Career Coaching vs Career Counseling


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  • Some reasons why career coaching is needed: Increased organizational scrutiny from market analysts Employee personal problems Absenteeism and tardiness Motivation with less pay rewards To keep team focused Deal with constant change Get employees to take more initiative Confront negative attitudes and unwanted behavior Get buy-in for unpopular policies Succession planning
  • Joke: A patient was at her dr’s office after undergoing a complete physical exam. The doctor said, "I have some very grave news for you. You only have six months to live." "Oh doctor, what should I do?", the patient asked. The doctor replied, "Marry a coach." "Will that make me live longer?" asked the patient. "No," said the doctor, "but you’ll be asking the right questions when you go!"
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  • Career Coaching vs Career Counseling

    1. 1. Marcia BenchMasterCertified CareerCoachCareerCoach Institute
    2. 2. 10 Reasons NOT to Do CareerDevelopment10. People with plans fortheir lives are boring9. The rut I’m in may notlook pretty, but at leastit’s comfortable!8. My employer doesn’t offerit, and I sure don’t wantto do it myself!7. My family/friends like mejust the way I am.6. If God had intended me toadvance in my career,She would have givenme more ambition!
    3. 3. 10 Reasons…cont’d.5. It’s a jungle out there (inthe job market)4. My resume is at theprinter’s.3. I don’t know how to makemy net work.2. There’s no way I’m goingto get laid off!1. I can’t afford thewardrobe I need for myjob search/new job.
    4. 4. In today’s session we will… Explore and practice two laser coaching processes Discover how the career coaching/counselingmarketplace is changing – and how to keep up Experience a technique that helps clients overcomebarriers to their ideal work quickly and easily Help clients take positive action toward their goals,easily and effortlessly Learn how to thrive in Career Coaching 2.0
    5. 5. Marcia’s Story Psychology training Lawyer Teaching/consulting/writing Entrepreneur  exec infopreneur Coach Coach trainer/author
    6. 6. What people used to think of whenthey heard “coach”…“I could be the nextTiger Woods…”OR“What sport?”
    7. 7. Why Coaching is Growing SoQuickly Higher company expectations Pressure to stay competitive Shift to knowledge economy Greater need for strongpeople skills Changing job market Spike in entrepreneurship Boomers’ desire for balanceand choice to work in“retirement” Others?
    8. 8. 5 Myths & Realities AboutCoachingMyth:1. You need a psychologydegree to be a coach.2. You can’t make much moneyin coaching.3. With my counselingexperience, I can just startcalling my services“coaching.”4. Coaching is just a fad.5. I am pretty good with people,so I can become a coachwithout further training.Reality:1. No specific training is required fora coach2. 92% of coaches make less than$100K their first year, but moreare learning how!3. Beware taking on any new titlewithout studying it in depth!Counseling techniques are not thesame as coaching.4. Coaching is a new industry, butgrowing rapidly and used by 60%of the Fortune 500. It is here tostay!5. People skills alone are notenough. To learn coachingrequires training in coaching skills.
    9. 9. What Career Coaching Is“Career coaching is aninteractive process ofexploring work-relatedissues – leading toeffective action – inwhich the coach acts asboth a catalyst andfacilitator of individualand, in turn,organizationaldevelopment andtransformation.”Bench, Marcia, Career Coaching:An Insider’s Guide
    10. 10. Career Coaching vs. CareerCounselingSimilarities: Both deal with job searchand career design Both use assessments Both help people withcareer-related issues Neither works with mentallyill people unless counseloris so trainedDifferences: Billing/venue: Counselorsbill by the hour, work face-to-face and in one-hoursegments; Coaches bill bythe month, work by phoneand in half-hour segments Focus: Coaching focusesmore on results and actionthan counseling; Counselingis more directive Credentials: Counselorsusually must havecounseling degree; coachesshould have coachcertification
    11. 11. Laser Coaching Technique #1:“QuantumShift!™ Coaching “Quantum” means“moving rapidly or in anindivisible manner” A quantum shift is lastingand transfers to anyother similar situations(unlike most coaching) Why? It changes theperson at the belief level
    12. 12. QuantumShift! Coaching ModelEstablish Rapport,AgendaElaborate/ExploreElicitAction
    13. 13. Questions By Step in QSCModel1: Establish Rapport andAgenda2: Elaborate, Explore Issue3: Elicit Action1:What would you like tofocus on today?2a:What’s important aboutthat to you?2b: What would having thatdo for you?3:What are you willing to doto move forward on thisissue in the next week?
    14. 14. 4-Step Laser Coaching forToday’s Marketplace1. In the ___ minutes we have today, whatwould you like to focus on?2. What’s important about that to you? (OR Ifyou had x, how would that benefit you?)3. What’s in your way of getting it?4. What are you willing to do in the next weektoward that goal?
    15. 15. Career Coaching in ActionCareer Coaching in Action•Let’s try it!•Review questions onnext slide•Practice with apartner
    16. 16. Laser Technique #2: QuestionMakeoverInformation Questions Why is thishappening to me? Why am I such afailure? Why aren’t I better atthis? Why did she say that?Wisdom AccessQuestions What do I need to getthrough this? What will get me what Iwant? What can I do toimprove? What was my part inthat?Excerpted from Living Your Best Life by Laura Berman Fortgang(Tarcher/Putnam 2001)
    17. 17. Coaching Practice #2Let’s try technique #2!
    18. 18. Adding Coaching to YourBusinessYou don’t have to give upcounseling to be a coach!In fact, coaching is one ofthree critical infopreneurskills needed to competetoday:1. Coaching2. Speaking3. Writing
    19. 19. What is a Career Infopreneur?“a career infopreneur is aninformation entrepreneurwho specializes in a topicrelated to career, work,job or employment”Can include coaches,authors, trainers,speakers, careercounselors and more
    20. 20. Career Coaching 1.0: Coach Focus: 1:1 coaching Marketing to sell coaching Hard work Personal service delivery Limited $/ growth opportunities Difficult to establish your expert status
    21. 21. Career Coaching 2.0:Infopreneur Focus: solution to shared client problem Marketing to sell product first, then coachingpackage Much easier! Virtual/leveraged service delivery Unlimited $/ growth opportunities Easy to establish your expert status
    22. 22. New Ways to Deliver Coachingas an Infopreneur Coaching gym Group coaching Mastermind groups Live retreats JIT coaching Membershipcommunity
    23. 23. Career Coach Institute CCCProgram Get certified as a career coach in 3-6 months Includes: Career Coaching Kit (text, study guide, 26 emodules,quizzes, exam) Virtual Learning Community membership 12 weeks of Core Career Coaching Teleclasses 12 sessions with your own coach Two 12-session specialty elective classes (retirement,entrepreneur, spiritual, executive career coaching) 3 years’ certification If you enroll at the conference, tuition is $250 offAND you get a free 4-week minicourse of your choiceAND my preloaded mp3 player FREE!
    24. 24. Career Coaching Boot Camp HomeStudy Kit Includes ALL the content frommy live event last weekincluding: My latest book, CareerInfopreneur’s Success Roadmap 11 x 17 Roadmap graphic foryour wall 70-page seminar manual 2-DVD album of videos fromevent If you purchase at theconference, you get $100 off(just $397 for all of this!) Home Study Kit
    25. 25. Conclusion Career coaching canhelp you get fasterresults with clients Career coaching is acritical addition to acareer center orprivate practice inCareer Coaching 2.0 Coaching should beseen as part of alarger marketingfunnel and businessdesign
    26. 26. For More InformationVisit our booth in the exhibit area,Visit our web sites includingwww.careercoachinstitute.comwww.careerinfopreneurbook.comwww.marciabench.comCall us toll-free in the US1-866-CCOACH-4Email
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