SDT2012 (PK1.2): How to push your brand with sport and tourism.


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This presentation was part of the SDT2012 - the 1st international conference on service design and tourism, Innsbruck/Austria, August 23-24, 2012. For more info on the conference and other presentations visit: All rights reserved by the author(s):

Martin Suiter, Germany
MARTIN SUITER – Consultancy

Who is Martin Suiter: with 20 years of practical experience this makes Martin Suiter an expert in sports and tourism. Working for many corporates and destinations in the premium segment made him alert to the dos and don'ts to get his customers' attention. All this gathered knowledge formed the MARTIN SUITER - Consultancy which was founded in 2007. Experience, contacts and his creative mind are the key for his work and his clients' success.

How to push your brand with sport and tourism.
Sport and tourism are the two fields people are most interested in and spend most of their time with. Through the growing health-consciousness the number increases continuously. The experiences of hundreds of events with up to 140,000 participants taught Martin Suiter how to use these fields to push a brand and how to catch the customer's attention while they are relaxing and in a good mood. In this intense session you will get practical information based on successful examples and hints how to get closer to your customer with the tools sport and tourism. Follow him: blog, twitter, linkedIn, facebook - direct links under

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SDT2012 (PK1.2): How to push your brand with sport and tourism.

  1. 1. blog I twitter I linkedin I facebook
  2. 2. • Hi, I am Martin Suiter, 46 years old, still not married and my Consultancy is doing strategic communication concepts for corporations, destinations, hotel chains, exhibition centres, associations and federations. With 20 years of experience and about 350 events, conferences and exhibitions with up to 140.000 participants I share my knowledge here with you today 2
  3. 3. how to push your brand with sport and tourism 23rd of August 2012 MCI Innsbruck
  4. 4. • how to push your brand with sport and tourism. As I jumped in for another speaker I hope you excuse, that my format is not exactly 20/20 - so let’s go 4
  5. 5. • When I grew up and I hope I still grow in every decade there was the best technology invented at that time. And today we try to connect our brain and the knowledge we have with the latest technology. That should enable us to “see” what is inside our brain and how it works and how we can influence that. 6
  6. 6. nerve tracts in our brain
  7. 7. • These are the nerve tracts in our brain. Not a complete mess as you might have expected, but rather sorted as we humans like it. We like clear, distinct and understandable messages because we seek always for causal contexts. But remember the so popular emotions are embodied and not cerebral. 8
  8. 8. - buying is a social decision- change the believes - change the behaviours- ease of use + joy of use = usability- reduce friction = intense user experience
  9. 9. • We know exactly that buying is a social decision. And to change the believes we need to change the behaviours but not only from the individual, but from the whole social environment. How can that be achieved? Well, we need to ease the usability and to reduce friction (like Google does that) is one thing – plus we need to develop individual options. 10
  10. 10. learn to be an Optionist
  11. 11. • So learn to be an Optionist. What you see here (or there) are about a thousand mountain peaks. Each and everyone different – let’s presume that everyone represents a project. Every peak needs to be conquered in a different way plus we do not know how the unpredictable influences like weather, wind, etc. are. But they all have one in common, when you come down again you gained more experience and a better reputation. But do not dream - use your phantasy instead. 12
  12. 12. tourism & economy
  13. 13. • This example now shows you how one of the largest insurance and finance companies in the world used the reputation of the birthplace of Golf. Everybody in the world of golf and that are app. 70 Mio. players worldwide know St. Andrews its history and its legendary status. So both partners gain additional reputation from each other’s clients and fans. 14
  14. 14. how it ended? see:Mario Gomez vs. Martin Kaymer on YouTube
  15. 15. • But what can you do if you have to promote your apparel label like HUGO BOSS Green for a not so popular sport like golf? Well, use the most popular sport football as a vehicle and create a partnership. (Film) 16
  16. 16. brand loyalty
  17. 17. • and do not forget humans’ best friend as this example of St. Pauli a very popular anarchistic football club based in Hamburg shows. Where you can buy merchandise even for dogs. But also here the picture is important and very authentic, because the average St. Pauli fan would not have a lap dog as their best friend. 18
  18. 18. photo credits: / / / / facebook
  19. 19. • but be aware what the community makes out of your pictures within seconds – like this example from the European Championship shows. Or this one – who is that? Well that is what you think. My daughter has answered: no Daddy that is the man who is digging in his nose and chewing his fingernails. Be aware of the interpretation of the viewer. 20
  20. 20. clear, distinct messages, humour, character = from USP to ESP (Emotional Selling Proposition)
  21. 21. • so clear, distinct messages with a sense of humour and an authentic character lead you the way from USP to ESP the Emotional Selling Proposition 22
  22. 22. be as individual as you can!
  23. 23. PiyP (Power in your Pocket) Feedback
  24. 24. • to test your success it is proven that as more often you ask – how do you like this and that – the more likely the end result is more positive and that enhancement is between 20 and 25%. Not bad if your payment depends on customer satisfaction. 26
  25. 25. photo credits:
  26. 26. • What would Rastafarians say if they were one day not full of dope? What a shitty music. 28
  27. 27. The question is not: what have I achieved? the question is:What could I have achieved?
  28. 28. • So do not dope yourself with what you have achieved, but rather ask yourself what you could have achieved if you would have added another 10% 30
  29. 29. why are you here?Experience, contacts and a creative mind can not be replaced at all. Martin Suiter
  30. 30. • so – why are you here? Is it because experience, contacts and a creative mind can not be replaced? Let’s listen what Charlotte has to say: 32
  31. 31. to see more videos go to:„HiIamWorld“ on YouTube
  32. 32. • Here at SDT2012 it is the first time that I make our YouTube channel HiIamWorld public. All of the up till now 26 videos of people that we met somewhere contain the same three questions. We developed this project to show how to evaluate clients, tourists or customers in a modern, personal and direct manner. Amazingly we gain the most information out the way people answer, of what people do not say and what they say between the lines. 34
  33. 33. • So if you are interested in this powerful project to implement in your corporation, destination, hotel chain or congress centre just get my card and we talk – or we do a Hi, I am … video with you right now.Thank you – and as Charlotte said: stay happy – have asafe trip - and a lot of fun. 35
  34. 34. ... to be continued ...Thank you very much for your attention. I hope there are a lot of questions.
  35. 35. C onsulting blog I twitter I linkedin I facebook