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Social Media Overview


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How to Leverage Social Media: Overview on Social Media with statistics for social media channels, how many people are using social media, and how to capitalize on this information for your business.

How to Leverage Social Media: Overview on Social Media with statistics for social media channels, how many people are using social media, and how to capitalize on this information for your business.

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  • 1. Social * Media * Overview --- How to Leverage Social Media ---
  • 2. Global Social Media --- We live in a very social world ---
  • 3. Social Media Because social media is where your clients are! You need to meet your clients where they live and interact - social media! Clients – current and prospective - are seeking for you on social media! --- Why does your business need social media? ---
  • 4. Most Popular Social MEDIA SITES Twitter Microblogging service where users send and read text messages with 140 characters. YouTube Video-sharing website where users can upload, view and share videos. --- Popular with businesses and consumers --- Facebook Gives people the power to share, and make the world more open and connected. LinkedIn Business-oriented social networking site, mainly for professional networking.
  • 5. Number of Users --- on Popular Social Networking Sites --- 1st 1.5 Billion2nd 500 million4th 250 million 3rd 350 million 5th 70 million
  • 6. People interact with Brands Reasons PEOPLE followBrands on Social Media They're customers of the company To receive discounts and promotions To show others they support the brand To be the first to know info about the brand To gain access to exclusive content --- People are loyal to brands they trust ---
  • 7. Male/Female Ratio Men dominate sites that are geared towards professional networking - Google+ and LinkedIn. The two largest social media networking sites are ruled by women - Facebook and Twitter. --- Activity on Social Media --- Women are far more active users of social networking, with an astounding 99 million more visits than men! 44% 56%
  • 8. Obsessed with Facebook --- The Social Media Addict --- 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up.About 28% check Facebook on their smartphones before getting out of bed.
  • 9. Obsessed with Social Media --- Finding the News --- 56% of young Americans said they find current news through Facebook or Twitter
  • 10. Time spent on social media 16 minutes a day 26 minutes a day --- 2010 to 2012 comparison --- 37 minutes a day 2010 2011 2012
  • 11. Fan engagement Spectrum --- Types of fan --- Loyal Fan "I've got your back, no matter what!" Recommends you to family and friends Cheerleader "I love your brand & everything you post!" Likes, comments on, and shares your posts Deal Seeker "Come on, let's make a deal!" Purchase decisions based on value, not loyalty Casual Liker "I like some of the things you post..." Connects because of past purchases or experiences
  • 12. Social media strategy BeforeYou Begin:  Rule #1: Listen  Rule #2: Engage  Rule #3: Measure --- Follow a few simple rules --- ➔ Define your company's Social Media strategy ➔ Stop thinking "Campaigns" ➔ Start thinking "Conversations" ➔ Don't assume Social Media is the answer to everything
  • 13. Starting the conversation What to Share:  News of Interest, Event Reminders  Accomplishments with Photos  Resources - Links to Websites, Videos  Interesting Content for Your Industry  Focus on the passion, not the product.  Listen to your customers and get to know them.  Tap into the heart — not wallet — of customers.  Add personality to your content. --- But Think Before You Post! --- What NOT to Share:  Personal, Sensitive Information  Negative Comments or Complaints  Inappropriate Photos  Home Phones and Addresses
  • 14. How to engage customers Ask Questions "What do you think of our newest product?" Invite interaction "Comment on this post to be entered to win!" Participate "Suzie Q, thank you for asking - here's the answer..." Get Personal "Our staff is walking to support the local charity!" --- Social Media is about conversations ---
  • 15. Posts that engage your fans Visual content isverypowerful  Videos are shared 1,200% more than text posts!  Photos are liked 200% more than text updates! Be sure to share original & engaging images of your business on your social channels for more attention and sharing potential!  Relevant Photos  Industry Cartoons  Appropriate Videos --- Visual gets the most attention ---
  • 16. Social media notifications Setyour notifications  Facebook Page Admins receive updates on activity  Twitter updates on new followers and Retweets  LinkedIn updates on new connections & endorsements  Don't ignore activity  Thank new followers  Respond to comments --- Email updates of activity ---
  • 17. Content curation What Is Content Curation? Content curation involves gathering, organizing and sharing online content that you think your customers will really appreciate. This content doesn’t have to be directly tied to your products or services. Find topics you know your customers are interested in.  -  Tumblr -  Buzzfeed - --- Share articles that engage ---
  • 18. ADD User engagement To YOUR SITE --- Visitors to your website can share articles --- Fan Visits Your Website Clicks Like on Social Plugin on Your Site Fan's Wall on Facebook or Feed on Twitter Friend's See the Like in News Feed Fan likes the content on your website Like posts to your fan's news feed Fan's friends see like in news feed
  • 19. Mobile data growth More than 250 million people access Facebook through a mobile device. 200 million Tweets per day occur on Twitter and most Tweets are posted from a smartphone. Over 99% of mobile music listeners stream music on smartphones. More than one in five Americans listen to music on phone apps like Pandora and Spotify. --- How we use our phones --- Each day, over 250 million people access Facebook with their mobile phone. Each day, 55 million status updates and tweets are made from mobile devices. Mobile PhoneApps StreamingMusic Conversations
  • 20. Social media tools Update social media channels Hootsuite - Tweet Deck - Content curation - Tumblr - Monitor mentions Social Mention - --- Update, Schedule, Monitor --- Available as Apps for your mobile devices!
  • 21. Social media reminders Timeliness and Frequency Create a solid content plan and stick with it! Engage with Customers Social Media is a dialogue, not a monologue! Don't Spam! Don't Sell! People log on to be social so engage with them! --- Stick to the Plan! ---
  • 22. “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it.” - Erik Qualman Final Word on Social Media --- Do it Well! Be the Expert! ---