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  • Marc Stickdorn commented on Differentiating Experience Design Differentiating Experience Design 2 days ago
    Marc Stickdorn
    • Marc Stickdorn Marc Stickdorn Nice one. Although, I don't agree with your definition of UX. UX does not only focus on a single touchpoint, but rather on digital channels (websites, apps, software, etc. ). Also UX design works with customer journeys across channels, e.g. th process of booking tickets for a movie or flight: starting on a website, sending out a confirmation text message and a qr code by email to be used with your mobiel phone. A classic UX issue, However, often UX is limited to cross-channel experiences in the digital world. With this change, I think you've nailed it. Although, I wouldn't care about this too much. Our aim should be to break down silos in organisations and not to build up no ones (ux vs. service design vx. cx). In the end, these are often names for the same thing and it depends on the culture and language of an organisation how they'll name it. I do service design, but I often call it differently in each organisation... ;)  2 days ago
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