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A short presentation outlining the basics of app Inventor. Originally given for Dublin GTUG

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  • Browser Based- Store all your projects in the cloud with Google. You can still download it to your pc and share source codeDesigned to be open for everyone that can turn on a PC and browse the web. Even Homer Simpson here Im sure could manage the old hello world.Block based- Simply drag and drop blocks together to get the apps functionality.
  • Its made for all ages and people, which creates a great opportunity for non tech-savy people to make appsIts quite simple to use but there is allot functionality that can be taken advantage of to make more complex apps.There is access to many of the phones components like GPS, for location tracking. Voice and sms and the ability to launch other apps with any predifineddatayou prefer.There is a built in twitter and web component, which are very usefull for expanind an apps functionality beyond what app inventor provides.
  • Im sure you all would like to know the differences between them. And what you can and cant do.Much faster put together a hello world faster than your eclipse start-up time and a fully functioning basic twitter client in 2-3 minutes.Absolutely none, zilch nada whatever word for none you want to use will fit. Kind of difficult to show you with my hands more on that later.That means no Back or menu button functionality in your app. Complaints about this in my app, add a simple on screen back button and you should be ok.Multiple pages don’t really exist but the work around simply hides parts on a page.Once your app includes a lot of code trying to find the block you need becomes a huge time consuming pain.Debugging isn't up to par with eclipse and other ide’s but does enough to satisfy simple errors.
  • If you want to make simple one screen apps with low functionality then it will be a breeze.If your not tech savy and you have an idea for a little app that would help you its great.Some of the apps they show on the site iclude a mole mash game where you tap the mole that popos up, Another uses the location sensor to record the locationn of your parked car and a simple quiz app.Before app inventor’s beta was released as an closed beta to the public back in july of last year, it was used in some americanuniversitys to teach the basics of Computer Science. If you would like to get a gentle introuction into android development by learning about acccesing the phones features and some of what is capable then I would recommend trying out app inventor briefly before hand.
  • App inventor

    1. 1.
    2. 2. What Is App Inventor?<br /><ul><li>Browser based
    3. 3. Android app tool
    4. 4. Designed for non-programmers
    5. 5. Block based</li></li></ul><li>What makes App Inventor interesting?<br /><ul><li>Anybody can pick it up and make apps for Android
    6. 6. Simple to use yet still Powerful!
    7. 7. Normal programming vocab eg. foreach , if, when</li></li></ul><li>App Inventor Vs. Standard Android Development<br /><ul><li>Pros:
    8. 8. Its much faster.
    9. 9. No Programming knowledge needed.
    10. 10. Simple, Straightforward Very Intuitive
    11. 11. Cons:
    12. 12. No access to hardware buttons
    13. 13. Messy for large projects
    14. 14. Limited debugging
    15. 15. No multiple screens</li></li></ul><li>Best opportunities to use AI<br /><ul><li>Single screen apps
    16. 16. Low functionality
    17. 17. Personal Use
    18. 18. Apps tutorial ’d on the site include Mole mash game, Parked car Gps location and a simple quiz.
    19. 19. Educational Use
    20. 20. Stepping stone into standard android development.</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br />Great for beginners/non programmers<br />Learn basics of android and computer science <br />Don’t develop long term large android app projects<br /><ul><li>Simple
    21. 21. Fast
    22. 22. Intuitive
    23. 23. Basic Syntax
    24. 24. Use phone features
    25. 25. Messy code view
    26. 26. Difficult update
    27. 27. Less key features</li></li></ul><li>Application example:<br />Display in textbox<br />Retrieve results<br /> Search twitter<br />
    28. 28. Steps To creating an app <br />Register for app inventor using Google account<br />Download app inventor extras software-Adb, emulator<br />Create new project on website<br />Drag & drop Ui elements/components into designer<br />Open the blocks editor<br />Drag and drop functionality<br />Compile, debug, test<br />Download APK to phone or upload to the web <br />
    29. 29. Few things to note….<br /><ul><li>Most users won’t recognize the difference Between App Inventor and standard
    30. 30. Still in Beta being worked on all the time
    31. 31. Great support online forums/websites
    32. 32. No native upload to market support yet
    33. 33. Cant Copy and paste blocks from one project to another
    34. 34. Doesn’t do widgets</li>