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Ozon - NOAH12 London

  1. 1. OZON HoldingsThe largest e-commerce group in Russia
  2. 2. Meet Ivan and his family wife son Ivan mother cat daughter
  3. 3. Theyve bought a few things from us in the last year… OZON.ru SAPATO.ru OZON.travel
  4. 4. Simple, isn’t it? Order placed online Order paid online Order picked and packed Order given to delivery company Order delivered to home 4
  5. 5. Simple, isn’t it? Ivans wife wants to be called to confirm the order Ivan’s mother prefers to has been placed call us Order placed online … and usually she wants to be called again to confirm a delivery time But Ivan prefers to pay cash on delivery… Order paid … and his daughter online through Yandex.Money or Qiwi The suppliers make regular mistakes in the Excel spreadsheets most of them use to manage their inventory. Order picked … or never… Delivery time varies from a few days to a few weeks… and packed No one delivery Order given to company covers the whole of Russia so we delivery had to create our own company Snow on the road though can delay the Ivan doesnt like people delivering to his home so he prefers to collect delivery truck by 48 hours his order from one of OZONs pick- up points Order delivered to home Therefore the courier needs to call in His wife though doesnt mind, but advance to make sure that Ivans wife she expects the courier to wait is home while she inspects the order before deciding whether to pay or return it 5
  6. 6. So to deliver 250K orders/month, we need to:•  List 2.2 million products•  Employ 1500 professionals in e-commerce•  Operate 3 call centers and 1 email center, working 24/7 •  140K inbound and outbound calls •  45K emails •  7% of orders made by phone•  Offer 21 methods of payment •  though COD is still 80% orders•  Deal with at least 10% of goods received from suppliers later than agreed 6
  7. 7. Oh and also….
  8. 8. … a full logistics infrastructure•  28.000 m2 central warehouse•  5 hubs•  2200 pick-up points across Russia and Kazakhstan•  16 different methods of delivery•  250 delivery men alone in Moscow and St.Peterburg
  9. 9. Despite (or thanks to?…) all of that, we have been able to achievethe following results
  10. 10. Spasibo!
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