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St0 29 b question answers

  1. 1. Symantec ST0-29B ExamSymantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR4 (STS)Version = DemoTotal Questions in Original Product = 126 CertificationNo1. Test Preparation Resource
  2. 2. ST0-29B Exam Questions and Answers 1Question: 1An administrator has successfully installed Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager onto aWindows 2003 Server using the installation wizard. Which component is deployed to theserver at this point in time?A. AntiVirus/AntiSpyware ProtectionB. Proactive Threat ProtectionC. Apache Tomcat ServerD. Central Quarantine ServerE. Network Threat ProtectionAnswer: CQuestion: 2Based on Symantec best practices, which two tasks should be performed before migratingfrom Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition to Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0? (Selecttwo.)A. disable Auto‐ProtectB. disable scheduled scansC. disable Tamper ProtectionD. scan all clientsE. purge the quarantineAnswer: B, CQuestion: 3Which Symantec Endpoint Protection client component must be installed to enableUnmanaged Detector mode?A. AntiVirus and AntiSpywareB. Application and Device ControlC. Network Threat ProtectionD. Network Access ControlAnswer: C
  3. 3. ST0-29B Exam Questions and Answers 2Question: 4How many Symantec Endpoint Protection Managers can connect to an embeddeddatabase?A. oneB. twoC. fourD. unlimitedAnswer: AQuestion: 5Immediately after installation, what does a client do upon first contacting Symantec EndpointSecurity Manager?A. register with the managerB. download the latest policyC. update virus definitionsD. launch a full system scanAnswer: AQuestion: 6Which file contains the Symantec Endpoint Protection client communication settings?A. GRC . datB. Sylink.xmlC. GRC . xmlD. Sylink.datAnswer: A
  4. 4. ST0-29B Exam Questions and Answers 3Question: 7What is the default replication frequency when adding an additional site to a SymantecEndpoint Protection deployment?A. 1 hourB. 8 hoursC. dailyD. weeklyAnswer: CQuestion: 8An administrator makes a change in the Active Directory structure, which has been importedinto Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM). By default, when will the changeautomatically be reflected in SEPM?A. as soon as the change is made in Active DirectoryB. maximum 1 hourC. maximum 4 hoursD. maximum 24 hoursAnswer: DQuestion: 9In which client management log can an administrator identify when the client last connectedto the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?A. ControlB. TrafficC. SystemD. EventAnswer: C
  5. 5. ST0-29B Exam Questions and Answers 4Question: 10Which setting can be enabled to report computers without a Symantec Endpoint ProtectionAgent?A. LAN DetectorB. Unmanaged DetectorC. Segment DetectorD. Network DetectorAnswer: DQuestion: 11A Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager administrator is importing from an Active Directoryenvironment. The director needs to know which object types are being imported. Which twoobject types are imported into Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager from ActiveDirectory? (Select two.)A. security groupsB. organizational unitsC. computersD. sitesE. domainsAnswer: B, CQuestion: 12What can an administrator do to proactively obtain information about unknown devices on anetwork?A. script a network audit using the Find Unmanaged Computers featureB. create an Unmanaged Computer notificationC. schedule an audit report to send to the administratorD. schedule regular LDAP synchronizationAnswer: B
  6. 6. ST0-29B Exam Questions and Answers 5Symantec ST0-29B ExamSymantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR4 (STS)Version = DemoTotal Questions in Original Product = 126 CertificationNo1. Test Preparation Resource