Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 - Sample Pages for Vol. 3


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Preview pages for Volume 3 of the Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012. This third volume features 80 detailed maps showing where Marcellus & Utica Shale well permits have been issued throughout PA, OH and WV for July through December of 2012. New in Databook Vol. 3: county maps show the locations and names of compressor stations; a Supply Chain tutorial that helps your business identify opportunities to sell to the shale drilling industry; 2012 production estimates by state; much more!

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Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 - Sample Pages for Vol. 3

  1. 1. Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 Volume 3: 2012 Jul-Dec Drilling Permit Maps; Production Predictions; Supply Chain 101 80 Detail Maps, including individual county maps for permits issued Jul-Dec; Impact of New Regulations, and More! Sample Pages
  2. 2. Table of Contents Section I - Overview Section II - Pennsylvania Permits (continued) Introduction & What’s New 6-7 Clinton County (map) 29 Drilling Update Jul-Dec 2012 8-11 Crawford County (map) 30 Henry Hub Prices Elk County (map) 31 Baker Hughes Rig Counts Fayette County (map) 32 Marcellus & Utica Production 2007-2011 Forest County (map) 33 Predictions: Marcellus & Utica Production 2012 Greene County (map) 34 Regulatory Update 12-14 Indiana County (map) 35 PA, OH, WV, NY, MD, SRBC, DRBC, EPA, DOI Jefferson County (map) 36 Marcellus/Utica Lease Offers (map) 15 Lawrence County (map) 37 2012 Ohio Well Production Results (table & map) 16-17 Lycoming County (map) 38 Guide to Using the County Maps (chart) 18 McKean County (map) 39 Mercer County (map) 40 Section II - Pennsylvania Permits Potter County (map) 41 Somerset County (map) 42 PA Gas Well Permits – Entire State (map) 19 Sullivan County (map) 43 Allegheny County (map) 20 Susquehanna County (map) 44 Armstrong County (map) 21 Tioga County (map) 45 Beaver County (map) 22 Venango County (map) 46 Bradford County (map) 23 Warren County (map) 47 Butler County (map) 24 Washington County (map) 48 Cameron County (map) 25 Wayne County (map) 49 Centre County (map) 26 Westmoreland County (map) 50 Clarion County (map) 27 Wyoming County (map) 51 Clearfield County (map) 28©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  3. 3. Table of Contents Section III - Ohio Permits Section IV - West Virginia Permits OH Gas Well Permits – Entire State (map) 52 WV Gas Well Permits - Panhandle (map) 71 Athens County (map) 53 WV Gas Well Permits - Lower State (map) 72 Belmont County (map) 54 Barbour County (map) 73 Carroll County (map) 55 Brooke County (map) 74 Columbiana County (map) 56 Doddridge County (map) 75 Coshocton County (map) 57 Gilmer County (map) 76 Guernsey County (map) 58 Grant County (map) 77 Harrison County (map) 59 Greenbrier County (map) 78 Holmes County (map) 60 Harrison County (map) 79 Jefferson County (map) 61 Kanawha County (map) 80 Mahoning County (map) 62 Lewis County (map) 81 Monroe County (map) 63 Marion County (map) 82 Morrow County (map) 64 Marshall County (map) 83 Noble County (map) 65 Monongalia County (map) 84 Portage County (map) 66 Nicholas County (map) 85 Stark County (map) 67 Ohio County (map) 86 Trumbull County (map) 68 Pleasants County (map) 87 Tuscarawas County (map) 69 Preston County (map) 88 Washington County (map) 70 Putnam County (map) 89 Randolph County (map) 90 Ritchie County (map) 91 Taylor County (map) 92 Tyler County (map) 93 Upshur County (map) 94 Webster County (map) 95 Wetzel County (map) 96©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  4. 4. Table of Contents Section V – Marcellus/Utica Shale Supply Chain Opportunities Introduction 97 Hydraulic Fracturing (table) 102 Exploration (table) 98 Well Completion (table) 103 Lease, Acquisition, Permits (table) 99 Production & Pipeline (table) 104 Site Construction (table) 100 Strategy for Locating & Contacting Prospects 105-111 Drilling & Well Construction (table) 101 Methodology and Accuracy Information in this report is from a combination of publicly available databases, company press releases, news reports, and in-house proprietary information. While every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the data, readers should be advised that there are no assurances of 100 percent accuracy. Information provided is only as accurate and comprehensive as the source documents. Maps found throughout the document provide pictures of data, that independently, show themes divided by county, state, or region, depending on the subject. At times, multiple “layers” are displayed in a single map to provide context where one layer might have impact or relate to another. Maps have been produced from the ShaleNavigator web-based mapping system and the Select Analytics desktop mapping programs. Use of information provided in this report is at your own risk. Disclaimer: Select Analytics, LLC, dba “ShaleNavigator” and Marcellus Drilling News, are not liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered related to the use of this Databook product arising from any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or any other inadequacies of the Databook or the Recipient’s use of the Databook. In no event will Select Analytics, LLC, dba “ShaleNavigator” or Marcellus Drilling News liability to the Recipient or anyone else exceed the fee paid for the Databook product. About ShaleNavigator ShaleNavigator ( is a web-based mapping solution that displays information specific to the leasing and development of shale plays in the United States, with particular focus on Marcellus and Utica development activity. Other U.S. Shale plays are available as well within the interface. ShaleNavigator’s Available Property listing service allows landowners to display their properties within the context of the development map, and ShaleNavigators unique Newsboard locates and maps news, data, and deals on a daily basis. ShaleNavigator is a product of Select Analytics, LLC, a geospatial consulting firm that has served government, real estate development, environmental, and energy industries for over 15 years. Subscriptions are still available, and there is a free, 7 day trial account that can be activated by visiting About Marcellus Drilling News Marcellus Drilling News ( is an online news service dedicated to bringing news and resources to landowners and businesses in the Marcellus and Utica Shale (Appalachian) region of the United States. MDN scours the news daily, identifying and analyzing what’s happening with exploration, production, processing and delivery of Marcellus and Utica natural gas and its derivatives. We are blessed in the Marcellus region to have an abundant supply of clean energy beneath our feet, ready to be used. MDN chronicles the journey to energy independence by tapping the Marcellus and Utica Shale.©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  5. 5. Section I - Overview DRILLING UPDATE: JUL-DEC 2012 The Mighty Marcellus Roars – The Utica Grows Up The second half of 2012 saw an acceleration of the trends that began in the first half of the year. As we stated in Databook Volume 2, perhaps we should have seen it coming, but we didn’t. The “it” was the collapse of the commodity price for natural gas. The spot price for natural gas sank to an average $1.95 per million Btus in April. By the end of the year it had rebounded to $3.34 MMbtus (see the chart at right). In a near-perfect commodity market like natural gas, when supplies outstrip demand, prices for the commodity fall, and that’s just what we saw in 2012 (see Databook Volume 2 for an explanation of natural gas supply and demand economics). As recently as June 2011, the commodity price for natural gas stood at $4.54 MMbtus. Energy producers are less willing to drill when the price is at a level where profits are small or non- existent. Gas storage and pipeline company Spectra Energy estimates the “breakeven price” which drillers need to receive just to stay in the black is $4.26 MMbtus for drilling in the central Marcellus region, and $3.44 MMbtus in the less- expensive-to-drill area of northeastern PA. Energy consulting firm Enercom pegs the average breakeven number for the entire Marcellus at $2.88 MMbtus. Only the drillers themselves know the real breakeven price—it’s different for each driller (and a closely guarded secret they don’t share). When the price started heading lower in the latter half of 2011, it took a few months but we eventually saw rig counts—an indication of willingness to drill—go steadily down for the first nine months of 2012 (see the rig count chart at right). However, rig counts seemed to have reached their low point in September and since then have steadily inched up. One notable event related to rig counts is that near the end of the year Ohio’s rig count passed that of West Virginia—the first time that’s happened in years, thanks to the white hot Utica Shale.©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  6. 6. Section I - Overview SPECIAL: 2012 Ohio Well Production Results Unfortunately the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) only requires annual reporting for production results. The first real official insight we will have into how productive (or not) the Utica Shale is for natural gas will be in March 2013. However, ahead of that, the Databook has collected what we know about Ohio production from press statements issued by the producers themselves. Below is that table. Well locations are mapped on the next page.©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  7. 7. Section I - Overview GUIDE TO USING THE COUNTY MAPS #1 – The municipality or operator name is followed by two sets of numbers, with the second number in parentheses. Example: Plumcreek – 4 (3). The first number - “4” in this case - shows the total number of permits issued. The second number - “(3)” in this case - indicates how many wells the permits were issued for. Usually a single well requires several permits during drilling, to allow the driller to continue to the next stage. #2 – A purple dot indicates where a well pad is located. Each well pad can have from one to ten wells on it. Typically a pad will contain 2-4 wells. Because of the size of the maps (vastly reduced to show an entire county), sometimes the purple dots will be “on top of each other” and sometimes will not be labeled with a driller’s name. #3 – The boundary of each county is indicated with a blue outline. County names are also in the same blue color. #4 – Major gas pipelines are indicated with red lines and the name of the pipeline somewhere along the line. #5 – NEW in Volume 3! The location for pipeline compressor stations is indicated by a green triangle–the name is next to it.©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  8. 8. Section II – Pennsylvania Permits Armstrong County By Municipality: Bethel – 1 (1) Boggs – 2 (2) Burrell – 4 (3) East Franklin – 3 (3) Gilpin – 2 (1) Madison – 1 (1) Manor – 1 (1) North Buffalo – 2 (2) Plumcreek – 4 (3) Rayburn – 2 (2) South Bend – 1 (1) South Buffalo – 1 (1) Sugarcreek – 1 (1) West Franklin – 1 (1) By Operator: Chevron – 3 (2) EQT – 8 (6) EXCO Resources – 2 (2) MDS Energy – 4 (4) Snyder Brothers – 7 (7) XTO Energy – 2 (2)©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  9. 9. Section III – Ohio Permits Columbiana County By Municipality: Butler – 1 (1) Center – 2 (2) Elk Run – 3 (3) Fairfield – 3 (3) Franklin – 3 (2) Hanover – 2 (2) Knox – 1 (1) Middleton – 1 (1) Salem – 5 (4) By Operator: Chesapeake Energy – 20 (18) Sierra Resources – 1 (1)©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  10. 10. Section IV – West Virginia Permits Marion County Entire County: 156 (44) By Operator: Chesapeake Energy – 45 (12) EQT – 3 (2) Trans Energy – 35 (6) Waco Oil & Gas – 5 (3) XTO Energy – 68 (21)©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  11. 11. Section V – Marcellus/Utica Supply Chain Opportunities Lease, Acquisition, Drilling & Well Hydraulic Production & Exploration Site Construction Well Completion Permits Construction Fracturing Pipeline Supply Chain Opportunities: What Happens During This Stage: 213111 - Gas well drilling on a contract basis o Vertical "air rig" (uses air and not fluid for drilling) is mobilized/brought to site 213112 - Geological exploration for oil and gas on a contract basis o Air rig is set up and used to drill a vertical wellbore to a point just above the shale layer 213112 - Mud service for oil field drilling on a contract basis o Several casings (metal pipe, cement) are placed into the wellbore to protect the water aquifer 213112 - Cementing oil and gas well casings on a contract basis 213112 - Building, erecting, repairing, and dismantling oil and gas field rigs o After all casings are in place & cemented, a wellhead is placed at top to prevent casing movement 238320 - Engineering structure painting (e.g., oil storage tank, water tower) o Air rig is mobilized out (removed) 238990 - Crane rental with operator o A much larger horizontal rig using drilling mud (water or oil-based drilling fluid) is mobilized in 238990 - Manufactured (mobile) home set up and tie down o Water used for drilling is trucked in and stored in a pit or special tanks 331210 - Well casings made from purchased iron or steel 332420 - Water tanks, heavy gauge metal, manufacturing o Downhole motors and electromagnetic survey equipment is used to drill the wellbore 332420 - Bulk storage tanks, heavy gauge metal (secure), manufacturing o The wellbore is drilled in a curve, then horizontally through the shale layer 333132 - Gas well machinery and equipment, including drill bits, reamers, etc. o Steel pipe is inserted and cemented in place 336211 - Tank trucks (e.g., water) assembling on purchased chassis o Both drill rigs are contained in a special area encased with pit liners to guard against fluid spills 423320 - Cement merchant wholesalers 423610 - Generators, electrical, merchant wholesalers o As drilling is done, drill cuttings (rock, dirt and fluids) are removed and trucked away 424340 - Boots (safety/work) merchant wholesalers o Geologists & engineers collaborate with drilling crews to analyze and fine tune the drilling process 424690 - Drilling muds merchant wholesalers o When the horizontal wellbore is done, the horizontal rig is mobilized out (removed) to next job 424720 - Petroleum and petroleum products merchant wholesalers (diesel fuel) 482112 - Short-line railroads 484220 - Mobile home/office towing services, local Products & Services Used: 484220 - Trucking services (equipment, drill cuttings, water) 485510 - Bus charter services 531110 - Apartment rental or leasing Drilling contractor (owns rigs & equipment) Water pipelines 531190 - Mobile (manufactured) home/office rental or leasing Daywork drillers Water tanks (frack tanks) 531190 - Trailer/RV park or court, residential Drill site management Geologists 532120 - Truck trailer rental or leasing Pit liners Engineering consultant 532310 - General rental centers (construction tools, etc.) Steel pipes/casings Portable toilets 532412 - Oil & gas well drilling machinery and equipment rental or leasing 532412 - Crane rental or leasing without operator Cement Portable trailers, used for offices, living quarters 532490 - Generator rental or leasing Wellhead equipment Catering - food for workers 541330 - Engineering services (geological, petroleum, environmental) Float equipment, centralizers, baskets, etc. Apartment rentals 561612 - Security guard services Drill bits, reamers, tools, power tongs RV parks 561990 - Support Services: Pit Liners Drilling mud & chemicals Hotels/motels 562111 - Garbage collection services Fuel to operate the rig Misc tools, services & rentals 562991 - Portable toilet renting and/or servicing Diesel generators (power supply) Onsite security 721110 - Hotels & motels 722320 - Catering services Off-road diesel fuel to operate generators Secure storage containers (for equipment) 812332 - Protective apparel supply services Trucking - equipment, water Bus service to shuttle workers 812332 - Work clothing and uniform supply services, industrial Short-line railroads - move equipment Garbage hauling 812332 - Laundry services, industrial©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages
  12. 12. Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 Volume 1: 2011 Drilling Permits; 2012 Company Strategies, Contacts, Legislation Publish Date: March 2012 Volume 2: 2012 Drilling Permits (Jan-Jun), NY Bans/Support for Fracking, Landowner Coalition Directory Publish Date: July 2012 Volume 3: 2012 Drilling Permits (Jul-Dec), Production Predictions, Compressor Stations, Supply Chain Tutorial Publish Date: January 2013 Purchase Options Buy each volume individually for $149, or buy all three for $447 $298 Site licenses/volume discounts also available, contact us for details To purchase, contact: Marcellus Drilling News Web: Email: Phone: (607) 238-2500©Marcellus and Utica Shale Databook 2012 – Volume 3 Sample Pages