Healthy Relationships (101413) - (Domestic Violence)


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This Healthy Relationships presentation goes into some causes of domestic violence, and how society can take action to solve this epidemic.

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  • Healthy Relationships (101413) - (Domestic Violence)

    1. 1. The United States Department of Justice defines domestic violence as a PATTERN of abusive behavior in ANY relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain POWER and CONTROL over another intimate partner. Source:
    2. 2. I AM THE SYSTEM.
    3. 3.  Domestic violence (within a household) is a PATTERN of abusive behavior in ANY relationship.  Domestic Violence in its highest form originates and is found within households nation-wide when we choose to partner with our BFF called, "Television."  Television is televised programming occurring through various media outlets spanning over countries and continents worldwide. Television is not limited to a TV screen. All that is needed is a PLATFORM.
    4. 4. Relationship  Connection or association between TWO or more concepts (ideas), objects or people.
    5. 5.  Domestic Violence finds its root in the ground of rejection. Rejection: “She/He or They don’t receive me or something I said or something I did.” – I’ve been deprived of UNCONDITIONAL love. We don’t base love upon performance.  We cannot afford to base our love for one another merely off of what we do for each other. Our love for each other must be based upon the type of personality we reflect to one another.  Identity: Who you are is not based upon people doing what you say nor it is bases upon fitting in with a crowd of unIDentified objects (people, places or things).
    6. 6. Behavior originates from culture. From the list below rank each item from 1 to 7 (1 being most influential in our culture , 7 being least influential with our culture).        Family (home) Friends Workplace (physical) Television Radio Internet Books
    7. 7. Why Did I Get Married?
    8. 8.  We have been de-sensitized to domestic violence due to society conforming to mediocrity. This is not PEACE. What makes us feel good (in laughter) is sometimes an injury suffered by the body (community).
    9. 9.  What is Abusive Behavior?  Where do these patterns of abusive behavior originate from?  ABUSE – Diverts from the original purpose of concepts (ideas), objects or people causing injury or BODILY harm.  Patterns of abusive behavior originate from our family situation in addition to our daily intake.
    10. 10.  The environment (home life) we set for our children must compliment the purpose that has been placed on the inside of them. Often times when home life (the environment) is chaotic, our children look to find peace in externals associates (music, movies, television, sex, internet, drugs, etc... etc...).   As we know peace is found (or discovered) within, but our children may not be aware of this truth if the parents are not demonstrating this truth in action. When the parents are not walking in demonstration of peace, the children will latch on to what we call their step-parents (music, movies, television, sex, internet, drugs, etc... etc...) and find their "peace" with their external associates.
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