The Great Controversy eBook


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This version of the ebook The Great Controversy is especially for 7th Day Adventists who want to understand the bigger picture of Adventism. Simple enough for even children. Enjoy.

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The Great Controversy eBook

  1. 1. The GreatControversy Part 1
  2. 2. This book is dedicated to Lion, Sky and Coral
  3. 3. PrefaceThis eBook outlines what I think are essential conceptsin order to understand the teachings of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.If you have never heard of these ideas before, it is quitepossible you do not fully understand the Adventistteaching known as the 3 Angels Messages.This book was written for that purpose, it is intended asan aid to help understand those messages.I hope it will be easy enough for even children toappreciate.
  4. 4. InstructionsTo get the most out of this eBook, I would like to makethe following suggestions:• read the eBook through• then go back and prove with a fact that each point is true.• make sure you can verify the truthfulness of each point by hook or by crook.That’s it.God bless you.
  5. 5. start
  6. 6. (that is before the earth began)
  7. 7. there was a disagreement
  8. 8. “I do not agree with what you have to say, but Ill defend tothe death your right to say it. ” Voltaire
  9. 9. Who were arguing?
  10. 10. Who were these characters?
  11. 11. Michael &the Dragon
  12. 12. “You have but to know anobject by its proper namefor it to lose its dangerousmagic.” Elias Canetti
  13. 13. Why didn’t it say Jesus and Satan? Would that have been easier?
  14. 14. If you know why these names were used it will unlock many keys to understanding this controversy!
  15. 15. Anyway this argument was serious…
  16. 16. Heaven in a state
  17. 17. what was the issue?
  18. 18. that could cause a war…
  19. 19. in paradise of all places?
  20. 20. that’s a paradox isnt it? war in heaven
  21. 21. important
  22. 22. what was the issue again?
  23. 23. the real issue was…
  24. 24. over the law of God
  25. 25. “the law of God?”
  26. 26. What’s wrong with the law of God?
  27. 27. “Laws and principles are not forthe times when there is notemptation: they are for suchmoments as this, when body andsoul rise in mutiny against theirrigour ... If at my convenience Imight break them, what would betheir worth?” Charlotte Bronte , Jane Eyre
  28. 28. think hard about this
  29. 29. in figuring out the problem with the law of God…
  30. 30. the dragon said the law was unfair
  31. 31. What? Unfair?
  32. 32. What was unfair?
  33. 33. hold onYou don’t think the same thing by any chance do you?
  34. 34. He said everything about the law was unfair and he justified it by…
  35. 35. Well he justified himself by…himself with his own arguments
  36. 36. He did not like the law and said it was…
  37. 37. …not right
  38. 38. it was unjust unfair wrong unreasonablethat he had a reason to question it
  39. 39. on top of all that he wanted to …
  40. 40. Well… he wanted to actually be like Michael
  41. 41. he must have been jealous big-time
  42. 42. was the law really unfair?
  43. 43. was there a reason to break it?
  44. 44. anyway eventually
  45. 45. the war was won
  46. 46. back then
  47. 47. (that is before the earth began)
  48. 48. that’s right - before the earth began.
  49. 49. by Michael
  50. 50. Which was great news… (we all thought that!)
  51. 51. but hold on…
  52. 52. we still have war
  53. 53. we still have pain
  54. 54. we still have sorrow
  55. 55. If the war was won by Michael…
  56. 56. How come we still have sin?
  57. 57. big question huh?
  58. 58. No matter what creed, colour or religion you are…
  59. 59. if you’re reading this…
  60. 60. The answer to this question is thebasis of understanding Christianity
  61. 61. How come we still have sin?
  62. 62. The answer forms the foundation of understanding Adventism
  63. 63. If you can answer this question of why we are still at war….
  64. 64. Then the 3 angels messages will make complete sense
  65. 65. So… how come we are still at war?
  66. 66. Well..
  67. 67. actually there was a deadlock (after the war was won)
  68. 68. Michael won the warbut the dragon would not accept it
  69. 69. furthermore…
  70. 70. The dragon’s supporters were still sympathetic to his argument
  71. 71. and
  72. 72. Michael’s angels were still notentirely sure who was really in the right
  73. 73. If the Dragon was destroyed and all his support with him…
  74. 74. Somewhere in the universe someone would still be in doubt
  75. 75. “what if the dragon was right?”
  76. 76. and some day that doubt could resurface again and cause…
  77. 77. well war…. again
  78. 78. simply put…
  79. 79. • There was a reason to break the law• the law was unfair• the reason to break the law is because ‘I think so’
  80. 80. dear reader are you sure youunderstand the issue that caused the argument in the first place?
  81. 81. anyway
  82. 82. Michael wanted to resolve this once and for all
  83. 83. and for good.
  84. 84. Michael wanted the best solution to this dilemma
  85. 85. deadlockSo he tells the dragon…
  86. 86. Whom he has just beaten in wartime…
  87. 87. I’ll see you in court
  88. 88. “Court” exclaimed the dragon
  89. 89. ‘We’ll finish this in court’ said Michael
  90. 90. “are you crazy” he blurted
  91. 91. “court can’t resolve this” he grumbled
  92. 92. “Oh yes it will” replied Michael
  93. 93. “how can it?” enquired the dragon
  94. 94. Understand this dear reader
  95. 95. there are only 2 sides in this war
  96. 96. In all the universe there were created beings that were all loyal to God
  97. 97. but we had another group…
  98. 98. the supporters of the Dragon
  99. 99. There wasn’t anyone else just 2 sides
  100. 100. Who will be the Judge? enquired the Dragon
  101. 101. and who will be the Jury?
  102. 102. “It won’t be fair” he added
  103. 103. “unless…you have a 3rd party” he retorted
  104. 104. ‘and we know there is no third party’ he laughed
  105. 105. Michael responds…
  106. 106. “well its funny you should mention that…”
  107. 107. ‘we do have a third party’
  108. 108. what?
  109. 109. “where are they? Who are they? “
  110. 110. Michael points in a dark corner of a galaxy…
  111. 111. “you will find them over there”
  112. 112. …on Earth
  113. 113. what?
  114. 114. “you’ve got to be kidding me”said the dragon incredulously
  115. 115. “Oh I am deadly serious” warned Michael
  116. 116. the inhabitants of Earth
  117. 117. will be the judges and jury
  118. 118. ‘that means…you my friend’
  119. 119. Let that sink in for a moment
  120. 120. You are the key witness
  121. 121. You are the main witness in this case
  122. 122. are you getting the picture?
  123. 123. The biggest trial on the face of this universe is underway
  124. 124. and you are the prime witness
  125. 125. The dragon ponders hard
  126. 126. You should ponder hard too!
  127. 127. It’s a bit like a game of chesswhat will be his next move?
  128. 128. Humans?
  129. 129. The judge, witnesses and jury?
  130. 130. unbelievable
  131. 131. unheard of
  132. 132. “How will that make a fair trial” asks the dragon
  133. 133. Well…
  134. 134. the witnesses will be…
  135. 135. arbitrary
  136. 136. they are not involved
  137. 137. nor were they there
  138. 138. impartial and unbiased they will be
  139. 139. they will be perfect, and pure
  140. 140. let them hear your arguments
  141. 141. let them decide
  142. 142. If they choose you
  143. 143. If they vote for you
  144. 144. If they really want you
  145. 145. I will deal with that scenario if that should ever happen
  146. 146. however
  147. 147. understand that in this process I amgoing to show the universe your true colours
  148. 148. I only need one witness todemonstrate that the law is fair
  149. 149. one testimony will be enough to negate your arguments
  150. 150. and your accusations
  151. 151. At the end of time when you reach the climax of your case…
  152. 152. I will have an army of witnesses for you to contend against
  153. 153. all testifying that the law is fair
  154. 154. So then
  155. 155. I will give you time
  156. 156. to state your case
  157. 157. present your arguments
  158. 158. prove your point .
  159. 159. If you want to try and persuade them go ahead
  160. 160. no blatant out and out killing mind… I will be watching you
  161. 161. We will see what decision they come to at the end
  162. 162. Consider yourself on probation
  163. 163. You’re not off the hook
  164. 164. You’re on probation
  165. 165. I won the war remember
  166. 166. as far as I am concerned
  167. 167. this is a done deal
  168. 168. but for the sake of a better solution
  169. 169. one which even you will have to agree with…
  170. 170. I will give you the time you need
  171. 171. state your case to the third party
  172. 172. What do you say ?
  173. 173. Agreed?
  174. 174. “Done”said the dragon
  175. 175. and the rest is history.
  176. 176. now the dragon muttered…
  177. 177. he pondered hard his first move
  178. 178. What would he do?
  179. 179. how would he corrupt the witnesses?
  180. 180. destroy their witness
  181. 181. would he use money?
  182. 182. would he use women?
  183. 183. would he use men?
  184. 184. what would be his main strategy?
  185. 185. your guess is as good as mine
  186. 186. however
  187. 187. this is what was said in the book TEMPERANCEChapter 2—The Inception of IntemperanceSatan gathered the fallen angels together to devise some way of doing the mostpossible evil to the human family. One proposition after another was made, tillfinally Satan himself thought of a plan. He would take the fruit of the vine, alsowheat, and other things given by God as food, and would convert them intopoisons, which would ruin man’s physical, mental, and moral powers, and soovercome the senses that Satan should have full control. Under the influence ofliquor, men would be led to commit crimes of all kinds. Through pervertedappetite the world would be made corrupt. By leading men to drink alcohol, Satanwould cause them to descend lower and lower in the scale.Satan has succeeded in turning the world from God. The blessings provided inGod’s love and mercy he has turned into a deadly curse. He has filled men with acraving for liquor and tobacco. This appetite, which has no foundation in nature,has destroyed its millions.—The Review and Herald, April 16, 1901.
  188. 188. this is what was said in the book Counsels on Diet and FoodsThe Secret of the Enemy’s Strategy—Intemperance of any kind benumbs theperceptive organs and so weakens the brain-nerve power that eternal things arenot appreciated, but placed upon a level with the common. The higher powers ofthe mind, designed for elevated purposes, are brought into slavery to the baserpassions. If our physical habits are not right, our mental and moral powers cannotbe strong; for great sympathy exists between the physical and the moral.—Testimonies for the Church 3:50, 51.The brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are the only mediumthrough which Heaven can communicate to man and affect his inmost life.Whatever disturbs the circulation of the electric currents in the nervous systemlessens the strength of the vital powers, and the result is a deadening of thesensibilities of the mind.—Testimonies for the Church 2:347.Satan is constantly on the alert to bring the race fully under his control. Hisstrongest hold on man is through the appetite, and this he seeks to stimulate inevery possible way.—Counsels on Diet and Foods, 150.
  189. 189. What did he actually use?
  190. 190. food
  191. 191. that’s right - food
  192. 192. the witnessesare corrupted
  193. 193. with food
  194. 194. and their children…
  195. 195. are you thinking about this?
  196. 196. are the pieces coming together in your mind?
  197. 197. You would have thought that the dragon was going to win
  198. 198. but Michael had a plan too
  199. 199. A
  200. 200. His plan is called the gospel
  201. 201. to restore corrupted humanity back to their original condition as witnesses
  202. 202. urban name for the Gospel
  203. 203. this the great controversy
  204. 204. the fight between good and evil
  205. 205. This is the backdrop behind the religion called Christianity
  206. 206. are you understanding this?
  207. 207. We can’t be just nominal Christians if we understand what is going on
  208. 208. The most important thing to realise isthat the law of God is of the utmostpre-eminence in the government ofGod
  209. 209. This law must be upheld by all subjectsof the universe for peace and stability
  210. 210. Heaven is prepared to go to war toprotect the law of God sometimes called the law of liberty
  211. 211. the court is in progress
  212. 212. our interests in life is not the main focus
  213. 213. Life is not really about being secure, having enough money and living ‘life to the full’
  214. 214. we will find true meaning andfulfilment and all the these things just mentioned
  215. 215. as we align ourselves with God’s Almighty purpose for us
  216. 216. you are his witness
  217. 217. will you stand?
  218. 218. will you testify
  219. 219. that the law is just, holy and good?
  220. 220. You will just be doing your duty
  221. 221. Michael is depending on you.
  222. 222. The GreatControversy End of Part 1