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Marcin Kokott - "When the sprint is too slow - Lean implementation in the area of startups"

Marcin Kokott - "When the sprint is too slow - Lean implementation in the area of startups"






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    Marcin Kokott - "When the sprint is too slow - Lean implementation in the area of startups" Marcin Kokott - "When the sprint is too slow - Lean implementation in the area of startups" Presentation Transcript

    • When the sprint is too slow Lean approach in the area of Startupshttp://twitter.com/MKokott
    • Most of the projects nowadays are strugling to improve productivity and speed Is yours?
    • For a long time I was helping with Agile/Lean mentoring and coaching with success
    • I felt almost like hero
    • One day my phone rang…
    • …I had a chance to enter new world…
    • …it was HELL from day 1
    • What would YOU do?
    • I felt choked…
    • …but than I decided to fight back
    • This is what I have tried: Lean Startup +Bigger speed Business (Agile) Model Canvas Customer Development
    • Bigger speed (Agile)
    • Nobody knew how the product really look like
    • …because everybody had different manager
    • We have changed organization around functionality
    • Under the lead of one leader
    • This PULLED the next changes to enable effective work from the teams
    • To ease the cooperation we have introduce „visualization management”
    • …and we have zipped everything with the sprints
    • With only this we have gain GREAT SPEED6 months 2 months
    • But than we have challenged the BIGGEST RISK…
    • Like never before I need to find…
    • Approach for systematic customer finding (CustomerDevelopment)
    • Problem was in fact that now it took too much time…
    • …i nauka przychodziła za późno
    • We have used typical approach… Release andIdea Development Testing sales
    • …when in fact we needed to develop first the CUSTOMER not the product!
    • I realized that there are DIFFERENT types of CUSTOMERS
    • …and on different level of AWARENESS Knows how much 5. budget 4. Tried to develop solution 3. He is ACTIVLY searching for SOLUTION 2. He is AWARE of the problem1. Problem EXIST
    • Which we could find even without single line of code
    • But how to talk with them?
    • Meeting #1:Problem vs. Solution fit
    • Meeting #2:Product vs. Market fit
    • We’ve started to gain new customers
    • There came time for one of the BIGGEST presentations…
    • They LOVED the idea and asked the MOST EXPECTED QUESTION
    • Finaly we had a CUSTOMER…
    • …but not the BUYER!!!
    • WTF is Business Model???
    • I didn’t belived I’m on the uknown waters…
    • …so I’ve started from the basics
    • Lean Startup +Business Model Canvas
    • Temporarly
    • Human institution
    • Searching
    • Business model
    • Extreem uncertainty
    • Lean Startup„Temporary organization used to search fora repeatable and scalable business model” Steve Blank „A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty” Eric Ries
    • Year 1958 Chester Carlson49
    • 50
    • We needed something „tangable”We need to have something tengible
    • In other case we have been talking in „different languages”
    • And we were going to be:54
    • Than I’ve discovered perfect and simple language
    • Which is simple to extreem56
    • Wtedy odkryłem idealnie prosty język
    • „There is no Business Plan which survived the contact with the REALITY”
    • But all of that are ASSUMPTIONS59 © 2011 Tieto Corporation
    • Test it!!!© 2011 Tieto Corporation
    • None of the answers is located in the office61
    • „Customer Teams”, which the only role was to validate the Business Models
    • So what happened to the project?
    • I’ve spotted PHOENIX rising from the ashes…
    • …which was opening new directions
    • Lessons Learned Bigger speed Lean Startup + (Agile) Business Model Canvas Customer Development„[…] Finaly I’ve understand that the approach is more important than the „PRODUCT”” „Finaly I knew what we are doing and what is the direction” „WOW – We can create multiple of new businessess out of this product!!!”
    • „Innovation differs leader from the followers” Steve Jobs
    • „Be yourself. All the other roles are already taken”