Reputation Management - Monitor Your Online Reputation


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Monitor Your Online Reputation: Build and maintain a a well-respected reputation for your business brand, and monitor what people are saying. Learn how to react quickly and politely, and address criticism using your own company guidelines.

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Reputation Management - Monitor Your Online Reputation

  1. 1. Reputation management --- Monitoring Your Online Reputation ---
  2. 2. Social Media is global --- The World Wide Web ---
  3. 3. What's Your Online Reputation? Even if you don't think you're in the social media game, you are playing! Your brand is being represented by your company, and it's being talked about by your customers and your employees. --- Sounds like a game show, right? ---
  4. 4. Reputation Management  You ran your business with integrity.  You provided quality service and products.  You handled complaints or issues as they arose.  Complaints were unheard by the general public. --- It was much simpler then ---
  5. 5. Online Reputation When a customer gets a cold meal or bad customer service, they pull out their phone and share their negative experience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or they blog about it. One bad experience has been shared with potentially 100's of people! --- Things are much different today! ---
  6. 6. Things can go viral fast! People are far more likely to share a negative experience rather than a positive one. Bad experiences create emotions that make people want to take immediate action. How do you monitor what's being shared? --- Via comments, shares, and posts ---
  7. 7. Engage * engage * engage  Be active on your social profile pages.  Respond to comments in a timely manner.  Make positive comments and share testimonials. What you say about others, says a lot about you! --- Monitor the Conversations---
  8. 8. Your Online Reputation  Personal or business page - watch what you say!  Remove tags that might be damaging to you!  Get notifications so you can respond quickly!  Always be engaged, polite, and professional! --- Facebook ---
  9. 9. Your Online Reputation  Tweet, share blog posts, RT news of interest!  #hashtag keywords or topics in your industry!  dnt use txt abrv n ur posts, k?  Always be engaged, polite, and professional! --- Twitter ---
  10. 10. Tools for online monitoring  Social media monitoring application  One app for activities in multiple social networks  Monitor brands, competitors, relevant topics  Schedule posts for various social channels  Free app for iPhone, smartphones, iPad, tablets --- Hootsuite ---
  11. 11. Tools for online monitoring --- Hootsuite Dashboard ---
  12. 12. Tools for online monitoring  Set up search monitors for your name  --- Google: Me on the Web ---
  13. 13. Tools for online monitoring  Set up alerts for your business  Set up alerts for your keywords  Add alerts for your competitors  --- Google Alerts ---
  14. 14. Tools for online monitoring  Monitors 80+ social media sites  Track what's being said on social media  Sign up for real-time alerts by email  --- Social Mention ---
  15. 15. Tools for online monitoring  Connect your Twitter account  Sign up for email alerts based on keywords  --- Twilert ---
  16. 16. Tools for online monitoring  Map-based app and review site  Customers check-in & share  List your business for free  Monitor reviews & comments  --- FourSquare ---
  17. 17. Tools for online monitoring  Map-based app and review site  Customers check-in & share  List your business on Yelp  Ask customers to rate & share  Monitor reviews & comments  --- Yelp! ---
  18. 18. Tools for online monitoring  Monitoring for Facebook & Twitter  Measure your fan and follower growth  Compare with your competition  --- Monitor by Wildfire---
  19. 19. Tools for online monitoring  Pinterest: Pinboard-style photo-sharing site  Fastest-growing trend for adult women  Alerts when someone pins items from your site  You can tell people pinning "Thanks!"  --- Pinterest & PinAlerts---
  20. 20. Build and Maintain your reputation --- Simple steps to follow online ---  Become a well-respected brand  Monitor what they are saying about you  React quickly and politely  Address criticism using company guidelines  Learn from your mistakes
  21. 21. Monitoring Your Online Reputation Whether you’re selling a product, promoting a service, looking for an investor, or trying to score a date, people are doing an search online to learn more about you. Take the time to manage what people say about you... Your Reputation Depends on It! --- Is it worth the time? ---