The NEW WAY of teaching our kids


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The old age reading, writing, arithmetic approach is keeping our kids from reaching new heights and excelling at greater levels. Therefore, we need a new approach- the experiential learning method. Create to Educate is committed to designing experiential learning programs to prepare your child for the future.

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The NEW WAY of teaching our kids

  1. 1. “Learning by Design: creating success through personalized experiential learning” By: Create to Educate Lynchburg, VA Phone: 434-515-2313 Email:
  2. 2. Experiential Learning  Experiential learning is a method of learning through direct experience of a subject.  The style of learning was developed during the 1970s by Dr. David Kolb.
  3. 3. Dr. David Kolb  Dr. Kolb earned his doctorate in social psychology from the Harvard University.  His life’s work has been mostly spent as an educational theorist.
  4. 4. Kolb's Experiential Explanation  Kolb defines experiential learning as the process by which knowledge results from different combinations of grasping and transforming experiences.  In short, students can learn by experiencing a subject and testing theories as a result of that experience.
  5. 5. Kolb’s Learning Model
  6. 6. Create to Educate’s Mission  Our mission is not to reform; rather, we seek to replace your students current learning style with a more effective style.  We believe in designing personalized lessons for your student and teaching them in a manner that suits their style of learning.
  7. 7. Your Student will:  Pose questions about the subject  Investigate the subject  Run experiments on the subject based on their investigations  Solve problems relevant to the subject  Assume responsibility for what the student experiences/learns  Develop a creative “Mind of Learning”  Independently construct meaning about the subject
  8. 8. In short: The Future The Student of Today is the Future of Tomorrow. Students must receive the best education they can in order to keep up with the rest of the world. Create to Educate will provide your child with a new and improved learning style. We will Create each individual learning experience in order To Educate each individual student.
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