The History Of Photography


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The History Of Photography

  1. 1. I chose the topic “History Of Photography” because, I thought that, now, you get your digital camera, you press a button and you get a photo in color; with any type of work. But two centuries ago that was totally impossible. The first photograph was a revolutionary notice around the whole world and the photograph wasn’t even in color.I’m going to explain you all about this theme, starting with: In 1826 the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépice made the first mundial photograph. Joseph Nicéphore Niépice made this photograph by experimenting with some materials that a scientist called Johan Henrich Schultz, had discovered long time ago. This little photograph is the photograph that made him so famous. This is the first world photograph. As I told you before, this photo isn’t in color and ¿Did you know that Joseph Nicéphore Niépice did it after 8 hours of working with little cables and buttons? The title of this famous photo isn’t so famous but it is: “View from the window atLe Gras”.From the title we can find were it was made (from a window at Le Gras for the “stupid people”). This is the photo that the world wanted to see . “THE PHOTO”!!!Loads of people had waited years to see that simple photo and when it arrived those people were totally impresed because one of their dreams had come true. This was the most important day in all the whole history of photography. After this photo Joseph Nicéphore Niépice did more famous photographs around the world. He died very young after dedicating all his life to the photographs that made him famous. But not all the history of photograph is that photo, no!!! There are other important dates like the day that James Clerk Maxwell did the first COLOR photograph. For more information put another coin of 0.50€. Just joking. If you want to know more about the history of photography just turn the page. More information in the other page
  2. 2. 36 years later, in 1862, a Scottish physicist called James Clerk Maxwell did the first COLOR photograph!!!! This was another revolutionary notice all around the world. This is the photo I know you think that this foto is just totally stupid “it’s just an ordinary ribbon” or “it’s not so interesting”. For us it isn’t interesting but for them, in those times, it was “a miracle”.Here are some other important dates in the history of photography,just for your own interest: Other important dates in “The History Of Photography” are:  1878 - Eadward Muybridge makes a high-speedphotographic demonstration of a moving horse (the “first movie”).  1888 - Kodak sells their first camera, the first easy-to-use camera.  1891 - Thomas Edison patents the “kinetoscopic camera”, the first camera that could do motion pictures.  1913 – Kinemacolor, the first comercial “natural color” system for movies, is invented.  1932 – The first full-color Technicolor movie,Flowers and Trees, is made by Disney.  1952 – The 3-D film craze begins. BIBLIOGRAPHY content/uploads/2009/01/primera-foto.jpg&imgrefurl= %3Ftag %3Dfrancia&usg=__AF9_CwxrLFlnXEHgFot5IrxPqMk=&h=364&w=480&sz=43&hl =es&start=1&tbnid=zngojICycOYXoM:&tbnh=98&tbnw=129&prev=/images%3Fq %3Dla%2Bprimera%2Bfoto%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Des
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