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BuonMercato Facebook eCoupon Metrics Report 2013 english version
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BuonMercato Facebook eCoupon Metrics Report 2013 english version



Buonmercato Report, full version available for download at http://promo.kiwari.com/report/en_index.html , presents KPI (key performance indicators) and important metrics of printable coupons inserted ...

Buonmercato Report, full version available for download at http://promo.kiwari.com/report/en_index.html , presents KPI (key performance indicators) and important metrics of printable coupons inserted in Facebook Fan Page of Three Italian Brands which operates in Food Sector.

This report is the forst of a series of studies by Kiwari, in order to help the understanding of eCouponing campaigns and results.

This Report focused on Facebook. Next reports we will analyze other platforms and social channels to delivery eCoupons, such as eMail, Brand web sites and Mobile.



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BuonMercato Facebook eCoupon Metrics Report 2013 english version BuonMercato Facebook eCoupon Metrics Report 2013 english version Presentation Transcript

  • BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. BuonMercato Facebook eCoupon Metrics BuonMercato is an initiative designed and developed by 2013 v.7.3EN giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • FOREWORD BY MARCO RIVOSECCHI Fifty years after its introduction into the Italian market and a rather lackluster performance over the past 10 years, discount coupons are experiencing a second comeback and increasing popularity. The current growth is not related so much to the overcoming of some longstanding issues associated to coupons which still remain unresolved(i.e. fraudulent use or over-redemption), as to the increased demand for savings tools due to the widespread recession afflicting Europe in recent years. Even in the least traditionally coupon-friendly territories, the steady increase in the volume of coupons being used by consumers indicates that the recession has deeply affected people’s purchasing habits. Our company has been investing in the development of digital couponing technologies since 2004, and has distributed millions of digital coupons to consumers through our digital platforms (BuonMercato) over the past few years. As a supplement to a digital marketing campaign, eCoupons are one of the most powerful tools available to brands and retailers to cover the consumer last-mile which leads to product sell-out (brand objective) and generates store traffic (distribution objective). In the last 10 years we have dramatically improved our digital coupons distribution platform from a performance and cost stand points, and we have also addressed the security issues that have worried brands and retailers for years.Today our clients can rely on a solid, cost effective and, above all, secure platform to distribute track and personalize multi-channel digital coupons. A new digital coupon generation has arrived: the Intelligent Coupon. This report is the first of a series of instruments that we wish to offer the market to help the understanding of eCouponing activities through concrete metrics.This particular report will concentrate on eCoupon distribution via Facebook; future reports will illustrate metrics based on other distribution channels such as eMail, brand sites and mobile.This report showcases real life eCoupon distribution case-histories through Facebook clients of ours that are amongst the top players in the food segment. The specific identity of the brands has not been disclosed and the data presented here has been maintained anonymous. What have we learnt from the Intelligent Coupons and Facebook interaction? ? In each case study presented in this report, our clients’ choice to use Facebook was due to its potential as a driver for viral distribution of the eCoupons. However, our clients discovered – and the data presented to you in this report unequivocally points to - that the success of the offer of eCoupons to the Facebook community lies in the ability of the eCoupons to drive the growth of the FanPage (measured in terms of number of likes, and overall number of visits). Enjoy it. And let me know you comments. Enter the Intelligent Coupon! Marco Rivosecchi, President Kiwari April 2013 i. BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • INDEX ii. Index of slides Report Foreword by Marco Rivosecchi, president Kiwari Index Contribution by Daniele Tirelli, president POPAI Italy Foreword Key Findings Coupon-Facebook Cases presented in this Report Setting Free the entire Facebook potential with eCoponing Objectives monitoring: FanPage eCouponing metrics eCouponing on “fan pages” generates a tsunami of “Likes” (1) eCouponing on “fan pages” generates a tsunami of “Likes” (2) A “fan page” before and after the eCoupon FaceBook viral process triggering with the eCoupon Registrations:“Likes” grow and the DataBase grows Campaign support by actions effects Registrations and Printing Geolocalization data eCoupons redemption case-histories BuonMercato: Multi-channel Digital eCouponing Platform What BuonMercato provides brands and MRC (Mass Retail Channel) BuonMercato: Sales & Marketing Key Plus BuonMercato: Key Plus for business unit i. ii. iii. iv. v. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. a1. a2. a3. a4. Intro Report BuonMercato BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • CONTRIBUTION BY DANIELE TIRELLI The Digital Coupon is certainly one of the most innovative marketing tools of the last decade. One of the main reasons for this success can be attributed to the organization/brand/consumer relationship shift occurring because of the ongoing development of online tools and functionalities. A fundamental change also happened to the “consumer” that now can be defined as “shopper”. In other terms, given the huge and varied offer for any kind of product and service, the retailer has acquired the control of his stock availability thus conditioning his clients and prospects. Contrary to this paradigm, eCouponing is a brand tool designed to reach the final consumer. This new tool indeed allows a promotional mass distribution within a contained budget. And the biggest benefit is the purchase solicitation via relevant, specific information and with the coupon discount promotional effect. This means that a distressed brand can apply a “pull” strategy to its potential customers by effectively responding to the negative effects caused by the growth of distributors. However, the client with a coupon will usually be disappointed, should the product be not available at POS.Therefore, this kind of promotional incentive is particularly important when launching a new product. Currently, innovation in retail is nearly always represented by a new product line. Consequently, a business with one or more brands must support 10 or more products with different penetration levels which are hardly ever presented together on the same shelf. In that case, the promotion applied to a specific reference with a personalized couponIn that case, the promotion applied to a specific reference (product?) with a personalized coupon and with the help of the data gathered by this new system, allows a more focused targeting. If consumers can’t find what they are looking for on the shelf, retailers must take into account the potential risk of their disengagement. In eCouponing, an even more important technique is the application of a “discriminative pricing” for different consumer segments, thanks to discounts and promotions, according to the oligopolistic trading rules. The real and perceived price issue is a rather complex subject, which needs more time and space to be fully analyzed. I shall cover it in more detail in my future contribution. Digital eCouponing campaigns within the Italian Retail Distribution Scenario Daniele Tirelli, President POPAI Italy February 2013 iii. BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • FOREWORD Within the range of marketing tools available to the FMCG sector, there is a growing interest for promotional offer couponing. Italy, unlike other countries, doesn't have a history in this field. Coupons have been usually utilized for promotion intended to retain customer generating further purchases (i.e. coupons on the actual product packaging) or by POS promotional activities by large retail chains, rather than on a specific product. More recently, coupons have been utilized in a more personalized fashion, inviting the consumer to redeem them in a POS of their choice.This has occurred mainly because of the recent generalized recession which has probably prompted for a savvier and cheaper shopping in conjunction with a growing multitude of coupons websites and other digital channels. Businesses and consumers also have a particular interest in the Social Network scene, and in particular in Facebook where, according to recent estimates, more than 14 millions of Italians transit daily.The present report describes the evidence gathered by a selection of e-coupon case- histories where the coupons were distributed via the product’s Fan Page thus supplying important KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for even better campaigns. This case shows us that the parameters on which to evaluate campaign effectiveness are: Fan page subscribers growth; Conversion rate increase thanks to registration psychographic details gathered via the eCoupon request; Viral circulation via own Facebook contacts; eCoupon printing and redemption data, both in terms of sell-out and process speed (from Like to purchase) Some of the most successful business organisations are already taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by this eCoupon-FanPage combination, to increase both brand/product awareness and ROI in terms of sell-out. The upcoming reports will initially analyse the 2013 Kiwari BuonMercato Facebook-eCoupon metrics and subsequently explore in detail other digital channels, including DEM, mobile and Twitter. eCouponing via Facebook: a Tsunami of “Likes” T&C Regarding data and copyright All the data included in this report, including text, charts and graphs are © Kiwari 2013, Milan, Italy. Any of the above information contained within this report can be reproduced, quoting Kiwari as the source (Kiwari BuonMercato Facebook eCoupon Metrics 2013). In this report we assume that the coupons are presented on Facebook in the following way:Tab to access the eCoupon on the Fan Page; Launch of a Facebook app within a Fan Page frame; Registration form; eCoupon printing option; Sharing option. eCouponing access flow through Facebook iv. BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • KEY FINDINGS Key data findings: eCouponing via Facebook As a result of a eCoupon-Facebook campaign there is an average increase of more than two and a half times (~ 250%) in the rate of recruitment of “new fans” on the page during the promotion. “Deserted pages are revitalised and popular pages get very busy”. Other supportive actions to the main promotion, such as an additional eCoupon reward after a “share”, increase up to 400% the engagment rate, in terms of amount of new fans, thus exponentially growing sharing and viral opportunities. DIFFUSION During a campaign, more than 70% of new fans subscribe to the page, providing full personal details (in compliance with the Data Protection Law), thus allowing a considerable increase of users database to be contacted in the future and interested in the coupon. eCouponing campaigns in Italy have shown a consistent response all over the territory in terms of registration, printing and redemption. ASSET Printed eCoupon average redemption is 19.8% (vs 2% average traditional paper coupon). Average time printing/redemption is really fast: 6.5 days. Investments in a eCoupon campaign are lower by 70% compared to a traditional couponing campaign. RESULTS v. BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • COUPON-FACEBOOK CASE PRESENTED IN THIS REPORT Brand A Brand B Brand C Comparable results for three “food” brands This research and the respective 3 brands campaigns have taken place during 2012-2013 not necessarily within the same period. Data extrapolation has been normalised on a comparable timeframe. Presence on Facebook Recent (2 months) Consolidated (2 years) Historical (4 years) Facebook Fans before the eCoupon campaign a few (0 - 1,000) medium (20,000 - 40,000) high (200,000 - 400,000) Supportive Facebook ADV at the beggining of campaign Yes, first 2 weeks No No Additional eCoupon for sharing No Si No Campaign support through DEM During campaign half-life to previous subscribers only No At start Category/Discount amount Food / € 1.00 Food / €0.60 - €1.00 Food / € 1.00 Fans increase at campaign completion + 17,000 + 8,000 + 14,000 Subscriptions (existing and new fans) 12,000 7,000 11,000 Printed e-Coupons (1st print plus additional printing for sharing reward coupon) 13,000 10,000 11,000 1 BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • 0 7500 15000 22500 30000 -­‐10 -­‐9 -­‐8 -­‐7 -­‐6 -­‐5 -­‐4 -­‐3 -­‐2 -­‐1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 The “Like” trend of the three brands is similar. However, the growth over time reinforces the eCoupon “attractiveness” but it also benefits from support by other campaign, such as an advertising campaign. It is also important to note that a number of consumers “share” the eCoupon initiative even after having redeemed their own eCoupon. eCOUPONING ON THE FAN PAGE GENERATES A TSUNAMI OF “Likes” (1) The eCouponing offer dramatically increases traffic and “Likes” on the brand or product Fan page for its entire lifecycle. Brand A new Likes Brand B new Likes Brand C new Likes days after the launch of eCouponing Campaignbefore the launch of eCouponing Campaign kick off of eCouponing Campaign 4 CUMULATIVE INCREASE OF “LIKES” OVER TIME BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. giovedì 1 agosto 2013
  • BuonMercato.com via maurizio quadrio 20 20154 milano - italy t. +39 02.626.90.226 www.buonmercato.com buonmercato@buonmercato.com For more informations: You can download the full report at http://promo.kiwari.com/report/en_index.html BuonMercato  Facebook  eCoupon  Metrics  2013.  All  informa<on  contained  in  this  document,  including  text,  tables  and  graphs  are  ©  Kiwari  2013  and  all  rights  are  reserved. All  contents  of  this  report,  including  text,  charts  and  graphs,  can  be  used  freely  provided  that  the  source  is  always  referenced. BuonMercato is an initiative designed and developed by giovedì 1 agosto 2013