameer Mukoo, Business Development Manager EMEA, marcus evans Tel: +420 255 707 225, E-Mail:
  • 4. W Interactive Post-Conference Workshops 12th February 2014 Workshop A: CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: WHY AND HOW THEY SHOULD BE DECLARED 08.30 Registration and Coffee 09.00 Workshop Leader’s Introduction and Opening Remarks Led By: Workshop B: BUILD RESILIENCE OF THE CORPORATION TO SECURITY AND CORRUPTION RISKS 13.40 Registration and Coffee 14.00 Workshop Leader’s Introduction and Opening Remarks Led By: Simon Webley Research Director Institute of Business Ethics 09.15 What’s it All About and Why it Matters • What constitutes a Conflict of Interest? • Why this matters in an organisation • Helping employees recognise when a conflict is involved • Where conflicts can arise (customer/supplier/competitor/internal) 10.30 Effective Training and Risk Management • What makes for effective staff training about recognising and dealing conflicts? • Managing a declared conflict (logging, reporting and monitoring) 14.15 Corporate Security for the 21st Century – The Business of Resilience • Turning managing security risk into a core business strategy • Managing bribery and corruption in isolation is not a good idea • Adopting an ethical stance: Operating with integrity will make legislation secondary • Are controls taking over the business? How can they be less demanding on the resources and time available 15.30 Coffee and Networking Break Coffee and Networking Break 11.00 Graham Clarke Security Consultant Graham Clarke Security Consultancy Former Director of Group Security – Centrica 12.30 Closing Remarks from the Workshop Leader 12.40 Lunch About the Workshop Leader Simon Webley has been Research Director at the Institute of Business Ethics in London since 1998. The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation based in London which helps organisations in many countries develop and implement business ethics policies and programmes. He has published numerous studies on all aspects of business ethics, the most recent being: Employee Views of Ethics at Work: British Survey (2012). Religious Practices in the Workplace (2011) and Corporate Ethics Policies and Programmes (2011). He has lectured and facilitated training on business ethics issues for organisations in many countries. Simon is a member of the ICC’s Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption and the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) Anti Bribery Standard’s Panel. He has a Masters degree in economics and political science from Trinity College, Dublin. He joined Reed International (now Reed Elsevier) as a research economist in 1959. From 1969 until 1998, he was British Director of the British-North American Committee. He was a visiting Fellow of the City (now Cass) Business School from 1993-2003. 16.00 Preventive Steps to Avoid Scrutiny • Implementing a universal due diligence programme based on time and resources available • Tailoring your partner’s compliance monitoring to your needs by making compliance reporting a prerequisite for collaboration • Documenting, reporting and storing the data from your due diligence: Utilising the latest technology • Constantly reviewing and updating your processes to improve their efficacy: Tips to keep in mind 16.30 Closing Remarks from the Workshop Leader About the Workshop Leader Graham Clarke A former senior detective and Head of Special Branch in the UK Police Service, Graham joined the energy sector in May 2000 as a security manager for TXU Energy before becoming the Head of Business Resilience for E.ON UK, and latterly, in 2008, the Group Security Director for Centrica. In March 2012, Graham established his own consultancy and now utilises his skills developing risk management strategies designed to build company resilience to risk. Graham believes that managing security-associated risk effectively is a key requirement of an organisation’s success and professional standing. In an age of corporate responsibility, regulation, controls, and company reputation, he also recognises the importance in building resilience to risk, so that it becomes integral to the way companies and major corporations conduct business. In establishing a feeling of wellbeing, it also enables organisations to operate with confidence, whilst contributing significantly to the bottom line by minimising asset loss and disruption to business operations. Working constantly to remove the misconception that managing security risk simply concerns cameras overseeing the car park and security officers managing the entrances to the site, Graham’s view involves taking a much more holistic and risk-based approach. In ensuring any response is proportionate and appropriate to business needs, he firmly believes that resilience strategies should include competency in the management of physical assets and people, fraud risk, due diligence processes for employment, acquisitions, partnerships and supply chains, managing crises, the security of businesses and people operating in high–risk places and the increasing risk of bribery and corruption. In relation to the latter, Graham’s experience was gained from playing a leading role in establishing ‘adequate procedures’ required by the latest legislation for his former employer Centrica. Graham’s philosophy has been recognised as innovative and best practice by many major corporations in the energy sector and is reflected in the contribution he made to a book produced by the government think tank DEMOS, entitled Corporate Security for the 21st Century – The Business of Resilience. Graham has spoken nationally and internationally on the subject of business resilience and business ethics and has worked with industry forums on helping to develop solutions to risk on behalf of the energy sector and the UK Government.
  • 5. Speaker Profiles Robert Eichler Robert Eichler is Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of OMV. He is responsible for Business Ethics, Competition Law, Sanctions Embargos and Financial Markets regulation on a group-wide level. In this function he reports directly to the executive board and functionally to the supervisory board of OMV AG. Prior to joining OMV in 2008 he worked as a foreign lawyer for Covington Burling in New York and he was a partner at Wolf Theiss Rechtsanwälte, a leading law firm in the CEE/SEE area. He recently managed the certification of OMV’s compliance management system, the first certification of a compliance management system in Austria based on the IDW 980 standard. Thomas Yongo Thomas Yongo is the Senior Regional Compliance Counsel with Baker Hughes with responsibility for Europe, Africa, Russia Caspian. Prior to this, he was with Nokia Siemens Networks as Regional Compliance Counsel for APAC, based in Singapore – before moving to Dubai to cover Middle East Africa. Thomas previously served as Deputy International Compliance Director with Aibel Group Ltd (formerly part of Vetco Gray) in London and Singapore during the period the company was under a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the DOJ SEC. He worked closely with the Independent Monitor in tracking and making periodic reports to the DOJ on strengthening the compliance programme and implementation of the DPA. Thomas is qualified as a Barrister in England Wales and an Attorney of the US District of Columbia. During his 20 years of legal experience, Thomas has practiced as a Barrister in London at Francis Taylor Building and at New Square Chambers. Thomas has also practised in Washington DC – with the law firms: Arnold  Porter and also with Milbank Tweed, as well as having served as a Legal Counsel with the United Nations, and a Senior Legal Consultant with the World Bank. Billy Jacobson Billy is the Senior VP, Co-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for Weatherford International, joining the company in March 2009. For approximately 5 ½ years, he was a federal prosecutor at the Fraud Section of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. His last stint at the Fraud Section was as the Assistant Chief for FCPA Enforcement. In that role, Billy supervised roughly half of the Department’s FCPA investigations and prosecutions and had responsibility for all aspects the FCPA program including liaising with the SEC, participating in meetings of the OECD’s Working Group on Bribery, coordinating with prosecutors in other countries on investigations and drafting FCPA Opinion Procedure Releases. Billy graduated from Tufts University and Georgetown University Law Center. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in New York City and has also been a partner in private practice Timur Khasanov-Batirov Timur Khasanov-Batirov is chief compliance officer of DTEK, an energy player which employs 140,000 people across Ukraine and Russia. CCO efforts are focused on Eastern European markets where the corporate business is focused along compliance with the certain U.K. regulatory requirements. He has cross-border professional background in compliance, legal, and corporate governance areas. Practical experience includes work in the United States and emerging markets of the former USSR (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan). Timur is holds the ICA International Diploma in Compliance along with the UK Financial Crime prevention certification. In 2011 Dow Jones named him The Best Compliance Manager of the Industrial Company in Russia and CIS. Lesley Coben Lesley A. Coben is Senior Legal Counsel for Compliance at Maersk Drilling and Maersk Supply Service, both business units of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since joining Maersk in 2011, Lesley has been responsible for the development, implementation and management of the anti-corruption compliance program for these businesses and their worldwide operations. From 2006 to 2011, Lesley was an associate in the litigation department of Bingham McCutchen LLP in Los Angeles, California, focusing on environmental litigation, including representation of the non-operating investors in the Macondo prospect in matters related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Incident. Michele De Rosa Michele De Rosa is the Senior Vice President for Legal Assistance on Anti-bribery, Sustainability  Internal Control System at ENI spa. Michele has worked in the Legal Dept. of ENI for more than ten years. After being in charge of the legal assistance to the international activities of the Refining Marketing Division and to the trading and shipping activities, in 2010 he has joined the Legal Compliance function, setting up and managing ENI’s anti-corruption compliance program. -Judith Akinosho Judith Akinosho is Compliance Counsel, Eastern Hemisphere at Wood Group and oversees the ethics programme and compliance activities across the Group’s businesses in this geographical area. Her remit includes overseeing anti-corruption risk assessments and due diligence on global MA transactions with emphasis on acquired third parties. Judith joined Wood Group in 2013 from GE Oil Gas, where she was Sourcing Compliance Risk Leader providing compliance leadership to the Subsea Systems business. Prior to that, she worked within GE’s Due Diligence Center of Excellence during which time she had responsibility for the compliance onboarding and integration of a $1.3bn acquisition business into the existing integrity framework. Judith started her career in private practice with Lagos based law firm, Streamsowers Kohn focusing on advising oil major clients on compliance to local extractive industry legislations. She holds a Master of Laws in Information Technology Law from the Aberdeen Business School, RGU. Natalie Onsu Wegner Natalie Onsu Wegner is the former Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs at FHN, an EP company established in 2009 in direct response to the Nigerian government’s policy to increase indigenous participation in its upstream oil and gas sector. Prior to FHN, she worked in private practice at an international firm in the United States, representing mostly multinational and parastatal clients in the energy, infrastructure and financial sectors. Markus Heyer Markus Heyer joined the Panalpina Group in 1984 and held several key positions including Director of Corporate Information Technology and SVP of Corporate Business Process Quality at the Groups Head Office in Basel / Switzerland. Mr. Heyer was appointed as Corporate Compliance Officer at the beginning of 2008, a position he still holds today. In this function he reports directly to the Group Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. Mr. Heyer’s tasks include the continuous review of Panalpina’s global operations in regards to compliance, the leading of the global Compliance team and the managing of the global compliance program. Mr. Heyer is a regular speaker at conferences and a member of several faculty working groups. Alexis Wood Alexis Wood has worked for over ten years with BG Group across a number of different functions and Assets; most recently within BG’s Ethical Conduct Compliance team and prior to that she worked for KPMG in UK, Eastern Europe and Switzerland as a Chartered Accountant. Her expertise lies in compliance / governance, training, due diligence and audits/investigations. Carine Smith Ihenacho Carine is the global Chief Compliance Officer for Statoil. She heads a team of lawyers and business advisors covering business ethics and compliance for Statoil, facilitating conformance with compliance standards across the business operations and a range of policy areas, such as anti-corruption, economic sanctions, competition compliance, human rights and anti-money laundering Prior to joining Statoil in 2010, Carine was the General Counsel of Aibel, an international oil and gas service provider, during the time the company had entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with DoJ and retained an independent monitor to review and assess the company’s compliance programme. Carine has more than 20 years’ experience as a lawyer, both in the financial and oil gas industry and in law-firms. Peter Wilson As the Bowleven’s external legal advisor Peter was involved in the incorporation of Bowleven plc and the admission of the Company to AIM in December 2004. He then accepted an invitation to join Bowleven as a main board director, General Counsel and Company Secretary in April 2005. Since then he has been involved in advising on every aspect of the Group’s legal affairs including the implementation of Bowleven’s anti-bribery and business ethics policy and oversight of the Group’s policies and procedures for conducting background due diligence checks on contract counterparties. Bowleven is based in Edinburgh but operates in Cameroon and Kenya. Peter is also Bowleven’s designated Compliance Officer and the director on the main Board with responsibility for anti-bribery and business ethics compliance.
  • 6. Speaker Profiles Peter van Veen Peter is the Director of TI-UK’s Business Integrity Programme. He joined Transparency International from SABMiller where he was responsible for monitoring group strategic risk. At TI-UK, Peter heads all private sector and training activities as well as running the Business Integrity Forum, a forum of leading companies interested in improving their ant-corruption efforts. Peter regularly speaks at conferences and lectures at a number of postgraduate courses in the UK. He represents TI-UK on the Advisory Board of AIM PROGRESS, the European Brands Association’sSupply Chain Integrity Initiative and on the Transparency Challenge Panel for Network Rail. Peter started his career writing economic and political risk reports at the EIU, followed by a stint at Shell’s Group Planning where he worked for the Chief Economist and Chief Political Scientist before taking on a variety of roles in management consulting, specialising mostly in managing external risk, strategy, scenario planning and company restructuring. Peter has a BA in Economics from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, a MA in Latin American Studies from the Institute of Latin American Studies (University of London) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, from Birkbeck College (University of London). David Lister David leads the UK oil and gas sector team within the FIDS practice, as well as the FIDS practice in Scotland. He has 13 years’ experience in compliance, investigations anti-fraud, anti-bribery, contractual disputes, and valuations. David has led investigations related to bribery and corruption, accounting manipulation and regulatory in the former Soviet Republics, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. He is currently advising a number of clients on their anti-corruption strategy and anti-bribery and corruption due diligence program. Gavin Proudley Gavin Proudley leads EY’s business intelligence services in the UK and is an Assistant Director in the Fraud Investigation Dispute Services team in London. Gavin has 10 years’ experience in the private sector delivering integrity diligence services, as well as working on large international assignments with multi-disciplinary teams of forensic professionals. Recent clients include oil and gas, government, pharmaceuticals, and financial services organisations and Gavin has worked across a very wide range of jurisdictions. As well as delivering integrity diligence services, Gavin is experienced in developing sustainable 3rd party due diligence programs for clients, with a particular focus on bribery and corruption. Prior to working with EY, Gavin worked with a number of boutique corporate intelligence firms and prior to that, had a 10 year career in the Civil Service, working in the Ministry of Defence, Foreign Office and with the Joint Intelligence Committee. Mark Dunn Mark Dunn is the Market Planning Manager for Risk Compliance at LexisNexis. He is responsible for product management and development of the LexisNexis Business Information Solutions due diligence applications. He is the European spokesman on anti-money laundering, anti-bribery  corruption and sanctions compliance and is also responsible for helping to shape the LexisNexis Risk and Compliance strategy and business development. Mark joined LexisNexis in 2000 following the acquisition of Financial Times Information. He developed the Lexis®Diligence application used by banks, law firms and accountants to conduct enhanced customer due diligence for anti-money laundering compliance and by global institutions for anti-bribery  corruption investigations. Mark is a regular speaker at industry events and has written extensively for industry journals. John P. Rupp John P. Rupp is senior counsel in the London office of Covington Burling LLP and specializes in handling corporate compliance issues – in particular, bribery and other corruption related issues. His work has included designing bribery related compliance programs for individual companies and conducting internal compliance investigations under multiple statutes, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act 2010 and companion measures in other countries. In addition to having worked at the US Department of Justice, Mr. Rupp has published many articles on corporate compliance issues. He also has taught courses on corporate compliance issues at American University, Georgetown University, University of Iowa and the Ecole de Formation Professionnelle des Barreaux de la Court D’Appel de Paris. Jan Hagen As Director Client Solutions within Thomson Reuters Risk Division, Jan advises Thomson Reuters clients on technology enablement, best practice and appropriate controls in relation to financial crime risk management internationally. This includes assisting clients in assessing Bribery risks in cross border businesses, advising on and reviewing appropriate controls and designing cultural change programmes to help workforces internationally understand and accept Bribery Act obligations. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters Jan was CEO of MHA Compliance Training Ltd, a niche financial crime risk advisory firm, that assisted international organisations with bribery risk assessments and drafting the subsequent anti-bribery and corruption policies, procedures and processes in relation both in UK based and internationally operating companies. This also included the training and communication plans and the subsequent Bribery Act compliance audits. Alessandro Volcic Alessandro Volcic runs Kroll’s Moscow office and oversees Kroll’s operations in Russia and the CIS. Since joining Kroll in 2004, Alex has worked throughout EMEA on due diligence assignments, fraud investigations, internal investigations, multijurisdictional asset tracing exercises and regulatory investigations. He is fluent in English, German, Russian, Italian and French, and has led cases in Germany, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.In 2011, Alex left Kroll for one year to work in BP PLC’s Fraud and Misconduct Investigations team – with a focus on the Caspian region. Prior to joining Kroll, Alex worked in a public affairs consultancy, conducting research and lobbying European politicians. He has also worked at the European Parliament and taught Russian politics at the London School of Economics.
  • 7. Company Profiles Dealing with complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes can detract from efforts to succeed. Better management of fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical business priority – no matter what the industry sector is. Our more-than-2,000 fraud investigation and dispute professionals around the world bring the analytical and technical skills needed to quickly and effectively conduct financial and other investigations and gather and analyze electronic evidence. Working closely with you and your legal advisors, we assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team, and bring an objective approach and fresh perspective to these challenging situations, wherever you are in the world. And because we understand that you need a tailored service as much as consistent methodologies, we work to give you the benefit of our broad sector experience, our deep subject matter knowledge and the latest insights from our work worldwide. Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) business unit provides comprehensive solutions that connect our customers’ business to the ever-changing regulatory environment. GRC serves audit, compliance, finance, legal, and risk professionals in financial services, law firms, insurance, and other industries impacted by regulatory change. The Accelus suite of products provides powerful tools and information that enable proactive insights, dynamic connections, and informed choices that drive overall business performance. Accelus is the combination of the market-leading solutions provided by the heritage businesses of Avanon®, Complinet, IntegraScreen™, Northland Solutions, Oden®, Paisley®, West’s Capitol Watch®, Westlaw® Business, Westlaw Compliance Advisor® and World-Check®. LexisNexis is a leader in providing essential information that helps customers predict, assess and manage risk. Our solutions help customers to reduce the cost of compliance, fulfill regulatory requirements, enhance business decision making and protect their reputation. LexisNexis is a leading publisher and information provider that supports a cross section of customers, including 60% of the FTSE 100 Oil Gas Producers. Part of Reed Elsevier, LexisNexis serves customers in more than 100 countries with more than 30,000 employees worldwide. Kroll, a global leader in risk mitigation and response, delivers a wide range of solutions that span investigations, due diligence, compliance, cyber security and physical security. Clients partner with Kroll for intelligence and insight to drive confident decisions about protecting companies, assets and people. Headquartered in New York with offices in 45 cities across 28 countries, Kroll has a multidisciplinary team of nearly 4000 employees. Learn more at