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Slogans powerpoint 2 1


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  • 13. Audere est facere
  • 14. SLOGANS Or...straplines, endlines, taglines, baselines, signatures, pay-offs....
  • 15. What do they do? Sit with the logo. Plant the key message about the brand/product in people’s minds If you only remember one thing about this ad, remember this.
  • 16. What do they have to do? Be instantly memorable Be inextricably linked to the brand
  • 17. Give a clear benefit Differentiate Make you feel good about the brand Reflect the personality of the brand
  • 18. Know your brand Is it up market?... Or mass market? Is it serious and important? Or is it fun? Is it cheeky? Irreverent? Is it authoritative? Is it your mate?
  • 19. Understand the brand’s tone of voice... ...and know your product too What is the personality of the particular product? What does it do? How simply can you sum up the main benefit?
  • 20. Understand how the brand/product fits into peoples lives How do they consume it? What importance to they put on it?
  • 21. Understand the difference between.... Say ... a brand that looks after your money.. A brand that sells you the biggest purchase of your life.. A brand that provides a service... A brand that is exclusive.... A brand that is essential... A brand that does an essential job for you A brand that has to be brilliantly made.... Bank, investment company, mortgage company, gas company (utility), airline, jewellery, medical, an iron, a vacuum cleaner, car... as well as food... bread etc..... even beer (Stella)
  • 22. A brand/product that is cheap.... That’s fun.... That isn’t about emotional attachment That isn’t a big decision A chocolate biscuit, an ice cream, a beer, a bag of crisps....
  • 23. How to be memorable? Distinctive language, a memorable fact, rhyme, alliteration, wordplay, emotive statement, remarkable claim, heritage, something that makes you smile... a fantastic description, an irresistible benefit... Something that taps into my views/feelings (people like me)..
  • 24. Audi Vorsprung Durch Technik
  • 25. Heineken Refreshes the parts other beers can’t reach.
  • 26. British Airways The world’s favourite airline
  • 27. Ronseal Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • 28. Financial Times No FT. No Comment.
  • 29. Apple Think different
  • 30. Nike Just do it
  • 31. Kwik Fit You can’t get quicker than a Kwik Fit fitter
  • 32. Toshiba Hello Tosh, got a Toshiba?
  • 33. Brief
    • Write a strapline to sell you
    • To potential employers...
    • ...or the opposite sex.
    •’ve got half an hour
  • 34. Allison’s Bread Bread wi’ nowt taken out.
  • 35. Avis Rent A Car We try harder.
  • 36. Bells Scotch Whiskey Afore ye go.
  • 37. The AA To our members we’re the fourth emergency service.
  • 38. BMW The ultimate driving machine.
  • 39. British Rail Let the train take the strain.
  • 40. British Rail We’re getting there.
  • 41. Brut Splash it all over.
  • 42. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut Are you a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut case?
  • 43. Carlsberg Probably the best lager in the world.
  • 44. Castrol Liquid engineering.
  • 45. Coke It’s the real thing.
  • 46. Commercial Union We won’t make a drama out of a crisis.
  • 47. Simples
  • 48. Del Monte The man from Del Monte says yes.
  • 49. Domestos Kills 99% of all known germs.
  • 50. Ford Everything we do is driven by you.
  • 51. Fry’s Turkish Delight Full of eastern promise
  • 52. Gillette The best a man can get.
  • 53. Guinness Guinness is good for you.
  • 54. Guinness My Goodness. My Guinness
  • 55. Guinness Pure genius.
  • 56. Guinness Not everything in black and white makes sense.
  • 57. Guinness Good things come to those who wait.
  • 58. Hamlet Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet.
  • 59. HSBC The world’s local bank.
  • 60. The Independent. It is. Are you?
  • 61. Irn Bru Made in Scotland from girders.
  • 62. John Lewis Never knowingly undersold.
  • 63. Kia-Ora We all adore a Kia-Ora
  • 64. Kit Kat Have a break. Have a Kit Kat.
  • 65. Knirps You can break a brolly but you can’t k-nacker a Knirps.
  • 66. L’Oreal Because you’re worth it.
  • 67. Typhoo Tea You only get an ‘OO’ with Typhoo.
  • 68. Weebles Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.
  • 69. The Staghunter’s Pies Made from local venison on Exmoor National Trust Land Culled humanely Gourmet recipes Up -market - quite expensive
  • 70. ExecElec Up market chauffeur service Only uses high-end electric cars Uniformed drivers Costs a bit more – but kinder to the environment
  • 71. The Naked Vitamin Company
    • Complete nutrition
    • All natural – no added colourings etc.
    • Pure goodness – for everyone.
  • 72. The original rocker’s cafe Great decor – great music Vintage cars & bikes Great food You don’t have to be a biker or rocker to come in (but it helps....)
  • 73. Made in the USA from domestic denim, the clothes made by the inmates of this Oregon Prison , are some of the most durable you will ever lay your hands on. Based on traditional and classic, American designs, the range includes heavy duty denim jeans (including work jeans with brass buttons for attaching braces), hickory work shirts made from the same traditional “ hickory stripe ” material favoured by railroad workers, as well as the famous three quarter length yard coats and an authentic “ Western ” jacket.
  • 74. The Staghunter’s Pies Deer – but worth every penny.
  • 75. ExecElec Who says businessmen don’t have a conscience?
  • 76. ExecElec You’ve screwed your customers. Why screw the planet?
  • 77. The Naked Vitamin Company Are you in rude health?