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Aeroscout 090325154500 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Enterprise Visibility Solutions AeroScout MobileView Data Sheet AeroScout MobileView is the industry’s most advanced application for Enterprise Visibility Solutions, adding a critical layer of business logic to any location system. MobileView delivers a simple and elegant means of tracking assets and people, AeroScout MobileView with a full range of visualization, management and automated alerting options, as well as the ability to deliver valuable location data to a variety of 3rd party • Turn location data into applications. business logic MobileView turns asset • Track the location of mobile location information received assets in real time from the AeroScout Engine • Configure and send automated or other data sources into alerts based on asset location real business solutions, • Export reports on asset events delivering a scalable, and locations enterprise-proven software solution over the Web. With • Manage resources, assets and MobileView, developers and named zones end users can apply their • Integrate location information own rules and business logic with any third party application to location information, truly leveraging their positioning • Create customized industry data for efficient and applications intuitive applications in many different industries. Key Benefits Intuitive Asset Visualization Open Development Platform AeroScout MobileView includes a flexible, Web-based tool for AeroScout MobileView is both an end user application and a locating and viewing asset positioning in real-time. A few clicks location middleware platform, with a sophisticated open API is all it takes to locate an asset. for developers to create their own industry solutions. Improvement of Business Processes Advanced Reporting Functions Easily create sophisticated rules-based events and alerts Export and print multiple report forms detailing asset triggered by asset location and movement, to automate and movement, historical location and location-based events. improve everyday processes. Flexible Sources and Outputs Integration with multiple location data input sources as well as third party applications through an open API. Enterprise-Ready Features Support for clustering and redundancy, a distributed architecture and capacity for tens of thousands of assets make MobileView ideal for large enterprise users. Management of Asset and Location Data Easily populate and store intelligence about assets and physical locations, including categorization, icons, and named zones.
  2. 2. Rules-based Alerting MobileView empowers enterprise organizations by improving operational efficiency through automated event-based alerts. This means that asset movement or status changes can automatically trigger alerts or actions based on user-configurable rules. These alerts can be sent by email, by phone, to a 3rd party application through Web Services, and more. Configurable event types include: • Entrance/Exit: An asset has entered (or exited) a zone or passed by a specific checkpoint. • Overflow/Shortage: There are too many (or few) of a category of assets within a zone. • Dwell/Absence: An asset has remained within (or been absent from) a zone for too long. • Telemetry: A sensor attached to a tag has reached a threshold (high temp., low fuel, etc.) • Friend/Foe: Two assets are too close to (or distant from) each other. • Workflow: An asset has proceeded from one location to another in the incorrect order. • Call Button: A button has been pressed on an asset tag. MobileView Features System Requirements • HTML-based Web interface (no Java client needed) MobileView Server Operating System— • Accepts location data from AeroScout Engine and Cisco (MV-3000): Windows 2003 Location Appliance Database—Oracle 9.2i, • Rules engine is deployed on a central server, resulting in a MS-SQL 2005 highly scalable and distributed architecture J2EE Application Server – • Scalable to accomodate upwards of tens-of-thousands of JBoss 3.2.7 assets and transactions Memory—2 GB RAM • Sophisticated user management tools authorize and CPU—2.8 GHz differentiate users and clients Gateways for AeroScout Operating System— • SOAP APIs for easy integration with 3rd party applications Engine (MV-3000-AGW) and Windows 2003 and custom application development Cisco Location Appliance Web Server: IIS 6.NET • Modular architecture enables customization of tools and (MV-3000-CGW): framework 1.1 forms Memory—512 MB CPU—2 GHz 1300 Island Drive Suite 202 Ordering Information Redwood City, CA 94065 Tel: +1 650-596-2994 For ordering and pricing information contact AeroScout at Fax: +1 650-596-2969 and refer to AeroScout MobileView (MV-3000). Copyright © 2007 AeroScout, Inc. All Rights Reserved. AeroScout is a registered trademark of AeroScout, Inc. Information is subject to change without notice. Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.