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Hp0 763 question answers
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Hp0 763 question answers


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  • 1. HP HP0-763 ExamNonStop Kernel Systems Management and OperationsVersion = DemoTotal Questions in Original Product = 133 CertificationNo1. Test Preparation Resource
  • 2. HP0-763 Exam Questions and Answers 1Question: 1What is an indicator of a poorly performing system?A. page-faults of 0.01 per secondB. processor imbalance of 5 %C. queue-length of 10D. transaction rate of 10 transactions per secondAnswer: CQuestion: 2What is the objective of capacity planning?A. To justify the return on investment and determine user community satisfaction.B. To ensure the system is fully utilized and there is no resource contention.C. To ensure that the system is well balanced and meeting the service level agreement.D. To determine if or when additional capacity is needed to meet the SLA.Answer: DQuestion: 3Which NonStop Himalaya S-series NonStop Kernel tool is used to perform capacityplanning?A. TPMB. TPDCC. TCMD. GPAAnswer: C
  • 3. HP0-763 Exam Questions and Answers 2Question: 4What are the benefits of running a program in native mode? Select TWOA. allows TNS and native code to be combinedB. allows to run as high-PINC. object file size is significantly largerD. larger stack space is supportedE. runs faster than TNS and accelerated codeAnswer: D, EQuestion: 5Which utility is used to determine the current number of index levels in a key-sequenced file?A. NSXB. PEEKC. FUPD. TCMAnswer: CQuestion: 6Which SCF command will save the current disk configuration to a file named CONF0102?A. SAVE CONFIGURATION CONF0102 B. SAVE CONFIGURATION 1.2C. SAVE DISK, FILE CONF0102D. OBEY FORM /OUT CONF0102/ DISKAnswer: B
  • 4. HP0-763 Exam Questions and Answers 3Question: 7Which tool is used to revert to a previously saved system configuration database?A. DSM/SCMB. SQLCIC. TSMD. SCFAnswer: CQuestion: 8Which facility is used to forward events from the primary collector ($0) to the TSM console?A. EMS alternate collectorB. compatibility distributorC. EMS trap subagentD. TSM service applicationAnswer: BQuestion: 9Which DSM facility provides event collection, logging, and distribution facilities?A. TM/MPB. EMSC. SQLD. DSM/SCMAnswer: B
  • 5. HP0-763 Exam Questions and Answers 4Question: 10Burst detection and suppression is used toA. limit network bandwidth useB. delete rapid and repetitive eventsC. minimize voltage fluctuationsD. control the growth of SQL tablesAnswer: BQuestion: 11Processor lock-step processing, mirrored disks, and TM/MP support which key feature of theNonStop Himalaya server?A. data integrityB. linear expandabilityC. manageabilityD. securityAnswer: DQuestion: 12How do EMS filter tables simplify the writing of filters?A. They can be used with both collectors and distributors.B. They are text files that do not require compilation.C. They cannot be modified dynamically.D. They allow specification of individual token values.Answer: B
  • 6. HP0-763 Exam Questions and Answers 5HP HP0-763 ExamNonStop Kernel Systems Management and OperationsVersion = DemoTotal Questions in Original Product = 133 CertificationNo1. Test Preparation Resource