BCHRMA Social Media = Branding, Engagement & Relationship Building


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A presentation I made to the BC Human Resource Managers Association.

I talked about how to use Social Media to help with Branding, Engagement & relationship Building from the HR dept perspective

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BCHRMA Social Media = Branding, Engagement & Relationship Building

  1. 1. Social Media = Branding, Engagement and Relationship Building
  2. 2. BC Human Resource Management Association
  3. 3. Before Social After Social
  4. 4. Mobile to surpass desktop by 2015
  5. 5. Social Media - BrandingTop Reasons Brands Are Investing in Social1. To generate word of mouth advocacy2. Develop brand loyalty and build closer relationships with customers/employees3. Address customer care issues4. Educate customers/employees and media about company-related issues5. Support product/service sales and events
  6. 6. Social Media - BrandingQuestions to ask yourself1. Why social?2. What are people saying about my brand, product or service?3. How do I position my brand?4. What assets do I have/need?5. Who do I admire (socially)?6. What area of my business needs the most help?7. Where do I start?8. What platforms are most relevant?9. What does success look like and how do I measure it?
  7. 7. Social Media - Branding
  8. 8. Social Media - Engagement Blank http://youtu.be/Nl9fvn8c_Eo
  9. 9. Social Media - Engagement 1. Be strategic, not just experimental 2. Listen to what they want 3. Have a goal, set some benchmarks 4. Develop a conversation strategy 5. Post like a friend, not like brand 6. Recognize your fans’ awesomeness 7. Use good content to drive conversation 8. Define success, know when you did well 9. Define value, and make a difference
  10. 10. Social Media - Engagement Brand Friend
  11. 11. Social Media - EngagementDon’tEditYourself
  12. 12. Social Media - Engagement
  13. 13. Social Media - Relationship
  14. 14. Social Media - Relationship The Break Up http://youtu.be/D3qltEtl7H8
  15. 15. Social Media - Relationship
  16. 16. Social Media – Why Should HR Care?1. Great brands attract the best talent2. Innovative brands are quick to adapt and take advantage of opportunities3. Engaged employees become brand ambassadors4. Engaged employees are more productive5. Amplifies the positive6. Informs what your employees are saying and care about7. Creates an on going multidimensional dialogue8. Removes silos mentality and facilitates departmental cooperation9. BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DOES
  17. 17. Q&A
  18. 18. Resourceshttp://www.infopost.ca/en/social-media-employee-policy/
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