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Social Responsibility plan
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Social Responsibility plan


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Social Responsibility plan for neighborhood grocery store. Presented in Nov/2008 at U.C.Berkeley Extension CSR class

Social Responsibility plan for neighborhood grocery store. Presented in Nov/2008 at U.C.Berkeley Extension CSR class

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  • 1. Grocery store Corporate Social Responsibility UC Berkeley Extension Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Marcia Marcondes da Silva EDP 308486 November 17, 2008
  • 2. Neighborhood Grocery Store Profile • Sale of organic products – produce, preserves, cheeses, bakery, frozen home-made food • Concerned with the environment • Respect to stakeholders
  • 3. Stakeholders Local farms City/State Customers government Employees Local cooks Non-perishable Local preserve products Surrounding suppliers population and cheese producers
  • 4. CSR Actions Farms/Preserve and Cheese producers/Cooks Long-term relationship Buying local
  • 5. CSR Actions Recycle Environment Reuse Reduce
  • 6. Practice and encourage inclusive actions CSR Actions and behaviors Employees Empowerment Employee’s bonuses vs. company’s profit
  • 7. CSR Actions Business/Employees Prohibited •acceptance of any kind of bribe Respect •management intimidation •child employment •people’s rights •slave work conditions •natural environment •sexual harassment •customer Equal opportunity employment
  • 8. CSR Actions Community/Society Company’s Payment profit of taxes Business vision First job to Work with local youth people government
  • 9. Sources • The economist - special reports - Just good business - Jan 17th 2008 - From The Economist print edition - • Forbes Online - Is Corporate Social Responsibility Responsible? - Betsy Atkins - 11.28.06 • Greenbiz - Wegmans Reverses Supermarket Supply Chain, Starts Organic Farm - By GreenBiz Staff - Published September 12, 2007 • PG&E - Energy Smart Grocer - Since 2002, EnergySmart Grocer has audited over 1,000 grocery stores on the West Coast and and delivered more than $11,000,000 in annual savings • Greenbiz - Massachusetts Grocers Seek to Boost Recycling of Supermarket Food Waste -By GreenBiz Staff - Published August 29, 2005 • Greenbiz - California Grocers Recycled 2.3 Billion Pounds of Materials in 2006 - By GreenBiz Staff - Published February 29, 2008 • Whole foods website - Company - Core values • Trader joe’s website - Trader Who? - How we do business • Grenner Buildings - Cub Foods Bags EPA Gold Rating for New Saint Paul Store - By GreenerBuildings Staff - Published November 4, 2008 - • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility class’ lectures • A catechism on CSR - the 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year - By Professor Kellie A. McElhaney - Haas School of Business - University of California, Berkeley • Wikipedia - Business ethics - corporate ethics policies • The W. Edwards Deming Institute - teachings - The Deming System of Profound Knowledge - Condensation of the 14 Points for Management
  • 10. Questions