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Solution Brief: Commvault & Red Hat Storage


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This Solution brief describes the combined solution of Commvault Simpana and Red Hat Storage.

By using RHS, the amount of devicestreams can be raised significantly as more nodes are added to the cluster.
Each RHS node functions as a co-controller to the storagepool and can be adressed with devicestreams.

The Commvault Media Agent component can also be installed co-resident with the storagenode so that the media agent sits directly on the storage. Contact Red Hat for more information.

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Solution Brief: Commvault & Red Hat Storage

  1. 1. Solution Brief Quick Facts: • Simplified Simpana OnePass™ consolidates backup, archive and reporting scans into a single process. • Scalable Scale out software defined storage from Red Hat enables easy scaling using commodity hardware Manageable Cost Efficiently Contain and Manage Unstructured Data Growth • Efficient Source-side deduplication improves backup performance by 50% and network traffic by 90% Solution Components: • Software CommVault® Simpana OnePass™ Red Hat Storage 2.0 • Hardware Deploy on Standard X86 Servers with no Vendor Lock-in Deploy on premise or in the cloud • Multi-protocol Support NFS / CIFS / Glusterfs Native / REST • Geo-replication for DR – either between datacenters or to the public cloud Simple and Scalable Data Management with CommVault® Simpana OnePass™ and Red Hat Storage The Enterprise Data Management Challenge Traditional data management relies on separate infrastructure for backup, archive and reporting. Each function typically requires its own scan of a file system and/or database, a collection process and then a transfer process. This siloed approach requires heavy compute resources, strains networks, and consumes large amounts of storage. Adding storage capacity is a challenge of its own when functionality like deduplication and performance must be weighed against cost/GB. Is there a way to simplify this increasingly complex infrastructure challenge? Simplify and Scale Enterprise data management solutions built on CommVault ® Simpana OnePass™ and Red Hat Storage simplify data management and storage scaling by using intelligent software and commodity hardware: • Simpana OnePass™ consolidates backup, archive, and reporting processing by performing a single “pass” or scan of the file system for all 3 functions. • Simpana® Source-side deduplication means that only changed data is sent through the network and storage infrastructure. While appliance-based deduplication reduces storage footprint, software- based source deduplication reduces not only storage footprint, but network throughput and processing as well. • Red Hat Storage is an open source software defined Scale-out storage designed for unlimited scalability. • Co-resident Media Agent – Allows multiple backup streams to increase backup performance along with storage capacity. • Multiprotocol Access – both File and Object to future proof your infrastructure Figure 1: Application Agents perform Simpana OnePass functions and source deduplication on the application server. Media Agents move backup and archive data to Red Hat Storage cluster. Nodes added to the Red Hat storage cluster as needed. Single CommVault® CommServe manages the entire infrastructure.